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Europe Travel Guide

Whether you're going first time to visit Europe or returning to take friends and family for Europe Tours, Europe is a continent full of vibrancy and adventure. At Nanak Flights we know Europe Tours better than everyone in the market and we can help get you there safely and affordably. Make us your trusted Canadian partner for travel to Europe, and we will work with you to get the cheapest Tour packages guaranteed. We offer cheap flights to all popular destinations in Europe. We offer cheap flights on more than 30 Airlines to all countries within Europe. We have negotiated the best flights deals and best hotel rates with our suppliers for travel to Europe. We have got the bulk Airline tickets rates and negotiated Hotel rates for Europe.

Culture and History


Europe is a continent. Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Mostly people visit Europe during summer time. For newly weds couples to young people, especially college-aged youngsters, Europe Tour is most popular. From beautiful Paris to smoke-filled coffee shops in Amsterdam, to Oktoberfest festival in Munich, to the beaches of Greece, and the ancient Rome, the continent holds wonderful beaches, historical architecture, anamazing choices of wine flavors, & wonderful people. Every country's culture is unique and incredibly different than the next country within Europe. This extensive travel guide to Europe will help you visit the continent on a budget.

Culture and History of Europeans

People: The ethnic groups in Europe are the focus of European ethnology, the field of anthropology related to the various ethnic groups that reside in the nations of Europe.
History: The history of Europeans starts with the peoples inhabiting in the European continent from pre-history era to the present. Some of the best well-known civilizations of pre-historic era were part of the Minoan and the Mycenaean, which flourished during the Bronze Age until they collapsed in and around 1200 BC.

Modern Europe

Early modern Europe is the period of European history between the end of the middle Ages & the beginning cum rise of the Industrial Revolution.

Europe Tours

  • From Amsterdam to Berlin to Iceland to Denmark, there are more kid-friendly places to visit then you have ever imagined. From fairy tale castles to the oldest zoo in the world, to amusement parks and boats ride, to family friendly restaurants and museums; you will discover that travelling to Europe with kids is easier than ever. As you will soon discover that more cities than ever before are becoming “kid-friendly”

  • Denmark
    Legoland in Copenhagen is one of the famous amusement parks in the world. The Blue Planet; Denmark’s national aquarium is the largest in Northern Europe with their walls of water and over 20,000 animals.

  • Netherlands
    Vondelpark, the most famous park in Amsterdam is sure to delight the little ones with a paddling pool, playground and cafe. Not to be missed is the Tropen museum where in the summer the roof is transformed into a beach.

  • London, England
    Harry Potter, Paddington Bear, Marry Poppins, Peter Pan; where else in the world can parents and kids alike discover the birthplace of such classic childhood characters but London, England. Castles, towers, Palaces and real life guards are sure to thrill children of all ages.

  • Paris, France
    Paris, France's capital, is a major European city and #1 Tourist destination among tourists. Most of tourists go to Paris to see Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame cathedral.

  • Rome, Italy
    Rome, Italy’s capital, is also a major tourist destination. Lots of tourists visit Rome to explore Colosseum, Roman Catholic Church, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

  • Barcelona, Spain
    With vibrant colors lining the streets and a kid friendly culture, Barcelona begs to be discovered by adults and children alike. La Rambla, the most famous street in Barcelona is filled with street performers who swallow fire, juggle swords and delight the eyes of little ones. One thing which the children will enjoy is the Museum of Chocolate where they have the chance to participate in the making and tasting of all things chocolate.

  • Germany
    Berlin is the most budget-friendly, kid-friendly vacation destination and was named Europe’s most family friendly city. It houses the popular LegoLand and AquaDome and one of the most beautiful squares named Kollwitz Platz.

  • Switzerland
    The Swiss Chocolate Train in Montreux. The train ride to Gruyères for a tour of the world famous Gruyères cheese factory, & then on to Nestlé chocolate factory for another tour of course, a tasting of some fresh chocolate from the chocolatiers. Even for the pickiest eaters, nothing beats a cool ice cream cone.

  • Scandinavia
    The terrain of the Nordic countries is harsh & unforgiving, but also breathtakingly beautiful. These qualities make it ideal for travelers who like adventures & high-energy vacations. Winter in Europe is a great time for adventurous visitors, as the tall mountains & large snowfall provide a numerous list of activities.

  • Iceland is the most unspoiled by human habitation. Many of its residents living in cities & towns near the coast rather than anywhere too far inland. It’s also home to high range mountains, glaciers and active volcanoes, perfect for many adventurous activities e.g. climbing, hiking, glacier walking or cave exploration, and winter time activities e.g. snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, & dog-sledding.

Europe’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

A wedding is meant to be unforgettable. Europe is one of the world’s most popular places for destination weddings – and for good reason. There’s the perfect romantic place for you in Europe.
Santorini. Greece - wedding in Greece are always memorable. One of the best wedding spots & celebration for life in Europe.

Pilgrimage places and Shrines of Western Europe
Pilgrimage sites exist all over Europe, from ancient and modern times. Follow these fascinating roads to majestic churches, monasteries, cathedrals, and UNESCO marked World Heritage Sites. Explore these religious sites and explore its history, culture, and trade.

Getting Around

Accommodation – We will provide you with the best hotel rates depending on the star rating of hotels. We have negotiated best hotel rates from all Hotel suppliers within Europe.

Food – Throughout Europe , you can find small shops where you can get Pizza slices, vegetarian or meat sandwiches, and sausages for between 5-7 EURO. You find these shops close to train stations, bus stations, & main pedestrian areas. These small sandwich shops offer cheap food alternatives that can have you eating on between 9-15 EURO/day. Restaurant meals cost around 13-25 EURO for the main dish & drink. Even if you are eating out for all your meals, you can end up spending 15-20 EURO per day.

Transportation – Transportation cost for most European countries and cities by local tram, subway, Tube or bus is typically 1.80 EURO for a one-way ticket.

Customized European Tour packages:

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