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Our Frequently Asked Questions list

Find below our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) list. You can also call us Toll free 1-855-722-9977 or locally at 905-456-9977 to speak to our experienced staff who will assist with your customer support queries.
If you have booked your flights to India during Covid-19, please check the visa and travel restrictions during Covid-19.

1. I just booked my flights online and have not received my eticket. When will I receive my eticket receipt?

When you complete the booking online or with our call center staff, our Quality control team will verify the credit card billing details with the bank and this process takes time. You will get your eticket receipt within 1 hour of making the booking during our regular business hours.

2. When will I receive the refund back on my credit card after cancelling the flight tickets?

The refund process will take maximum 10 days from the Airline or from our supplier end. Once the refund is processed, it will take another one week to get the money back on our credit card. If you have not received the refund money, please call our call center to find out the status on your refund.

3. How will I become eligible for Price drop guarantee credit?

  • Price Drop Guarantee applies on same flights which includes Airlines, Flight numbers, same routing, dates, Cabin, Origin and Destination.
  • Credit must be used by same passenger only.
  • Credit will be given for difference between original and new lower price and maximum credit is $100.
  • Example- Original price was $1020 and new lower price is $900 , the difference is $120 but the client will get maximum $100 not $120.
  • This is one time promotion only. Credit can only be taken one time.
  • Price comparison should be with Canadian travel websites and in the same currency.
  • Future Travel credit must be used within one year from the date of original tickets purchased.
  • In case of original flights changed or cancelled, then this F.T.C will be nullified means will not have any value.
  • Credit can be used for any Airline’s new flight booking.
  • Promotion is valid for seat occupying passengers, not for Infant.
  • Credit will be refunded when you purchase new Air tickets.

4. How the Price Drop Guarantee Claim Procedure Works

Submitting a Claim:

  • Step 1: Using our booking engine or any Canadian based TICO registered web site, begin a search for the exact city pair and dates.
  • Step 2: Find your flights (same airline, same routing same airports, times & flight numbers, Cabin). Please pay special attention to the currency.
  • Step 3: Send us the screenshot of your purchased flights.
  • Step 4: Add in subject Price Drop Claim screenshot

5. How many checked-in baggage I can carry for my trip?

Our eticket receipt shows the number of checked in baggage. Please refer to the PDF version of the etickets. If you have questions before making the online booking, please call our call center during regular business hours.

6. How do I claim gas card rewards?

  • Option 1: You can come to our office and pick up the gas card. You must have proof of eticket Receipt and must have valid photo id.
  • Option 2: You can also request for email transfer for the value of the gas card.

7. How can I claim CAD 20 Senior Citizen discount

$20 Senior citizen discount applies for phone, walk-ins, and online bookings. For online bookings, we can offer $20 discount either via email transfer or via Check. Senior citizen must contact us and advise us how they want to receive the promotional CAD 20 discount for the online bookings. For phone or walk-in bookings, we will either adjust the CAD 20 from the total ticket amount or will give it back either via email transfer or by check depending on the fare rules. We might ask for the proof of age of the Senior. The $20 Senior discount offer is valid until August 31, 2017.

Other terms and rules for Sr. citizen discounts.

  • Senior citizen discount applies only for roundtrip tickets and will not be applicable for one ways.
  • Travel must commence from Canada to anywhere in the World. Discount does not apply on reverse tickets.

8. I cancelled my flight tickets and there is a charge of CAD 50 on my credit card from Nanak Flights. What is this charge for?

CAD 50 is the service fee which we charge for cancelling the airline tickets. You will get refund directly from the airline on your credit card.

9. I see the credit card charge credited back on my credit card for my etickets. Does it mean my tickets are not confirmed?

No, Your etickets are confirmed. Credit card is charged directly by the airline in most cases and sometimes Airline system takes time to process the payment.

10. My flights have more than 12 hrs of stop. Will I get hotel accommodation?

Free STPC (stopover) depends on the airline policy. Please call our call center to find about the specific ticket rules.

11. Can My child travel alone on the flight?

Our online system does not allow to book child without an accompanying Adult. It depends on the age of the child and Airline policy. Please call our call center to find about the specific airline rules for un-accompanied children.

12. Do I need to reconfirm my flights before departure?

Yes, We recommend that should reconfirm your flights 24 hrs before departure. Our schedule change team always ensure that we notify you on time for any flight schedule changes but sometimes last minute changes comes from airlines so we always recommend you should check with airline directly for your flights.

13. How do I do seat assignment for my flights?

You can do your seat selection 24 hrs before departure. If you want to purchase a preferred seat, you can login to the Airline web site and pay for the seat.

14. How do I Print my boarding pass?

You can print your boarding pass 24 hrs before departure. Please note that you need your last name and ticket numbers or Airline reference handy while logging to Airline site.

15. Why Airline is not accepting the booking reference you sent me?

There are 2 types of booking reference. One is from our GDS system and the other one is Airline reference. Please make sure you are using Airline reference no and not our GDS booking reference while logging to the Airline site.

16. I forgot to add my Frequent Flyer number at the time of making the booking. Can I add it now?

Yes, You can add your frequent flyer number even after your tickets are issued. You can either do with airline directly or call us and our staff will add for you.

17. I missed my flight. Will I get refund of the unused ticket?

It depends on the fare rules. Please call our staff to find out the no show and cancellation fee rules on your ticket.

18. I got a schedule change on my flights and I don't want new dates and routing. Will I get refund?

Yes, If you are not satisfied with the new dates and routing, We can process full refund on your tickets without any service fee.

19. I don't have a last name on my passport. How do I book my flights?

Our online flight booking engine does not allow to make a booking without last name. Please call our call center and our experienced staff will help you make the booking.

20. I got a charge from Travel Guard on my credit card. What is this charge for?

Travel Guard is our travel insurance service provider and they bill the amount for the travel insurance purchased on our web site.

21. I want to cancel my domestic flight. Will I get credit from the Airline?

Yes, you can get future credit from the airline. You must cancel the tickets before departure in order to get eligible for the credit.

22. I want to cancel my flight. Can I cancel my flight just before departure?

Yes, you can cancel your flight before departure to get refund with cancellation penalty. Please note that fee airlines charge 24 hrs no show fee on top of cancellation charges. We recommend you should cancel your flights at least 24 hrs before departure.

23. Can I upgrade my ticket to Premium Economy or Business class cabin?

Yes, you can upgrade your tickets. please call our call center to know the fare difference and Airline change penalty.

24. My connecting flight time is very less. If I miss my flight, what will I do?

It is airline's responsibility to arrange the next flight for you. We always recommend that you should keep 2-3 hrs of connection time for International sectors due to heavy security checks at the airports now.

25. My baggage is delayed by the airline. How will I get my baggage back?

Please contact the airline directly. Please check Baggage Information link to contact your airline.

26. Why my International credit card is not accepted for paying for my Airline tickets?

We don't accept International credit cards due to chargeback reasons. If you want to purchase tickets, you can send us payment using etransfer.

27. My credit card got declined. How do I pay for my flight tickets. Can I use my friend's credit card?

If your credit card is declined, you can pay using bank transfer or etransfer. You can use your friend's credit card but we need authorization from the credit card holder to process the payment.

28. Can I transfer my airline ticket to my family members?

No, All tickets are non changeable. Airline does not allow transferring the tickets to other names.

29. I booked my online tickets with wrong names on NanakFlights web site. I swapped my last name and first name. What shall I do now?

Names have to be exactly as per your passport. If you booked on the same day, we can void your old tickets at no charge and issue new tickets with correct names. Please note that sometimes if seats are not available, you might have to pay the fare difference. Had you noticed the error after few days, we need to refund old tickets and issue new tickets with correct names.

30. My flights have multiple airlines, which airline counter shall I go for check in?

You need to go to operating airline counter. For example if your ticket is of Air Canada and your first flight is operated by Lufthansa airline, then you need to go to Lufthansa airline counter.

31. My passport is valid for 60 days. Can I travel?

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Please check with the airline to find the exact rule for the passport validity.

32. Can I travel with my expired passport?

You can only travel on domestic flights if your passport is expired. You need a government issued photo id to travel on domestic flights. You will not be allowed to travel on the International flights with expired passport.

33. I have a Canadian PR card. Can I travel via USA?

No, You cannot travel via USA on a Canadian PR card. You need USA visa in order to transit via USA. Please read below important visa rules:
Please find below very important Visa information before you finalize your travel purchase. We recommend you must check this information before buying your airline tickets. Please note that you may be denied boarding by the Airline if you don't have valid visa for the destination country or transit country if applicable.

1. If you are traveling via any USA airport, you must be either Canadian Citizen or must hold a valid US visa.
2. If you are transiting via Europe, you cannot have 2 Transit points in Europe unless you are a Canadian citizen or have valid Schengen Visa.
3. If you are transiting via Saudia and transit hours are more than 8 hours, you need Transit visa.
4. Please check Transit visa or destination country's visa requirements by checking IATA link check visa requirements.
5. Your name also should be exactly as per passport. Names changes are not allowed by Airline. Airline may deny you boarding if your name on the passport does not     match with name on your airline ticket.

34. I have an International flight coming back via USA to Canada. Where will I do customs?

You will have to first do customs at US airport and need to transfer baggage, and your next custom will be at the Canadian port of entry.

35. I lost my credit card. Can I get refund on my new credit card?

No, Refunds can only be processed on the original form of payment by the airline. Please speak to your bank to resolve this. Money will be refunded back to the account number associated with your old credit card number.

36. I do not want to use my return portion of ticket. Will I get partial refund?

Partial refunds depend on the airline policy. You might get some money on the taxes portion. Please call our call center to discuss refund on partially used tickets.

37. I have not received my purchase invoice yet. When will I receive my invoice?

We send invoices mostly on the following date. If you don't get invoice by next day, Please contact our call center. If you need urgent invoice on the same day of purchase, please call our accounting department to get the invoice.

38. Can I pay half on credit card and half by etransfer?

Airlines do not accept partial payments for the tickets. We can do this but you need to pay extra 3% credit card processing fee on the credit card amount.

39. I have not purchased Travel insurance at the time of ticket purchase? Can I buy Travel insurance now?

We recommend that travel insurance must be purchased at the time of your tickets purchase but yes, you can buy travel insurance before your departure.

40. I got refund on my airline tickets but have not got credit of travel insurance. When will I get Travel insurance Credit?

You can call Travel insurance company directly for refund of travel insurance purchase. Please give your policy number to them.

41. Is my Payment transaction safe if I book my airline tickets online on NanakFlights web site?

Our payment page is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted and uses the same level of encryption which most of the financial institutions use.

42. Why my credit card statement is showing charge from a different Supplier for my airline tickets

In most of the cases, credit card is processed by the airlines and you will see Airline charge. In some cases where airline does not accept credit card, you will either Nanak Flights merchant charge or one of our supplier charge. Your total credit card charge will remains the same as quoted by our system.

43. Why different reservation change fees are quoted by your agents on different times?

If you want to make changes in your booking, it depends on the fare difference which varies based on the Airline availability. Airline availability may change and prices will vary based on his factor.

44. Can I book the flights today and pay later?

Yes, you can speak to our call center and hold the booking. Our experienced team will advise you about the airline time limit based on the airfare rules.

45. Can I use multiple credit cards for payment of my family tickets?

Yes, you can speak to our call center to pay using multiple credit cards for your airline tickets. Our experienced staff will advise you about the exact split payment based on the ticket value of each pax.

46. Why airlines cannot change my booking reservation which is booked with Nanak Flights?

Airlines can help you change the reservation in some cases. We sometimes use special fares for our retail clients and airlines recommend calling us because of these special contractual fares.

47. Does Baggage fee is included in my airline tickets pricing?

Baggage fee is included mostly for the International flights. For domestic and transborder flights, you need to pay baggage fee to Airlines separately. Please check with airlines or our call center for airline and destination specific baggage query.

48. Will your agency pay me in case I get bumped off the flight due to over booking by the airline?

No, We don't compensate in case you are bumped off your flight due to over booking by airline. You need to contact airline directly in this case.

49. How do I request Wheel chair for my flight tickets?

You can request wheel chair at the time of making online booking. You can also call our call center to request wheel chair.

50. I requested Bassinet for my infant? Will it be guaranteed on all my flights?

It depends on the airline and age of the infant. Bassinets are mostly confirmed by airline on first come first serve and are generally confirmed for infants under 6 months of age.

51. Who can I contact to file a complaint about my travel insurance?

If you are unhappy with the insurance you purchased please visit the Complaint Resolution Policy https://www.travelguard.ca/complaint-resolution-policy as it outlines your options.