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Orlando Travel Guide, Find cheap flights to Orlando.

One of the most loved travel destination for families is Orlando. It is a city in Central Florida, United States and is known for its dozens of theme parks. The city is also one of the most populated in the entire country that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The city of Orlando is also known as “The City Beautiful” as it is surrounded by lush green parkland and lakes. It is one of the major options of tourist destination for people who are looking for a complete entertainment package. The main reason for this are the different theme parks that can be found in the City. From kids’ entertainment parks to glamorousnightclubs one can find it all here.

The city of Orlando is also one of the fastest growing towns in the United States. It rapidly grew during the 1980s due to its tourism industry. The unique attractions that the city has to offer are considered a backbone of this industry that entices tourists to visit.

The tourism industry is also one of the major reasons behind the development of the city. It is one of the most popular cities in America according to numerous surveys that were conducted. On the other hand, it also ranks high on The Best Cities To Live in America list.

Apart from this, it is also considered a major educational hub in the United States as it has one of the largest universities in the country. The University of Florida has the most number of enrollments every year compared to any other University or college in the country.

If you to have been planning a trip along with your family and kids, then this is a destination that you must visit. To know all the correct tourist attractions and other essential information about Orlando here is a complete travel guide that would help you.

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When to travel to Orlando

The months of January to April are the best time to visit Orlando as the weather during this time is always pleasant. Apart from this the other reason to visit Orlando during these months is the affordability compared to peak tourist season. You can almost expect the prices toreduced to half the original rate during this time.

Transportation in Orlando

As Orlando is a major tourist destination and an educational hub, there are various modes of public transportation that one can opt for. Some of the more common transportation choices that visitors have include taxi, train, bus and planes. The fare for these public transportationsisfairlylow which starts from $2 per person. One can also get weekly passes for buses and trains to make it more affordable.

Weather in Orlando

The weather in Orlando is always present, but if you are planning a vacation, then you might want to avoid the month of July as it is the hottest. The temperature in this month reaches up to 28 degree Celsius making it impossible to spend long hours for sightseeing. On the other hand, January is the coldest month, which is also not recommended for tourist visits.


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Just Awesome- Tourist Attractions in Orlando:

Universal Orlando

One of the biggest entertainment attractions that the city has to offer is the Universal Orlando. It is a movie theme park that has numerous rides based on popular films. The park also has multiple restaurants and resorts on the premises making it a perfect place to stay.


Another great entertainment attraction is the Epcot Theme Park. It is a creation of the Disney Entertainment and is a park that depicts the future of the world. It is a more interactive kind of experience where kids can learn about the future and all the countries of the world.

The Island of Adventures

For those who enjoy thrilling rides the Island of Adventures is the perfect place to visit. It is known for its amazing roller coaster rides, which are some of the fastest in the country. The park also revolves around the theme of the popular Harry potter series making it much loved by kids.

Harry P Leu Gardens

This was a 19th-century mansion which was later converted into a botanical garden. The mansion was spread across 50 acres of thearea making it the perfect location for preserving exotic plants.

Old Town

One of the best places for local shopping and food in Orlando is the Old Town. It is situated 5 minutes away from the central Orlando and is very popular amongst tourists. The old part of the city has many budget cares and eateries that give you the taste of local cuisine.


One of the most unusual museums in Orlando is the Skeletons. It is and animal skeleton exhibit that has more than 400 different types of animals on display. There are around 40 exhibits in the museum, and each focuses on a different kind of animal category. There are even interactive sessions organized by the management to help visitors learn more about these animals.

The Best Hotels for a stay in Orlando:

  • The Ritz-Carlton Orlando
  • Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando
  • JW Marriott Hotel Orlando
  • Hyatt Regency Orlando
  • Four Seasons Resort Orlando
  • Best Western Orlando Gateway Hotel
  • Castle Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel Orlando
  • Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort

Restaurants full of Mouthwatering Dishes:

  • Charley’s Steak House
  • K Restaurant
  • Norman's Restaurant
  • Vito’s Chop House
  • Cafe TuTu Tango
  • Amura Japanese Restaurant
  • Kabooki Sushi
  • Citrus Restaurant
  • Texas De Brazil
  • Agave Azul
  • Ocean Prime

Kennedy Space Center and Central Florida Everglades Airboat Safari

One of the major attractions that the city of Orlando has to offer is the Kennedy Space Centre. This popular tour has been designed specifically to include the Space Centre and the Central Florida Everglades. It combines two of the most popular tourist attraction of the city in one full day tour.

The tour starts with a hotel pick up that leads to a 45-minute drive to the southern exteriors of the city. From here the visitors can then enjoy a thrilling experience of an airport tour through the marsh of Saint Johns River and Lake Poinsett.

During the airboat, tour passengers can enjoy wildlife sightseeing which specifically includes alligators, eagles and hundreds of species of wading birds. This part of the tour lasts for about 30 minutes and covers every part of the marsh and the lake.

The next part of the tour is the NASA Kennedy Space Centre that takes about 20 minutes to reach from the lakeside. This part of the tour lasts for around 6 hours and is a guided experience through the entire space center complex.

It starts with a visit to the 39 rocket launch site and the shuttle launch experience, which is considered a hundred percent genuine replica of an actual space shuttle. The tour then proceeds to live shows and exhibits which are organized within thecomplex that includes ascreening of two IMAX films.

One of the major highlights of this part of the tour is where visitors can meet an actual astronaut through the Astronaut Encounter Program. Visitors can also enjoy the3D view of the space and the planets through the LC 39 Observation Gantry and the Apollo/Saturn V Centre. The day then ends with a scheduled departure and a hotel drop off.

Top Highlights

  • Two popular tours combined in one which include Kennedy Space Centre and Florida Everglades Airboat Ride.
  • A 30-minute tour of the protected wetlands and marsh along with local wildlife sightseeing.
  • Guided Experience through the launch headquarters of NASA.
  • Exploring special exhibits and shows like NASA Launch Experience, Astronaut Encounter and IMAX Space Movies.
  • Witness Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Additional information

The confirmation regarding the trip will be received during the booking. If the tripis booked within five days of travel, then the confirmation depends on the availability, and it will be notified as soon as possible. The trip is assessable by strollers and wheelchairs but is subjected to availability. There is rental information available on the website.

Departure Point

There are a number of departure points that are included in the tour. The passengers need to notify the management if they would like a hotel pickup or would meet the tour guide at a particular location.
Departure Timings
The departure timing of the tour is usually between 6:30 a.m and 7:40 A.M. In thecase of any changes the exact time will be advised and reconfirmed before the travel date.
The total duration of the tour is anywhere between 10 to 12 hours which includes complete sightseeing of both the attractions period.
Return Details
The tour includes a scheduled drop of which is conducted by the management. The day ends at 6:30 P.M and passengers can choose from a hotel drop off.

Schedule and Pricing
The pricing in thescheduling of the tour is designed keeping in mind the convenience factor. We try our best to keep the price low so that each one of you can enjoy without having to worry about your budget. you can get free quote by email or by calling our toll free number 1 (855) 722-9977. If you want to buy cheap flights to Orlando , you can book online on our state of the art flight booking portal or by calling our toll free number 1 (855) 722-9977..