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Vancouver Snow – Embrace It Before It Vanishes

Snow in Vancouver is something to be enjoyed; it’s a treasure-able anomaly. Many travelers who book cheap flight tickets to Vancouver during winter months sometime feel dreaded on the mention of snow fall forecasts but there is nothing to be feared about. In fact, flaky Vancouver snow brings a lot of fun in form of tobogganing, snowmen making, snow fighting and more.

In spite of delayed flights, clogged roadways and snarling traffic, snow brings out best of the city. It s the time when children gather to build snow structures and grownups unite to shovel up and lovers enjoy their moment under the shining lights of evening. There is something magical about snow that fills the whole atmosphere with excitement and nostalgia.

Vancouver by itself is a beautiful place and when Mother Nature takes out its paintbrush to color everything white, the city is transformed into a wonderland. The crisp stillness along with cold air and quietness would make you believe that Vancouver definitely is the most astonishing place in the whole world.

And while Vancouver is gloriously best in winter outlines book cheap tickets & flights to Vancouver for enjoying following winter activities:

Enjoy skiing on the ski hills of lower mainland: Vancouver is famous for world-class ski hills like Mount Seymour, Grouse Mountain, Cypress and Whistler-Blackcomb at the North Shore.

Enjoy indoor activities: There are a lot of indoor entertainment options available in Vancouver like ice skating at several rec centers of the region and if it is not raining outside, check out a game of hockey in the evening.

Enjoy outdoor in Vancouver: outdoor winter activities like skiing or tobogganing starts early in December and can be enjoyed till April. The snow is usually at its best from December to February but skiing in spring can be fantastic too.

Camp on Vancouver Island: if you have an adventurous spirit, go for winter camping on Vancouver Island. This could be an excellent opportunity to come close to rugged West Coast of Canada.

Get Adventurous: for more adventure on your trip, take a hiking tour through mammoth wilderness of forests, eat wild berries and walk through the grand alpine landscapes. This would surely be the best experience in your life.

Take a guided tour of the city: Vancouver city is full of architectural wonders and beautiful parks. All these buildings and lush flora becomes way more gorgeous in winters with magical white powder spread all over. Your guide will not only take you to popular places but will also help you feast on best of local seafood which is sourced from pristine coasts.

Whether you love or hate it, the thick white stuff of Vancouver snow is breaking all records this year and this must not be missed. All the above and more winter activities in Vancouver bring the seasonal spirit alive. While it’s still snowing in Vancouver, board cheap flights to Vancouver with us and enjoy before all the powdery whiteness vanishes away.

Romantic Things To Do In Montreal This Valentine’s Day

Montreal quintessentially, is one of the most romantic cities in the world. And since February is the most romantic month of all, it is the right time to book your cheap flight tickets to Montreal and enjoy a romantic holiday with your significant partner.

Local residents of Montreal lead a pleasure-driven lifestyle amid enticing features. Here, we list best of the romantic things you can enjoy in Montreal with your partner on Valentine’s Day or any other special day:

Take A Helicopter Ride

This could be the most romantic time of your trip to Montreal. If you really want to impress your partner, there could be nothing more special than going for a helicopter ride to explore the interesting skyline and Montreal’s distinctive characters adorned by water and mountains. Feel like free birds while you enjoy the bird’s eye view from the helicopter.

Enjoy At A Spa

After long journey in the cheap flights to Montreal, relax with your loved one in one of the most opulent unisex spas in Montreal. Two of the most famous and fabulous spas in Montreal - BotaBota and Amerispa are strongly recommended. BotaBota is a unique spa which actually is a converted boat and Amerispa is a wonderful rooftop Jacuzzi at the hotel Crystal in downtown Montreal

Take A Food Tour

Without some gourmet indulgence, your trip to Montreal is incomplete. It is one great food destination to explore with rich culinary heritage. However, it could be hard to completely comprehend Montreal’s food scene all by self; so, it is recommended to take a few hours long food tour through Old Port & Old Montreal. Some of the well-priced tours include seven tastings at 5 food spots.

Attend Some Workshops Together

There are a lot of opportunities in Montreal to blend pleasure with some learning. If you and your partner are wine or tea aficionado or if you both love French desserts; attend some special master classes and workshops in Montreal with your partner to spend some good time together. You can choose from pastry classes, wine tasting, tea master classes and much more.

Plan A Picnic

As contrary to common belief, Montreal is not always covered with snow. In fact, it gets really pleasant in pre-summer months when people come out to meet each other. There are plenty of parks ideal to plan a picnic with your partner. Laurier Street in Montreal is full of many bakeries and cheese shops to pick up food for the picnic. Get a picnic basket, fill it with good food and do not forget the quintessential checkered table cloth…you are ready for best picnic of your life in Montreal.

Get Cozy At The Coffee Shops

The list of most romantic things to do in Montreal cannot be completed without mentioning cozy coffee shops. You would not only enjoy excellent coffee but it would also provide an exceptional cozy shelter from occasionally rough weather in Montreal. Few of the best coffee shops are Canal Lounge, Larry’s, Crew and Saint-Henry.

Besides this, there are many beautiful restaurants in Montreal to enjoy a special evening with your special friend. So, February is just the right time to book cheap tickets & flights to Montreal right here and enjoy a romantic getaway.

Best Places To Have Desserts In Toronto

Toronto has numerous bakeries and sweet shops that are always full of something oozing with chocolate or loaded with soft frosting. So, when you have booked cheap flights to Toronto for a vacation or any other reason, ditch your guilt and indulge in some serious love with desserts.

No matter how good and filling your dinner was, there always would be room for dessert; here we have our recommendations of places to enjoy best desserts in Toronto:

Dufflet Pastries

Dufflet creations are available in a number of restaurants and stores along with three café and retail locations; it is quite easy to entertain your sweet expectations here. Opened in 1982, this much loved bakery is popular for their stupendous wedding cakes and special treats for when you want to pamper your sweet tooth.

Order a whole cake or cute cakelets, tiny tart or baby bundt cake, everything at Dufflet is created to please you. Whether you wish to eat something spicy, fruity, chocolaty or buttery, Dufflet would surely have an option.

The Tempered Room

This fancy patisserie is not to be missed when your cheap flights land you in Toronto. Not having a dessert at The Tempered Room while you are in Toronto is just like not seeing Eifel Tower while being in Paris.

Super delicious desserts here will win our heart; be it scrumptious chocolate mousse, éclairs or any other French dessert. The exposed brick walls and inspiring ambience will set you in perfect mood to indulge unceasingly.  

Cutiepie Cupcakes & Company

If you keep hiding from desserts because you want to stay fit and still have severe sweet cravings, Cutiepie Cupcakes & Company would have a perfect solution. Their not-so-sweet desserts will surely conquer your. The cupcakes here are cute not only to taste but their names are cute too; like – cotton candy princess and champagne dreams etc. Apart from cupcakes, their whoopie pies and lattes are also great to be tried.

Wanda’s Pie In The Sky

Pies are extremely comforting with their buttery, crispy crust and creamy, fruity filling in the center. Your brunch in Toronto could not complete without a pie and Wanda’s Pie In The Sky is all set to meet all your needs.

Try their single fruit pies like Niagara peach and apricot or go for their delectable mixed fruit options like raspberry rhubarb and pear cranberry pies. You have also got mango pie, lemon meringue pie, nuts and spice pies and much more. You can of course grab a cake or cookie for dessert but if you are not having a pie here, you are at a great loss.

Bunners Bake Shop

This is the only gluten free and vegan shop in Toronto and that is why it is so popular but this is not the only reason why you must try their desserts. They do have an amazing range of birthday cakes, muffins, breads and much more that too without any egg, butter or flour. The cooks here use science to make same crumb as you would make with flour.

These are our super sweet recommendations to make your stay at Toronto sweeter than ever. But to taste all this deliciousness, you will need to book cheap flights to Toronto right here. So, just go ahead and indulge.

Best Multiple-Day Hikes Of Canada – 2

There is nothing more appealing than a walk through the natural wilderness and Canada has opportunities in abundance to take you close to nature like no other place. After part 1, here we are with some more multiple-day hikes in Canada for your inspiration.

The Sunshine Coast Trail In British Columbia

This is a huge 112 miles long trail that takes about 12 days to complete from beginning to the end. So, as you book cheap flights for hiking this trail, make sure you schedule for a 15 or 20 days holiday.

The good part is that this trail has multiple access points and hikers can plan to hike it in sections. The trail starts from Desolation Sound area and goes up to Saltery Bay. It has many huts for hikers and hiking from hut to hut is free but you may have to share the huts with other fellow hikers.

The East Coast Trail In Newfoundland & Labrador

This long but beautiful trail runs alongside Avalon Peninsula. It is a 335 miles long trail with 18 different access points. If you have just a day or two, hike a small section. On this trail, hikers can see icebergs, lighthouses, sea stacks, fjords and cliffs. Apart from this, hikers can also experience walking on a suspension bridge, get to see 32 historical communities and 2 of the active archeological sites.

Akshayuk  Pass in Nunavut

Situated on the Baffin Island of Ayuittuq National Park, Akshayuk Pass is a 65 miles long trail. Out on this trail, hiker can see the tallest rock cliff in the world – Mt Thor but for that you will need to cover at least 6 days of journey.

Other than that, you will also experience sheer faced mountains, hanging glaciers and if you are lucky enough, you can also see polar bears on this trail.

The Chilkoot Trail in British Columbia

This trail was once used for gold rush during Klondike gold rush. This 33 miles trail is very popular in Canada and a lot of people book cheap flight tickets to Canada for experiencing this trail of great historic importance.

Best Multiple-Day Hikes Of Canada - 1

Canada undeniably is one of the richest places in terms of natural beauty and it also is a popular destination for people who love hiking. Many tourists from all across the world book cheap flights to Canada and enjoy short trails that can easily be completed in couple of hours. But this article is about serious hikers and die-hard fan of nature who are interested to explore Canada through multiple-day hikes.

Here are our suggestions for the best multiple-day hikes in Canada as an effort to direct crazy hikers to the right path:

The Juan de Fuca Trail In British Columbia

This is an ideal trail for people who could spare out 3 or 4 days for hiking. This 29 miles long trail has many access points; this means that this trail can be hiked in sections. The trail lies between port Renfrew and Jordan River.

While walking on this trail, chances are that you also get to see whales, black bears, cougars, seals and bald eagles. There also are many stone beaches where you can halt for some time and appreciate the nature.

The West Coast Trail In British Columbia

This beautiful 45 miles trail is spread across Bamfield and Port Renfrew. This trail is special because hikers get to hike beaches as well as the lush rainforests.

It is a busy trail and about 8 thousand people hike it every year. While booking cheap flight tickets to Canada for hiking this trail, make sure it is not already too crowded. From start to end, covering entire trail may take 6 to 8 days.

The Montario Trail, Manitoba, Ontario

Located at the border of Manitoba and Ontario, Montario trail is 41 miles in length. A major section of this trail lies in the Whiteshell Provincial Park of Manitoba. This trail may be a bit difficult for beginners in hiking since it is full of enormous bogs, rocks, lakes, streams, marshes, beaver dams and thick forests. ONLY experienced hikers should step out for this trail.

The Fundy Footpath Trail In New Brunswick

You will need about 4 days to hike this 25 miles long wonderful trail. It is spread along the Fundy shore from Fundy Trail Park to Fundy National Park. This trail is bit rugged and hikers need to be careful about the cliffs and slippery rocks.

People who are planning to hike here must also have pretty good knowledge about tides because there are some areas such as Goose River that can only be crossed during low tide.

Boreal Trail In Saskatchewan

This trail takes hikers through the inspiring beauty of Saskatchewan Provincial Park. Boreal trail is approximately 74 miles long and is filled with everything best from Mother Nature. Entire trail is marked for the hikers but there are possibilities for hikers to take an off-beaten path and explore the back country.

So, just get the camping gears packed with best of your hiking boots and lots of drive to push you through these amazing trails in Canada. These are just a few of many other multiple-day hikes in Canada that will be covered in the next part of this article. For easy and cheap tickets & flights to Canada visit

Take A Ride Back Into The Time At Heritage Park, Calgary’s

If you have cheap flights booked to Calgary for a family trip, you need to choose family friendly activities that will get everyone happy. Calgary’s Heritage Park is one such Western theme park that will give a spectacular living history experience for all.

If you are looking for true Canadian experience in Calgary for entire family, the Heritage Park is an ideal spot.

Why Will You Love This Park – Living The History As It Was

The park officially opened in 1964 for public. The Historical Village of the park truly displays how the West was in past years. Village’s exhibits and buildings make you feel like you have stepped into a real village from 1800’s. As you enter the park, it’s just like that your cheap tickets & flights to Calgary have taken you back into the time when things were pretty laid back and beautiful.

During summer, you can even see park staff dressed in charming historical costumes all through the park. It will be an amazing experience for whole family (including kids) to see the First Nations people, fur traders, prairie town people and railway workers in their historical attire busy in their daily choir the way as it was in the past.

What’s For Kids

For kids and also for the grown up kids, the authentic steam engine train would be the star attraction. It circles the park and stops at three stations. The best part is that the train ride has general admission and you can jump in and out as many times as you like.

After enough riding in the train, kids can also hop on for a fun filled horse drawn wagon ride. The wagon is large enough to accommodate entire family (16 passengers) at a time. Catch the wagon from the Wainwright Hotel street and enjoy about 25 minutes of ride.

As you head to the antique midway, there also are some old fashioned rides for kids such as dangler swings, ferris wheel, bowness caraousal, ferris wheel for babies under 7 and some more.

Ideal For Families

The park is spread over about 125 acres of land and it is quite easy to find a decent spot to sit around for a picnic and comfy chit-chat. The open grass field allows your kids to run around and have a good time.

There also are some great restaurants adorned with original machinery and artifacts from the past. It even has several cafes and shops. A few special ones are – Alberta Bakery, Railway Roundhouse, Vulcan Ice cream Parlor and Wanwright Hotel.

For family members who love cars and history associated with cars, the Gasoline Alley will be a real treat. This place is filled with polished historical artifacts and antique automobiles for display. Be ready to be charmed away by the best collection of old fuel pumps of the country.

The Heritage Park in Calgary offers a unique mix of history and enjoyment for whole family. While it enchants you with old-world aura, it has something special for people of all ages and groups.

Get your cheap flight tickets to Calgary booked right here and experience this largest and most thriving living history museum in North America

10 Rules To Follow At The Airport – 2

An airport is a public place that requires display of etiquettes in order to make it a pleasant experience for you and for everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you have a first class business ticket or a cheap flights ticket, once you are at the airport, you need to act and behave rationally. 

Previous part of this article had some fundamental rules that every passenger must follow. Here are some more:

6. Watch Your Voice

Continuously talking can annoy people up to high levels. How would you hate listening word-to-word description of the whole week’s events?

It is okay to have a nice conversation with your spouse or friend but avoid showing your excitement, laughter and emotions loudly. This may shudder other person’s peace. Do not ever try to lean across the passenger seated next to you to speak with someone on the other side of the aisle. And if a person doesn’t seem to be with you in the conversation, leave them alone.

7. Respect Security Officers

Anyone would feel annoyed on being asked to take out their shoes mid-airport but this does not allows you to play by the rules. Be considerate and respect the security officials as they are working for your safety and comfort.

So, next time while security check, do not get into argument with security officer about why you would not be able to board with your new bottle of booze or perfume, remember that you get the line behind you on hold.

8. Do Not Unpack In The Aisle

During actual boarding process, some people start behaving like animals. Never hold up the long line behind you once you have got your seat.

Get into your row immediately and settle down as quickly as possible. Do not start organizing your things in the clogged aisle. Just throw your bags in the overhead cabin; you can always take something out from your bags once the plane takes off. And when the plane lands, try to exit quickly by having all your belongings ready. If you are not ready, keep sitting tight on your seat until everyone has moved down.

9. Control Volume

If you have to play a game on your mobile with rock music in the background, use the headphones. Also ensure that the volume of headphones is toned down.

10. Be Considerate To People Seating In Front Of You

Just like you, person seated in front of you has also paid good money for cheap flight tickets. So, know that whenever you lower your food tray or play with the TV monitor, they get to feel it. Be considerate. Also, never use the headrest of the seat in front of you as an instrument to help you get up of your seat.

These are the airport rules you must follow no matter where you are heading to. These rules will not only make your journey happy but will also keep your fellow travelers enjoy with you. Now that you know the secrets of being a good traveler at airport, world is your destination. Just get cheap tickets & flights to your preferred places booked at

10 Rules To Follow At The Airport - 1

With delayed flights, busy airports, crowd pushing you aside and long queues, flying may not feel like a pleasant experience unless you have booked cheap flight tickets for first class. Sometimes, airport becomes the place where all etiquettes seem to die.

Keeping that in mind, following are 10 rules to follow at airports that will go a long way to make flying better for everyone:

1. Switch Your Phones Off

Not only because airlines require your phone to be switched off or on airplane mode, but it is highly uncivilized to take calls while in close proximity to your fellow travelers.

If it is really important to take a call, find a secluded corner so that you do not disturb others. No one would like to hear your phone alarm beep continuously in the bag tucked away in the overhead cabin. So, once you board the plane, make sure your phone is completely powered off.

2. Respect The Queue

While you arrive at the airport to board your cheap flights, long queues are common to be seen. Don’t ever think that your time is more important than other people standing in the queue patiently waiting for their turn. In fact, getting in between the queue vehemently would not help you to fly quickly because the plane would not take off unless everyone is on.

If you really hate to stand in queues, pay a bit more and buy a business class ticket to head for the express check-in line. Everyone will land out of the plan at the same time; so, there’s no sense in pushing people with your huge luggage in order to pass the gate faster.

3. Don’t Forget That You Are A Parent

You may be on a vacation with your family, but airport is not the place to take a break from being a parent. Children can sometimes be uncontrollable but even pretending to calm them down would appease our fellow passengers.

Even you would not like a three or eight year old kid constantly kicking your seat or the tiny tots running up & down the aisle. Not from parenting, take a break from the movie or video you have been watching and focus on your kids to keep them happy and controlled.

4. Do Share The Armrest

No matter how tired you feel or how much you have paid for the seat, the person stuck at the middle seat get to use both the armrests. If you are sitting at the window or aisle seat, don’t even try to argue over sharing of the armrests.

5. Do Not Stink

Your fellow passengers would never want to smell the left over Chinese food or cheesy burger. So, ensure that you just don’t bring any such food items to the airport and if you really want to bring such food, do not spill or open it near other travelers.

Moreover, take it light on perfumes and avoid taking cologne bath before boarding the plane. Many people may be bothered by the continuous smell for hours. Make sure not to have body odor.

As you book cheap tickets and flights at, do keep all the above rules of airport conduct in mind. Some more rules will be discussed in the next part of this article.

Top 10 Tricks For Easy Outdoor Camping In Canada - 2

Camping in Canadian outdoors of course is fun when you have right hacks in your pocket. In the previous part of this article, we shared some great ideas to make your outdoor camping easy; read on some more interesting hacks in this part:

6. Keeping Warm

Unless you have booked cheap flights to go camping in summers, Canadian nights are generally cold and so it might get a tad nippy. You certainly cannot get a room heater for camping so, we recommend bringing some extra pairs of socks to keep your feet cozy while sleeping.

You can even throw a hot water bottle inside your sleeping bag to keep warm throughout the night. If you are camping with your partner, do get a double (2 person) sleeping bag so that your body heat can keep two of you warm. If nothing else, just wrap a heated stone from the fire pit in a towel and cuddle it in your sleeping bag for warmth.

7. Light Up The Place

Everyone brings a flashlight for camping, that’s a no brainer; but which type of flashlight do you bring may make the cut. A hand held flashlight is most common to be carried by people but you can even use the flashlight app on your smart phone to adequately light up the space. This will even save the space.

As you book cheap flight tickets to Canada for a camping trip, you can also look for headlamps that are most useful for late night bathroom rushes. If you have someone in your group who is afraid of darkness, look for standalone lanterns to get ample light while camping at night.

8. Use Disposable Dishes

Doing dishes three times a day is the last thing you would ever want to do while camping. So, just save your time and energy and use disposable dishes.

You can even use biodegradable variety of dishes to reduce the waste and go green. Another great hack to save dishes from washing is to wrap them with cling film before use. After you have finished eating, just throw the cling wrap and your dishes are still clean.

9. Stay Powered

You generally go for a camping trip to cut off from the world for some time and experience closeness to nature but you will still want to get in touch with real world at some point of time.

You may want to check Twittter, post some pictures on Instagram or hang out with friends on Facebook; but if you do not have any power, your phone will die.

Luckily, you now have solar panel charger to give you continuous power. It uses the power of sun to charge your phone and other small electronic gadgets.  

10. Keep Happy

Camping is a great opportunity to refresh your mind and soul amid wonderful nature. There could be some upsetting instances during a camp trip but you need to keep happy. Make sure that you bring enough food and drinks to lift your mood. Don’t forget to bring your favorite chocolates for when you need to feel good.

Just get cheap tickets and flights to Canada booked at Nanak Flights and enjoy camping that’s easy and fun.

Top 10 Tricks For Easy Outdoor Camping In Canada - 1

Most people love camping and exploring outdoors but it seems too difficult to actually get on the boards with outdoor camping. Stepping into the wilderness and sleeping in a tent sounds exciting but then many of the lot prefer staying in a bug-free hotel room.

If you have that camper’s spirit, book cheap flights to Canada for experiencing best camping locations amid breathtaking surroundings. To make your camping less difficult and more fun, here are our top 10 tricks:

1. Take Double-Duty Devices With You

For camping, you have a lot of things to pack like sleeping bags, tents, air mattresses, some food and drinks etc. With all this stuff, taking double or multipurpose things with you can save a lot of space.

For example, a spork (a combination of spoon and fork) to cut through the food easily, a Swiss Army knife and multipurpose coolers that includes a blender, bottle opener and a light too.

2. Invest In A Pop Up Tent

Holding the poles and stretching the strings to set up the tent can be bothersome. It can be even more annoying than looking for cheap tickets & flights online. Luckily, now we have pop-up tents to make our lives easier.

Such tents can be set up in a jiffy without any mess and they are available in many shapes and sizes. We recommend ordering a tent for 6 people even if you are only 2 people camping out. This will allow extra space and storage.

3. Prep Up Your Food Before Hand

Planning and making a meal is a big thing while camping. Since you won’t have access to pick up the missing ingredients, it is highly recommended to plan every meal beforehand.

Double check every item and prepare meal ahead of time so that you spend less time near the tiny camp stove and get more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

4. Keep Clean

There’s nothing worse than not having shower and bathroom facilities at the campgrounds. But, keeping the site clean is as important as cleaning yourself.

Do not throw stuff on the ground. You can use multipurpose toiletry kits that not only have enough space but also have a built-in mirror and retractable hook to keep it off the dirty ground.

5. Dry Off

Since you are camping in outdoors and have less space to pack everything you need to make your life easier, we suggest packing a microfiber towel. It is less fluffy than your regular towel and thus it occupies less packing space. Plus it also dries off quickly when you need it around the lake or during daily washes.

More of such hacks & tricks are discussed in the next part of this article. Beautiful Canadian outdoors can be best explored from the convenience of campground. So, gear on for a memorable camping weekend in Canada with family and friends. While above tricks make camping easy, Nanak Flights makes booking cheap flight tickets to Canada easier.