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Vancouver city is formerly known as Granville. Vancouver was incorporated and established in the year 1886. Only 1000 people were living in Vancouver(Granville) that time. Located on the south-west corner of British Columbia province, Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. Often touted as one of the best cities to live in, Vancouver is filled with stunning natural scenery with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Coast Mountains on other. While all the areas in Vancouver have their own attractions, one of the popular attractions are the public parks in the city. All of them have free entry, and you can easily spend a whole day discovering these parks, preferably on a bike. With a multi-cultural crowd, it’s pretty easy to feel at home in Vancouver. Not to mention, the food in Vancouver is eclectic as well, and you can find every cuisine possible here. Most of the residents here speak both English and French, so communication is also not a big deal here.
Vancouver serves as a major HUB for all Airlines flying from the west coast in Canada specially Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria and Fort mcmurray. Air Canada, Westjet, China Eastern, China Southern, China Airline, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, KLM, Delta, Air France, Xiamen Airlines use Vancouver as HUB city for their flights to worldwide destinations. Vancouver is Canada's 2nd busiest airport in the Canada while Toronto is the #1 busiest airport by passenger traffic.
There are total of 48 Airlines flying out of Vancouver airport. Xiamen Airline is the new addition in the list and operates 3 flights per week from Vancouver airport to China, Australia and Taiwan.
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Vancouver (YVR), British Columbia, Canada

Harbour Paradise
Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, with its location near the mouth of the Fraser River & on the waterways of the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound, Burrard Inlet, & their tributaries. It’s among Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse cities. A most popular filming location (for Bollywood, Hollywood etc.), it’s surrounded by mountains, and also has thriving art, theatre & music scenes.
Vancouver International Airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, about 12 km from Downtown Vancouver.
The best time to visit Vancouver is from March to May and from September to November when the weather is mild.
The Local Foods you must try at Vancouver are • Fresh seafood | • Local berries like gooseberries | • Locally made cheese.

Lowest fare calendar for January month for Vancouver Flights:

From Toronto to Vancouver:

  • Week of Jan 08: Departure: 13 Jan, Return: 17 Jan or 18 Jan, lowest fare is CAD 769 on Westjet.
  • Week of Jan 15: Departure: 17 Jan, Return: 24 Jan lowest fare is CAD 517 on Westjet.
  • Week of Jan 22: Departure: 25 Jan, Return: 01 Feb lowest fare is CAD 521 on Westjet.

From Montreal to Vancouver:

  • Week of Jan 08: Departure: 10 Jan, Return: 18 Jan, lowest fare is CAD 905 on Westjet.
  • Week of Jan 15: Departure: 17 Jan, Return: 24 Jan lowest fare is CAD 567 on Air Canada.
  • Week of Jan 22: Departure: 24 Jan, Return: 01 Feb lowest fare is CAD 567 on Air Canada.

From Ottawa to Vancouver:

  • Week of Jan 08: Departure: 11 Jan, Return: 18 Jan, lowest fare is CAD 876 on Westjet.
  • Week of Jan 15: Departure: 18 Jan, Return: 25 Jan lowest fare is CAD 575 on WestJet.
  • Week of Jan 22: Departure: 25 Jan, Return: 01 Feb lowest fare is CAD 544 on Air Canada.

From Calgary to Vancouver:

  • Week of Jan 08: Departure: 12 Jan, Return: 17 Jan, lowest fare is CAD 469 on Westjet.
  • Week of Jan 15: Departure: 21 Jan, Return: 25 Jan lowest fare is CAD 277 on WestJet.
  • Week of Jan 22: Departure: 25 Jan, Return: 01 Feb lowest fare is CAD 277 on Westjet.

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Visit Vancouver, one of Canada's largest metropolitan city. Temperate-weathered Vancouver is spectacular with its nearby pristine forests and parks, high mountains, and rich culture. Catering to any interest throughout the year, you can enjoy world class shopping, gourmet meals, outstanding live entertainment, sporting events, theatre, outdoor adventure, spectacular sights and attractions - it's all waiting for you in Vancouver. Majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests and beautiful foliage all four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Canada is known for our people's friendly nature, and Vancouver's citizens take great pride in our welcoming, clean, safe streets - day or night, all year round. Start planning your trip to Vancouver by booking cheapest flights and cheapest tickets to Vancouver (YVR) through our website or on phone.

Vancouver is considered by many both residents and tourists alike to be the most beautiful city in Canada. It's in a spectacular location, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, with one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, and the snow-capped Coast Mountains forming a postcard-perfect backdrop. It's cosmopolitan. It's dynamic. It's the vibrant heart of Canada's west coast.

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Top Getaways / Places to Roam in & around Vancouver:

  • Grouse Mountain:
    Just 20 minutes from downtown, The Peak of Vancouver offers the perfect mountaintop destination for a truly rewarding & memorable experience.

  • Science World:
    Ignite your mind & discover the wonders of science with popular, hands on interactive displays | inspirational feature exhibitions | jaw-dropping science demonstrations on Centre Stage | immersive films in the domed OMNIMAX® Theatre and awesome shows in the Science Theatre.

  • Vancouver Art Gallery:
    Highly-acclaimed collection of national & international contemporary art is worth. Don't miss the collection of work by the well-known British Columbian artist Emily Carr.

  • Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden:
    A sanctuary in the heart of the city. This incredibly manicured garden was the first authentic classical Chinese garden ever built outside of China. Walk along the peaceful paths & admire the harmonious elements designed in rock, water, plants and architecture.

  • Vancouver Lookout:
    Located in the downtown Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Lookout, at a height of 130 meters (430 feet), is the perfect place to survey the city and plan - or reflect upon - your day.

  • Flyover Canada:
    It’s a breathtaking, all-ages, flight simulation ride like no other. Take off into a huge dome screen with the latest in projection and ride technology creating a true flying experience, complete with wind, scents, and mist!.

  • Harbour Cruises & Events:
    It provides unparalleled views of Vancouver, and offers a unique and delightful way to experience the city.

  • Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours:
    Step aboard one these old-fashioned horse-drawn vehicles and take a relaxed trip through the natural beauty of Stanley Park, Vancouver's number one attraction.

  • Vancouver Aquarium:
    It’s a home to over 50,000 fascinating creatures from the Arctic to the Amazon. Be sure to catch daily beluga whale, dolphin and sea otter shows.

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge:
    The swaying suspension bridge, which stretches 137 meters (450 feet) across a canyon and the Capilano River 70 meters (230 feet) below. Then explore the beautifully lush fir- and fern-carpeted forests via a series of elevated suspension bridges in the Treetops Adventure, and the thrilling Cliff walk.

Top Quality Highlights of Mouthwatering Food of Vancouver:

Vancouverites know their city’s culinary scene. Best for fresh seafood, the finest house-made charcuterie, the most delicious taco truck, & the best list of B.C. wines. Vancouverites are entirely capable of having a stand-up argument about which sushi restaurant is the best. Other food joint around the city are given as under with multi-culture flavors.

Vancouver is not only a visually fantastic city but it also is a much loved destination for food lovers. From delectable seafood to spicy Thai food and scrumptious India dishes – everything is served in this city with max flavors and loads of deliciousness. So, here is our take on where to eat in Vancouver, Ontario:

1. Vij’s Rangoli in Vancouver, Canada

Vikram Vij's Rangoli is located in Vancouver, BC and features modern Indian cuisine. Half of Rangoli's space is a casual dine-in restaurant while the other half is a market where customers can pick up frozen and pre-packaged dishes that are made on site.

2. Blue Water Café in Vancouver, Ontario

If you love seafood, just dive into Blue Water Café in Vancouver. This restaurant offers best and largest selection of seafood dishes especially oysters. Dining here is an exciting experience as you can look at the live crustacean tanks to enjoy tasteful lobsters, prawns or sirloin steak. Many celebrities have eaten and appreciated the food served at Blue Water Cafe and it is an ideal place for a romantic date or a family dinner or even a sophisticated business lunch. For a sweet end of the meal, order the mascarpone cheesecake.

3. Simply Thai in Vancouver, Ontario

Simply Thai Restaurant at the Hamilton Street, Vancouver is the best place to eat spicy Thai food in the city. Thai food is famous for its tempting spice mixes and herbs. Simply Thai restaurant prepare their dishes with freshest herbs and just the correct balance of aromatic spices to make your taste buds dance. For most authentic Thai flavor, many dishes here are prepared with keffer lime leaf, Thai basil and pandun leaf. The most unique thing about Simply Thai restaurant is that you can watch the chefs preparing food in front of you and you can even talk to them as they cook. Best Thai food wait for you at Simply Thai in Vancouver.

4. Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar in Vancouver Canada

If you like club style dining, Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar in Vancouver is the right place to hit. With trendy atmosphere and an attached after hour club, this is the most happening restaurant in the city. It promises you an excellent dining experience with great music and impeccable service. The most popular dishes in the menu include seafood linguini and crab cakes. They also serve fantastic satays and martini.

5. House Of Dosas

Dosas are Indian version of crepes that is made with rice flour. It is crisp and a bit larger than crepes. Dosas could be prepared with many types of filling (veg or non-veg); which is why this South Indian dish is a much loved food in Vancouver. There is no better place than House Of Dosas to relish amazingly crisp and comforting dosas with other side condiments such as chutney and sambhar. House Of Dosas serve dosas with over 40 different stuffing options to choose from – this includes stuffings like lamb vindaloo, chicken, cheese, potatoes, mix vegetables and much more.

There is an interesting food scene in Vancouver with lots to be explored. Start your food journey in Vancouver with above suggestions for a good start.

Popular Vacation Hotspots in Vancouver (YVR), Canada

  • Downtown Vancouver hosts a thriving entertainment district bubbling with clubs, bars and all manner of nightlife.
  • Vancouver Art Gallery is one of many attractions on offer for culture vultures, containing over 10,000 artworks.
  • Explore the gardens and woodland trails of beautiful Stanley Park, which also contains a range of regional wildlife.
  • Direct flights to Vancouver operate frequently with airlines including Air Canada, British Airways and Condor.
  • Skiers in Vancouver can visit local Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain and Mount Seymour as well as nearby Whistler.
  • Check out the links at the top of the page for the cheapest deals on fares to Vancouver from your nearest airport.
  • Why not find bargain flights to Vancouver and treat yourself to an amazing holiday in the City of Glass?
  • Vancouver’s Chinatown is full of the sights, sounds and tastes of the city’s Chinese community.
  • If you want to shop, try Metropolis at Metrotown, British Columbia’s largest shopping centre and home to 470 stores.
  • Coastal Vancouver is ideal for adventure holidays, with kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking and biking opportunities.
  • As one of the largest and most populous cities in Canada, Vancouver is perfect for an exciting city break.

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Top shopping malls in Vancouver(YVR), Canada

  • Pacific Centre Mall: It is Vancouver's best known shopping mall. It is full of brand name stores.
  • Metrotown in Downtown Vancouver: It is Vancouver's and B.C's biggest shopping mall. It is only 15 minutes away from downtown.
  • Chinatown in Vancouver: Chinatown has all kinds of clothing, jewellry and authentic Chinese items
  • Sinclair Centre: There are variety of shops in this mall.
  • Richmond Centre: This mall has more than 200 stores.
  • Little India: Little India also known as Punjabi market is situated South of Vancouver. It is shopping hub of Indo-Canadian community.
  • Brentwood Mall: This mall has more than 100 shops
  • President Plaza mall: This mall is also known as T&T mall.

Latest Events in Vancouver(YVR), Canada - November 2015. Updated Monthly

  • Jordan Suckley @ Soundlab @ PRIVÉ NIGHTCLUB in Vancouver, Canada
  • The Grouch @ Alexander in Vancouver, Canada
  • X Ambassadors @ Vogue Theatre **SOLD OUT** in Vancouver, Canada

Top Summer events in Vancouver (YVR), Canada

  • Canada Day
  • Vancouver International Jazz festival
  • Summer night markets
  • Vancouver's international fireworks competition
  • Bard on the Beach
  • Vancouver pride parade
  • PNE fair
  • Swimming in Kits pool

Top Beaches in Vancouver (YVR), Canada

  • English Bay beach
  • Spanish Banks Beach
  • Wreck Beach
  • Jericho Beach
  • Kitsilano Beach

One of Vancouver's greatest strengths is its diversity, and whether you're visiting for a day or a month, there is plenty to explore. Pack a picnic and enjoy one of the city's many botanical gardens, hop onto a boat and go whale watching just minutes from the city, or explore the many landmark sights of the city - there's so much to see.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. So after you've gone to that museum and scored every deal along Robson, why not unwind? Nothing beats sitting by the surf at an ocean beach but Vancouver's also full of spas, and if your form of relaxation involves smores and tents, well, there's plenty of spots just outside Vancouver for that too.

Vancouver, Canada

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Today's Weather in Vancouver

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Flights to Vancouver from major Canadian local cities and International departures

Please find below our hand picked cheap tickets to Vancouver(YVR) from Top 10 Canadian cities and gateways. Sale ends January 15, 2017. Book now. The following are seat sale fares to Vancouver(YVR). Please book your seats in advance to get the lowest fares to Vancouver(YVR)

Please note that fares are non-refundable. Date Change is allowed. Change fee is CAD 100 plus fare difference based on seat availability will apply.
Important Change Rule: If your outbound flight is on Air Canada and inbound flight is on West Jet or vice versa, change fee of CAD 100 will apply for each direction/ticket.
Air Transat now flying to Vancouver every Saturday from Toronto to Vancouver and every Friday from Vancouver to Toronto.
Cheapest flights from Toronto(YYZ) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West jetCAD 258CAD 151CAD 409
Air CanadaCAD 384CAD 159CAD 543
Cheapest flights from Ottawa(YOW) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
Air CanadaCAD 430CAD 197CAD 627
West jetCAD 486CAD 185CAD 671
Cheapest flights from Montreal(YUL) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
Air CanadaCAD 460CAD 210CAD 670
West jetCAD 496CAD 197CAD 693
Cheapest flights from Calgary(YYC) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West jetCAD 242CAD 118CAD 360
Air CanadaCAD 257CAD 118CAD 375
Cheapest flights from Edmonton(YEG) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
Air CanadaCAD 173CAD 107CAD 280
Cheapest flights from Halifax(YHZ) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 498CAD 203CAD 701
Air CanadaCAD 530CAD 203CAD 733
Cheapest flights from Regina(YQR) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 294CAD 110CAD 404
Air CanadaCAD 355CAD 113CAD 468
Cheapest flights from Fort Mcmurray(YMM) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
Air CanadaCAD 288CAD 119CAD 407
West JetCAD 314CAD 122CAD 436
Cheapest flights from Winnipeg(YWG) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 331CAD 128CAD 459
Air CanadaCAD 348CAD 128CAD 476
Cheapest flights from Kelowna(YLW) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 150CAD 69CAD 219
Air CanadaCAD 158CAD 69CAD 227
Cheapest flights from Prince George(YXS) to Vancouver(YVR) departing January 20, 2017, returning January 27, 2017. Fares are subject to availability.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 188CAD 89CAD 277
Air CanadaCAD 198CAD 89CAD 287

Most popular Airline flights from Vancouver(YVR) airport to top IATA International Regions and destinations.

Flights to IATA RegionAirlines flying from Vancouver(YVR) airport to top International destinations.
Vancouver to Europe Air France, Air Canada, Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, US Airways, American Airline, British Airways, United airline, Iberian, Finn Air, Austrian Airline, Brussels Airline
Vancouver to USA WestJet, Delta Airline, Alaska Airline, United Airline, Air Canada, American Airline, US Airways
Vancouver to South America Avianca Airline, Lan Airline, Korean Airline, US airways, American Airline, Air Canada, United Airline, Delta
Vancouver to Australia, Newzealand Qantas Airline, Air Newzealand, Korean Airline, US airways, American Airline, Air Canada, United Airline, Delta, China Southeren airline, Cathay Pacific
Vancouver to Asia China Airline, Delta, Philipine Airline, United airline, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airline, American Airline, KLM, China Eastern Airline, China southeren Airline

Most popular Airline flights from Canada to Vancouver(YVR) international airport

Flights to IATA RegionAirlines flying from other Canadian cities to Vancouver
Canada to Vancouver(YVR) Airport Air Canada, West Jet, Sunwing

Tips for finding Cheap Flights or cheap tickets to Vancouver(YVR), Canada

Things to Do When Arriving in Vancouver(YVR) International Airport

Transport Options from Airport to Vancouver(YVR) City.

  1. Car rental facilities are conveniently located just steps from the terminal on the ground floor of the parkade. Companies operating their vehicle pickup and return services directly from these facilities include:
  2. The Canada Line is Vancouver's new rapid transit rail link connecting YVR to downtown Vancouver in 26 minutes and to downtown Richmond in 18 minutes. Canada Line's YVR-Airport station is centrally located between our International and Domestic Terminals. As you exit the train, turn left for domestic flights or right for U.S. and international flights. Click here for more information about the Canada Line.
  3. Courtesy shuttle pick-up & drop-off areas are located at the green canopy outside of Arrivals Level 2 International Terminal Building and outside the Arrivals Level 1 Domestic Terminal Building.
  4. Vancouver Airport also has cycling routes if you're a dedicated cyclist. Click here for more information on cycling from Vancouver International Airport.

Nanak Flights recommend buying Travel Insurance for Flights to Vancouver(YVR), Canada.

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Travel documentation requirements for travelling to Vancouver(YVR), Canada.

  1. If you are Canadian Citizen, You must carry a valid Government issued photo id with you.
  2. If you are travelling from country other than Canada, you may require visa to enter Canada. Click here to check visa requirements

For more information on Vancouver(YVR) International Airport, please see the Vancouver International Airport's website.

Hand Picked 5 stars and 4 stars Hotels near Vancouver International Airport Vancouver(YVR), Canada

If you are planning to stay close to the airport in Vancouver, the following is a list of the best hotels close to the Vancouver Airport.
Hotel NameStar RatingDistance from the Airport
Rosewood Hotel Georgia 5-star10.8 km
L'Hermitage Hotel 4-star10.6 km
Wedgewood Hotel & Spa 5-star10.6 km
Barclay House Bed and Breakfast 4-star10.8 km
O Canada House 4-star10.6 km
Granville House Bed and Breakfast 4-star5.9 km
Pinnacle Hotel At The Pier 4-star14.8 km
Opus Vancouver 5-star9.8 km
Loden Vancouver 5-star11.1 km
Hotel Le Soleil by Executive Hotels 5-star11 km
Fairmont Pacific Rim 5-star11.4 km
Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver 5-star10.9 km
The Fairmont Waterfront 4-star11.4 km
Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver 4-star10.9 km
The Westin Bayshore Vancouver 4-star11.5 km
Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver 5-star10.9 km
Sandman Signature Hotel Vancouver Airport 4-star5.3 km
Hyatt Regency Vancouver 4-star10.9 km

Vancouver(YVR) Contact information (Call 3-1-1)

If you want to find out more about the city of Vancouver, Ontario, You can call 3-1-1 number. Please note that this number is for non-emergency services only.
Agents will assist you with any queries related to the city of Vancouver. You can also provide your feedback on the Vancouver city at this number.

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