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Cheap flights to Pakistan: Book flights from Canada to Pakistan now at the lowest prices.

Book Flights to Pakistan (PK) starting at CAD 1050 oneway in 2023 now

Are you looking to book cheap flights to Pakistan from Canada? Search and compare multiple airlines to find the best deals on flights to Pakistan from Canada. Our flight pricing algorithm searches millions of airfares to help you find cheap tickets to Pakistan quickly.
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Book cheap flights from Canada to Pakistan and save now.

Find cheapest flights to Pakistan on all major airlines including Air Canada, Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates, Oman Air, Kuwait Airways, Etihad Airways, British Airways, and Gulf Airways. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) operates non-stop flights to Pakistan from Toronto. You can also book cheap flights to Pakistan from other Canadian cities using Westjet to connect to Toronto.
Most of the flights leave in the late afternoon from Canada to Pakistan. If you have an emergency and want to reach early, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the most convenient flight, as you can avoid transit hours. Many people also prefer Emirates flights to Pakistan due to less connection time at Dubai International airport.
We also offer flights from Pakistan to Canada. If you want to bring your family members from Pakistan, you can call us for a no-obligation free fare quote for the ticket prices. We will send you many options to choose from our various partner airlines based on pricing, flight routing, and connecting times.

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Which is the Most Popular Airline for Pakistan?

Pakistan International Airlines (PK) is the most popular airline for Pakistan due to its non-stop flights to Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Many senior travelers prefer non-stop PIA ticket booking to avoid going through additional security. You will need to do the baggage collection and immigration clearance in Pakistan.

Travel restrictions to Pakistan from Canada during Covid-19

Passengers over 12 years of age must be fully vaccinated for travel to Pakistan. Children below the age of 12 years are exempted from vaccination requirements for travel to Pakistan.
For more information, please refer to Travel Advisory on Pakistan International Airlines.

Flights to Pakistan

Have you been searching for flights to Pakistan? If so, then look no further: NanakFlights is a reputable Canadian travel agency that specializes in cheap airline tickets. Based in Brampton, Ontario, we are your perfect partners for finding the cheapest flights. Our promotional offers are continuously changing to adapt to each customer's needs. Even better, we supply airline tickets for all destinations worldwide, including Pakistan. To learn more about the current flight deals for Pakistan, call our 24/7 helpline. We provide cheap flights to Pakistan from all Canadian cities and gateways, including Toronto (YYZ), Montreal (YUL), Ottawa (YOW), Vancouver (YVR), Calgary (YYC), Edmonton (YEG), Halifax (YHZ), Winnipeg (YWG), Saskatoon (YXE), Fort McMurray (YMM) and Victoria (YYJ). Also, we offer great rates on PIA flights from Pakistan to Canada for your parents or relatives.

Popular Cheap Flights to Pakistan from Canada

Book Cheap Flights to Pakistan from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and other cities.

Check our best prices on flights to Pakistan from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. Book now.
Displayed fares are based on historical cached data, and are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

Departure Date
Return Date
Average Price
TorontoLahoreSeptember 13, 2023September 30, 2023C$ 1850
TorontoKarachiSeptember 15, 2023September 28, 2023C$ 1450
TorontoIslamabadSeptember 16, 2023September 28, 2023C$ 1950
MontrealLahoreSeptember 05, 2023September 27, 2023C$ 1733
MontrealKarachiSeptember 02, 2023September 27, 2023C$ 1965
OttawaLahoreSeptember 03, 2023September 22, 2023C$ 1780
OttawaKarachiSeptember 06, 2023September 22, 2023C$ 1690
OttawaIslamabadSeptember 05, 2023September 25, 2023C$ 1700
VancouverLahoreSeptember 04, 2023September 22, 2023C$ 2150
VancouverKarachiSeptember 06, 2023September 27, 2023C$ 1850
VancouverIslamabadSeptember 04, 2023September 25, 2023C$ 1950
CalgaryLahoreSeptember 06, 2023September 22, 2023C$ 1975
CalgaryKarachiSeptember 02, 2023September 27, 2023C$ 1850
WinnipegLahoreSeptember 06, 2023September 22, 2023C$ 2300
WinnipegKarachiSeptember 06, 2023September 25, 2023C$ 2175
WinnipegIslamabadSeptember 05, 2023September 24, 2023C$ 2450
EdmontonLahoreSeptember 06, 2023September 22, 2023C$ 2700
EdmontonKarachiSeptember 06, 2023September 25, 2023C$ 2010
LahoreTorontoSeptember 05, 2023September 27, 2023C$ 2250
TorontoLahoreMay 23, 2023**Oneway Fare**C$ 1050
IslamabadTorontoSeptember 10, 2023**Oneway Fare**C$ 1410
LahoreVancouverSeptember 20, 2023**Oneway Fare**C$ 1350
LahoreTorontoSeptember 22, 2023**Oneway Fare**C$ 1250

Book the last-minute flight deals from Canada to Pakistan

Find below our last-minute flight deals to Pakistan. Displayed fares are one-way fares. Book Now.
Ticket prices are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

Departure Date
Average Price
TorontoKarachiJune 10, 2023C$ 1750
CalgaryLahoreJune 18, 2023C$ 2355
VancouverLahoreJune 25, 2023C$ 2617
TorontoLahoreJune 08, 2023C$ 1650
TorontoIslamabadJune 17, 2023C$ 2242

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About Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the sixth most populated country worldwide. However, the region is primarily made up of desert landscapes. The vibrant cultures make up for the lack of diversity in the environment. Book flights to Pakistan and enjoy the local cuisine, which includes a variety of flavorful yogurt drinks, curries, and exotic meat dishes. You may also want to choose Pakistan as a starting point for your Asian adventure.

Traveling to Pakistan allows you to experience the official language of Urdu. Although English is also an official language in Pakistan, it is more common to find Punjabi, Pashto, Kashmiri, Kalash, Burushaski, or Brahui residents.

Choose flights from Canada to Pakistan that arrive in Sialkot to visit the iconic clock tower or marvel at the Jagannath Temple. In Lahore, you can head over to the Sheesh Mahore, a 1632 pavilion famous for its mirror and stone inlays. This city is also well known for the Badshahi Fort with its domed roof. Alternatively, take a trip to Karachi to visit Clifton Beach and the vast expanses of sandy shores. Karachi is also the home of the Mazar-e-Quaid mausoleum and tomb. Finally, a trip to Pakistan is incomplete without an adventure in Islamabad. Hike up the lush hills at the Margalla Hills National Park or enjoy the view from Daman-e-Koh. We have a comprehensive Pakistan travel guide that will come in handy while visiting Pakistan.

Getting around Pakistan and various transportation facilities

Although there are more than 139 airfields in Pakistan, all major International flights to Pakistan arrive at one of the four large airports in the country.

Rail and metro:
Board a train in Pakistan to travel across the country and rely on the Lahore metro rail for transport within the city.

Rent a car in one of the major cities in Pakistan to enjoy this popular means of transport.

If you prefer to drive, hail a cab and enjoy the safe and reliable taxis found in the region.

Visit Pakistan by taking a ferry from the port of Dubai.

Embark on a cruise to Pakistan from Dubai or Karachi and enjoy the unique experience of seeing the middle-eastern coast from the deck of a cruise liner.

When to fly to Pakistan

The climate in Pakistan:
There are four distinct seasons in Pakistan. The region typically experiences dry summers and cold and wet winters. However, it is crucial to prepare for extreme summer temperatures, which often exceed 47 degrees Celsius. Winter temperatures generally vary between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius.

October to March:
Take advantage of cheap flights to Pakistan during the cool winter months to go for walks, enjoy camping trips or feast on dry fruits.

April to September:
Visit the beach during the Pakistan summer but remember to take shelter when the temperatures soar by visiting the local museums and landmarks.

Popular International Airlines flying to Pakistan from Canada:

Cheapest tickets to Pakistan from Canada (Roundtrip):

C$ 1450

Cheapest flights to Pakistan from Canada (Oneway):

C$ 1050

Monsoon season in Pakistan:


Average summer temperature in Pakistan:

22-52 °C

The average winter temperature in Pakistan:

4-25 °C

Average Dollar to PKR currency conversion: (PKR is the currency used in Pakistan)

1 USD = 220 PKR
1 CAD = 165 PKR

Main languages spoken in Pakistan:

  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Sindhi
  • Pashto
  • Balochi

How to Find Cheap Tickets to Pakistan?

We have summarized our top tips for finding affordable flights to Pakistan. Multiple factors affect prices for tickets to Pakistan.

  • Travel during weekdays: Plan your travel during weekdays. Weekends tend to attract higher ticket prices due to increased demand, so avoid weekends if possible.
  • Book in advance: Flight pricing works on supply and demand, and as tickets start to sell, flight pricing also begins to rise. If you know your travel plan, book your flights early as it could save you money.
  • Low seasons: When you plan to travel to Pakistan, you want to avoid festival periods such as Eid. Other peak seasons (such as the December holidays) will be overcrowded and expensive. February, April, May, October, and November are the best months to book flights to Pakistan.
  • Compare direct flights to stopovers: Direct or non-stop flights are expensive compared to flights with connections. You can save money by comparing the pricing for direct flights versus connections flights.

Flights to Pakistan: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to visit Pakistan?

If you are a Canadian citizen, you need a visa to visit Pakistan. You can apply for a tourist/visitor visa at your nearest Pakistan Consulate or Embassy.

Which Airlines fly non-stop to Pakistan?

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) is the only airline that operates non-stop/direct flights to Pakistan.

How many pieces of baggage are allowed for Pakistan flights?

Most airlines provide two pieces of checked-in baggage for Pakistan. Please call us or check on the Airline website directly for more information on luggage.

How do I book the cheapest airfares to Pakistan?

Making sure you book a few months before your travel date will help you find the lowest pricing on your airline tickets from Canada to Pakistan. During the low season, you should look for air tickets to book your flights to Pakistan.

How long is a flight to Pakistan from Canada?

A direct flight from Canada to Pakistan is approximately 13 hours and 30 minutes, which is the time it takes to fly on direct flights to Pakistan. Depending on the Canadian airport that you fly from, your arrival airport, and whether you have any transit/stopovers, the length of your journey will vary.

How to apply for a tourist visa for Pakistan from Canada?

You can do it at the Pakistan Online Visa System if you need to apply for a regular tourist visa to Pakistan.

Got more questions about flights to Pakistan or any visa-related questions for Pakistan? Call 1-855-722-9977, and we will be happy to help you.

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