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Sitting alongside the Ottawa River, Ottawa is the capital of Ontario which is the southern province of Canada. The city is situated near Montreal and US border and is known for its Victorian architecture. The city was founded in 1826 under the name “Bytown.” It was later incorporated as “Ottawa” in 1855.

The city over the years has emerged as a political and technological center of Canada. The city got its name from the nearby Ottawa River, which means “To Trade” in Algonquin. It was a popular trade route in the ancient times which was used to transport the natural resources that were mined around the city.

Ottawa is considered the most educated city in Canada and is also home to numerous international level institutes and research centers. Another thing that the city is famous for is its collection of artwork and museums.

The city is a much-loved tourist destination due to its high standards of living and as it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is one of the best places to learn about the history of Canada and witnessing historical monuments first hand.

Another thing that makes Ottawa a must visit tourist destination is its beautiful landscape and the nearby river, making it a perfect vacationing spot for summers. The Ottawa River can be seen with hundreds of boats in the summers, enjoying fishing.

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When to travel to Ottawa

The best time to visit Ottawa is from May to October. This is the busiest season of the city as it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Transportation in Ottawa

There are multiple public transportation methods available in Ottawa. One can choose from bus, train, Metro and cab to commute from one part of the city to another. The fares for these options are generally around $2 to $5, making them very affordable. There are also numerous bus and train stations in the city covering up every locality.

Ottawa Weather

The weather of Ottawa keeps changing. The summers here are warm and humid with the hottest month being July. Similarly, the winters here are extremely cold which makes it the worst time for visiting the city.


Currency is Canadian Dollar (C$). If you carry US dollars, you can exchange at any bank.

Just Awesome Tourist Spots in Ottawa:

Parliament Hill

The Parliament Hill is a neo-gothic complex that is home to Canada’s legislature. This grand building is one of the major attractions of the city and is known for its lush green gardens and historical artwork. There are daily tours arranged for the Parliament Hill.

Rideau Canal

Thi is a historic canal that connects the Ottawa River to the Lake Ontario. It is one of the longest canals in the country and is a popular location for canoeing, skating and hiking. It was also a trade route used by small boats during the earlier years of settlement.

National Gallery of Canada

This is one of the best museum to visit if you want to experience local artwork is the National Gallery of Canada. This spacious museum focuses on Canadian art and is also known for featuring some international artifacts.

Canadian War Museum

This is one of a unique museums in Ottawa. It is set in a modern building but is dedicated to documenting the history of the Canadian Military. There are many exhibits in the museum that showcase important events in the history of Canadian Armed Forces.

Canadian Museum of Nature

One of the biggest natural exhibits in the city can be found in the Canadian Museum of Nature. It is situated in a Scottish Baronial style building and is known for exploring the natural world. The museum displays numerous fossils, insects, and dioramas.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Another interesting museum in Ottawa is the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. If you are someone who is interested in exploring the history of aviation and space, then this is the best place to visit. The museum is known for displaying vehicles that were once used to travel. It is also famous for its unique architecture.

Peace Tower

The most popular landmark in the city of Ottawa is the Peace Tower which is also known as the Tower of Victory. It is a historic focal bell and a clock tower that is situated in the center of the city. It is also a considered as an observational tower.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a minor basilica that was built in the 19th century. The church is famous for its architecture that includes intricate work and colorful glass interior. The spires of the church also dominate the skyline of the city.

Major's Hill Park

The Major’s Hill Park was Ottawa’s first public garden and popular event site. The park was established in 1875 and is famous for offering scenic views to the city. It is also a great hiking trail.

National War Memorial

The National War Memorial is a seven story Arch which was made to honor the Canadian War veterans. The Arch is around 70 feet high, and there are many statues in the area made from granite and bronze.

The Best Hotels for a stay in Ottawa:

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  • The Albert At Bay Suite Hotel
  • The Westin Ottawa
  • Capital Hill Hotel and Suites
  • Sheraton Ottawa Hotel
  • Hotel Indigo Ottawa Downtown City Centre
  • Novotel Ottawa
  • Ottawa Marriott Hotel
  • Cartier Place Suite Hotel
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa
  • Courtyard Ottawa East
  • Ottawa Embassy Hotel and Suites
  • Radisson Hotel Ottawa

Restaurants full of Mouthwatering Dishes:

  • Vittoria Trattoria
  • Play Food & Wine
  • Allium
  • Town
  • Atelier
  • The Shore Club
  • The Courtyard Restaurant
  • Kochin Kitchen
  • Soul Stone Sushi Grill and Bar
  • The Whalesbone Oyster House
  • Coconut Lagoon
  • The Green Door
  • Fraser Cafe
  • Signatures
  • Beckta Dining and Wine

Ottawa City Tour

One of the best ways to explore the city of Ottawa is by taking this very popular city tour. This trip allows visitors to see all the major attraction that the city has to offer through land and water tours. It provides a complete package by blending both historical and natural sightseeing in this one tour. The thing that makes this tour stand out is that each group of visitors is allocated a professional guide, who provides you with all the important details regarding the attractions.

The tour is conducted on an open top double-decker bus or a historic trolley and ends with a relaxing 75-minute cruise. The tour starts on the corner of Spark and Elgin Streets and ends at Rideau Canal. It covers all the important historical sites in the city and is organized on a daily basis.

Along with that, we make sure that all the historical facts about a monument are told to the visitors making the sightseeing even more interesting. Once the city tour with the bus is over the passengers, have a choice the Ottawa River Cruise or the Rideau Canal Cruise.

The Ottawa River cruise is a 75-minute tour that takes you through the Parliament Hill, Rideau Falls, and the 24 Sussex Drive. This allows you to view the attractions from a very convenient location as they are not open for general public. In other words, it can only be viewed through a cruise.

On the other hand, the Rideau Canal Cruise is also a 75-minute tour. But it takes you through the canals of Dow’s Lake, which is the most beautiful artificial lake in the city. The tour also includes major attractions like Commissioners Park.

This tour is seasonal which means that it can only be enjoyed during the months of May to October.

Top Highlight

● Ottawa hop-on- hop-off tour and cruise
● See the famous landmarks of Ottawa from both land and sea
● Hop on and off the open-top double-decker bus or trolley at your own pace
● Hear narrated commentary providing information about the city’s top attractions
● Choose from a cruise on either the Ottawa River or Rideau Canal

Additional Information

The confirmation of booking will be received at the time of booking. There are no pick-ups or drop-offs included in the tour. If you desire for one, there are additional charges for it, which can be asked about during booking. The cancellation of the tour needs to be made keeping these points in mind.

● If the tour is canceled at least seven days in advance, there are no cancellation charges deducted.
● If the tour is canceled between 3 and 6 days in advance, the cancellation charges are 50% of the total amount.
● If the tour is canceled within two days of scheduled departure, then there is no refund allowed.

Departure Point
The departure of the tour is on the corner of Sparks and Elgin St, Ottawa
Departure Timing
The departure timing of the tour is 10 am in the morning. In the case of a busy season, another tour is departed around 4 pm.
The total duration of the tour is 5 hours which covers the cruise time as well. Return Detail
The return time of the tour is around 3 pm, and the drop-off is conducted at the same place as departure.

Schedule and Pricing

We try our best to bring you the lowest possible price for such tours. The prices are subjected to fluctuation depending on the month of visit. All the important information about the pricing and schedule can be gathered during the time of tour booking. If you want to book cheap flights to Ottawa, We can guarantee cheapest flights & tour packages in the market.