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Media Partners

We have partnered with some of Canada's leading South Asian agencies for advertising and press releases.

Radio Partners

  1. Cina Radio
  2. Parvasi
  3. Punjabi Lehran
  4. Culture of Punjab
  5. Desi Beats
  6. The Radio Voice Ltd

Print Media Partners

  1. Parvasi newspaper
  2. Hamdard Weekly
  3. Gujarat Weekly
  4. Gujarat Abroad
  5. The Canadian Bazaar

Online Media Partners for our banner advertisement on India Campaign

  1. India.com

TV Media Partners

  1. ATN INC (ATN and Sony channels)
  2. PTC punjabi
  3. Zee TV Canada

We are also on Social Media Sites

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. You Tube
  4. Google Plus

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