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  • Easiest 3 clicks airtickets booking tool in Travel Industry.
  • Book cheap flights & cheap tickets from Canada & USA
  • Important Passport, visa and Health information before you travel anywhere and purchase airline tickets.
  • We search flights with over 100 Airlines and 5 Consolidators to offer you cheap airline tickets.
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  • $5 gas card reward for all flights & airline tickets booked with us.
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  • 15 Years of Travel experience in selling Airline tickets.
  • Multi-lingual staff to sell Airline tickets to all markets.
  • Over 3 Million cheap airfares searches per month.
  • 24 X 7 call center to support our customers.
  • Cheapest Canadian Domestic and International plane tickets & cheap airline tickets to Canada.
  • Dedicated Flights Schedule change team to advise you of any schedule changes in your Flights timings and work with Airlines to offer you revised flights.
  • Fast eTicket delivery using Tripcase so that you can track all your flights updates and any flights gate changes on you smart phones. Manage your trip details, such as Airline booking reference and contact numbers.
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  • Baggage information and Airlines phone nos.
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    We promise cheap flights & cheap airline tickets from Canada to Worldwide destinations including Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, India, China, Pakistan, Australia, Newzealand and more as every traveller is searching for cheapest flights. Get Free impartial advise on all cheap flights & airline tickets. If you find cheaper flight ticket from anywhere, We will match the price. If the price of your flights drops we'll give you up to $100 future credit on your next flights. Book your cheap tickets today. Terms

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We are Canada's low cost Retail Travel agency selling ultra low fares from Canada to Worldwide destinations. With Experienced staff, Cheapest tickets, secure servers, and customer satisfaction guarantees - why not book your Airline tickets with Nanak Flights? Call us and ask us for Super cheap phone exclusive tickets. We sell cheap airline tickets from Canada,USA to every destination in the World. We have thousands of satisfied customers from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Fort mcmurray, Victoria, Saskatoon. We have best flights deals on Economy, Premium Economy, First and Business class airline tickets.

Our cheap tickets secret is we buy discounted Airline fares from multiple suppliers. Our Flights shopping algorithm shops 200 cheapest flights options from different Airlines and from our vast network of multiple Travel suppliers so you always find cheap flights with us. Compare hundreds of Airline's tickets prices per airfare search on one booking platform to buy the flights of your choice and preference. Our unique flights booking engine algorithm also combines split tickets on multiple airlines which can save you even more on your tickets prices. We compare our tickets prices with our competition prices on daily basis and adjust our prices so that you will always find cheaper prices with us. Cheapest airfares are not always discounting Airline tickets prices but it is our smart booking system which calculates and offer lowest priced itineraries to our customers.

We also offer price drop guarantee upto $100 on all airline tickets as a Future travel credit. Please check our terms. For price match on any airline tickets, please send us the screenshot in the email with subject "Price match guarantee on Airline tickets" . We recommend calling us immediately for price match at our toll free phone number 1-855-722-9977 24X7 as airline tickets prices are very dynamic and cheapest tickets get sold very fast. Call us at the earliest to get advantage of price match on your cheap airline tickets.Once you complete your flights purchase, eticket is sent using Sabre's Tripcase technology. you can also create profile in Tripcase. This would allow you to see all your tickets in one place. Plus, when flights updates come along, you would receive messages and alerts with the changes delivered to your mobile device. Upcoming local events or other local activities would also populate. We don't add any service fee on all Published airline tickets so you get extra advantage of same fare level as Airline PLUS $5 reward card or cash for every traveller.

Check also our top 5 searched cities to find out where people are mostly heading for their holidays.

With so many airlines participating in global market, travel is never expensive these days as Airlines are doing price optimization daily and we pass all those savings to our customers as fares are directly sourced from Airlines through GDS using our robust technology.

Important Visa information and Visa requirements checking online tool

Please find below very important Visa information before you finalize your travel purchase. We recommend you must check this information before buying your airline tickets. Please note that you may be denied boarding by the Airline if you don't have valid visa for the destination country or transit country if applicable.

1. If you are traveling via any USA airport, you must be either Canadian Citizen or must hold a valid US visa.
2. If you are transiting via Europe, you cannot have 2 Transit points in Europe unless you are a Canadian citizen or have valid Schengen Visa.
3. If you are transiting via Saudia and transit hours are more than 8 hours, you need Transit visa.
4. Please check Transit visa or destination country's visa requirements by checking IATA link CHECK VISA REQUIREMENTS..
5. Your name also should be exactly as per passport. Names changes are not allowed by Airline. Airline may deny you boarding if your name on the passport does not     match with name on your airline ticket.

Travel Guides

Please find below important travel guides with detailed information about places to visit and explore in each city and country:

Canada | Toronto | Montreal | Ottawa | Niagara Falls | Vancouver | Calgary | USA | Orlando | Europe | Rome | India | Pakistan | Australia | New Zealand
Top Winter Escape destinations | Himalaya Tours guide | Cheap Flights Hack Guide for Dummies | Paris | Dublin.

Find Flights & Cheap Tickets Deals on most Popular travel Destinations

Nanak Flights offers best flights deals on the top flights routes from and to Canada listed below. We categorized most popular flights routes from Canada to the World by Region/Zone. We are IATA & TICO accredited & 100% Canadian owned travel agency offering cheapest airline tickets from and to Canada to our Canadian customers. We offers extensive flights search options and combinations so you can find cheapest airfares to every where in the World.

Are cheapest flights refunable? Please note that sometimes sale fares and cheapest flights comes with most restrictive fare rules and are non refundable. If you want more flexibility in terms of cancellations, please call us to check fare rules before buying cheap airline tickets.

Flights to Asia
Flights to India from $980
Flights to Nepal from $1180
Flights to China from $1235
Hong Kong
Flights to Japan from $1130
Flights to Pakistan & Asia from $1291
Flights to Middle East from $899
Flights to Far East from $729
Flights to Mexico from $530
Flights to Sun cities
Puerto Vallarta
Flights to Caribbean from $585
Flights to Costa Rica
San Jose
Flights to Cuba from $649
Santa Clara
Flights to Puerto Rico from $820
San Juan
Flights to the Bahamas from $630
Great Exuma
Flights to Jamaica
Montego Bay
Flights to Europe from $850
Flights to the UK from $795
Flights to Western Europe from $746
Flights to Eastern Europe from $739
Cheap Airline Tickets from India to Canada from $1125
Delhi to Toronto
Mumbai to Toronto
Ahmedabad to Toronto
Hyderabad to Toronto
Cheap Airline Tickets from Pakistan to Canada from $1500
Islamabad to Toronto
Lahore to Toronto

Historical archive of cheapest tickets calendar of 2015.

Please check our Historical archive of cheapest tickets calendar to have a quick look of which month was the cheapest tickets sold last year. It will give you lowest tickets price trending for each month so that you can buy your cheapest plane tickets accordingly.

Do you know the following interesting Aviation facts?

  • There are 43,983 airports in the world as per 2010 data according to the CIA World Fact Book.
  • 100,000 flights operate every day Worldwide.
  • There are 265 IATA accredited scheduled airlines in over 117 countries.
  • Atlanta International Airport is the world's busiest airport. London is the world's busiest city airport system by passenger count.
  • Airbus A380 is the World's largest passenger carrying airliner.
  • Only 5% of Total World's population has flown on an Airplane. It is due to majority of population in underdeveloped countries cannot afford Air travel.
  • Do you know Toronto is the Most busiest airport in Canada, Vancouver being second and Montreal being 3rd busiest airport in Canada.

Travel news, Travel Advisories and Flights Cancellations

  • Air Canada Announces first non stop flight from Toronto to Mumbai using 787 Dreamliner Service. The non-stop, year-round service from Toronto to Mumbai will be starting July 1, 2017 and will operate 3 times in a week.
  • Before travelling anywhere in the world, please check your destination country’s travel advisories from Government of Canada.
  • A new flight between Toronto and the Niagara region will start in the fall Starting from September 15. Flights will be operated by charter flighst company Greater Toronto Airways. There will be 2 round trip flights between Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport and the Niagara Regional Airport during weekday. It is mainly for Business and Leisure travellers.
  • Please make sure to check your flights timings before your departure for any Flights delays. You can call us 24 X7 or even call Airline to check your Flights Status. Please keep your Booking reference number or tickets numbers handy before the call.
  • A new flight from Vancouver to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) will be starting from Dec 30, 2016 by Beijing Capital Airline. The flight will have 1 stop connection via Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO). Please use our booking tool to book your tickets on the Beijing Capital Airline.
  • Travel documents requirements for dual Canadian citizens: Effective Sept 30, 2016, A valid Canadian passport is the only accepted travel document that provides proof that you are a citizen and have right to enter Canada without Immigration screening. Make sure passport is valid and expiry date is beyond return date.
  • Advice on travelling with marijuana: CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) advice all travellers to take medical documentation with them if they want to carry marijuana with them. Police officers at airports might check the medical documents if required.
  • Our customers can now book their cheap trip from Toronto to Jalandhar, India as one ticket coupon of air ticket and bus service. The air ticket includes the price of Bus service to/from Delhi to Jalandhar city. Bus service between Delhi and Jalandhar, Punjab, India is provided by Indo Canadian Bus service. The code for Jalandhar city is QJU. This ticket coupon inclusive of Air & Bus is applicable for customers connecting on Jet Airways flights to/from Toronto (YYZ – Canada). The bus covers many towns and cities on the GT road and other cities with connecting link roads. So with one cheapest price from Toronto to Jalandhar, you can get down on any city enroute from Delhi to Jalandhar. Free pickup and drop facility will be provided via share cab on link route from GT road and to Amritsar city from Jalandhar. Download complete route map from Delhi(DEL) to Jalandhar(QJU) . This special package of flight & Bus ticket combination will save you more as compared to buying flight & Land arrangement separately.

Top 7 Travel secret tips to save big on your flights, Hotels, Cars and Vacation packages.

Best Flights Deals: Nanak Flights is all about offering best flights deals to every destination in the World. Please refer to following top 7 secret tips to save big on your airline tickets.
  • Book your Flights in advance. Sooner you book, you will save big money on Flights. Book Flights + Hotel + Car and get $30 gas cards.
  • Plan your flights during weekdays to save weekend surcharge. Airlines add weekend surcharge if you are travelling during Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Plan your flights during Airline's low season. Seasonality is the major factor which determines the Airline tickets prices. March, June, July, August and December are the high season. Airline tickets price will be higher during high season. Plan your vacation during Jan, Feb, April, May, September, October, November to save big on your Flights. These months are low seasons or shoulder seasons for all airlines.
  • Compare airline tickets prices by number of stops. Direct and non-stop flights are generally expensive. If you can travel with 1 stop with 2-3 hours layover connection, you can end up saving up to $100 or even more
  • Check if you can travel via a nearby non busy or small Airport even if you have to drive 100 Km in your car. Airline load factors are always high from Busy airports. The lower Airline inventory is available at nearby non-busy Airports. This secret will save you up to $200-300 on your airline tickets.
  • Some Airline tickets have minimum stay requirements of 3 nights or 7 nights at the destination. Check if your dates are flexible by 1 or 2 days and it can save you few hundred dollars on your airline tickets. Read more to save on your flights tickets.
  • Watch our youtube video to learn about tips to find discount flights tips.

Hotel Deals: Browse our selection of hotels to find the cheap hotels deal.
  • Book your Hotel room in advance. Sooner you book, you will save big money on Hotels. We offer $20 gas cards when you combine your Airline tickets and Hotel.
  • Compare Hotel rates with hotels close to Airports versus Airports 4-5 Km away from Airport. It will save you big bucks.
  • Compare Hotel rates with star rating.

Car Deals: Nanak Flights offers cheapest car deals.
  • Book your car rental in advance. Sooner you book, you will save big money on Cars. We offer $20 gas cards when you combine your Airline tickets and Car booking.
  • Try to book car rental during weekday to save money.
  • Check your needs for car rental. if you can rent a Sedan versus SUV, you can save big bucks.

Vacation Packages Deals: Nanak Flights offers cheapest customized Vacation Packages. All Packages include Flights (Airline Tickets), Hotels and Land tours.
  • We have cheapest customized vacation packages for Canada, USA, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, Jamaica, Europe, India, Africa, Pakistan (Hajj & Umrah), Dubai and Middle east.
  • Please call us to find out more about our cheapest vacation packages.
  • Our most popular packages are Golden Triangle Tour, Kerala back waters, South India Tour, Dubai Tour, South Africa, The Wonders of Chile & Argentina, Kenya Safari Special, Sensational Sri Lanka Tours.

Travel Insurance: Nanak Flights recommends buying Travel insurance for your flights tickets. Travel insurance protects you in case of unexpected medical emergencies and you will get refund of your Airline tickets in case of medical emergency.
  • We sell Travel Insurance and Super Visa Insurance. We recommend buying Travel insurance along with your Airline tickets on the same day.
  • Please call us to find out about Travel insurance quote and Super Visa Insurance quote.

Gas card Rewards for Airline Tickets: Nanak Flights will offer $5 gas card for all airline tickets purchased via Web site or through Phone. Please refer to terms on how to claim gas cards.
Double Gas card Rewards for Flights to Canada and USA: Nanak Flights will offer $10 gas card for all airline tickets purchased for Domestic and USA flights via Web site or through Phone. Please refer to terms on how to claim gas cards. Domestic Flights include flights originating from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Victoria, Fort McMurray, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Saskatoon and vice versa.