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Cheap Flights to Melbourne

In Australia, Summers usually begin in December. If you’re looking for inexpensive travel rates, it is best to book your flight to Melbourne in advance. The summers in Melbourne are warm, sunny with frequent sea breezes. If you are looking to spend a convenient holiday, Summer is a good season to conduct your travel in Melbourne. Another peak time for visitors is the month of October, during the famed Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The winters in Melbourne are cool, along with some foggy skies. Winters occur between the months of June and August. The frequency of travels is comparatively less at this time of the year. The airfares also relatively drop during the winters, with discounted prices on accommodations as well. Yet another peak season is between the months of November and March, where sports enthusiasts from around the world arrive at the city for the celebrated Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and is often touted to be the cultural capital of Australia. The city has an excellent reputation in the areas of education, entertainment and healthcare. Melbourne is Australia’s second-most inhabited city and has a very diverse population of both locals and immigrants from all over the world. This city is the hub of the cultural and entertainment industries and is also recognized as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Melbourne is also regarded as the unofficial sporting capital of Australia, mostly by virtue of housing one of the most famous sports venues- the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Melbourne has an Oceanic climate and the weather is quite variable throughout the year. Being the coastal capital, Melbourne has numerous beaches that offer spectacular views of the Ocean. Melbourne, with its dynamic city life and beautiful landscapes offers a wholesome travel to every visitor.

Cheap Flights to Melbourne

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Melbourne (MEL), Australia.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Melbourne

We have negotiated deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Melbourne. Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Melbourne.

  • United airline connects via US gateways (ORD/IAH/EWR/SFO/LAX) to fly to Melbourne.
  • Air Newzealand connects via US gateways (SFO/LAX) to fly to Melbourne. Some NZ flights also connects via Sydney to reach Melbourne.
  • Qantas connects via US gateways (LAX/DFW) using Air Canada as code share partner to fly to Melbourne.
  • American airline connects via US gateways (LAX/SFO/DFW/ORD) to fly to Melbourne.
  • Emirates Airline connects by using its DXB (Dubai international airport) hub to fly to Melbourne.
  • Emirates Airline connects via its Abu Dhabi hub to fly to Melbourne.
  • China Southern connects via its hub in Guangzhou (CAN) to fly to Melbourne.
  • Cathay Pacific connects via Hongkong (HKG) hub to fly to Melbourne.

Online booking to Melbourne made easy

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Lowest Airfares to Melbourne (MEL), Australia

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What To Do/See in Melbourne

What To Do/See in Melbourne

Melbourne is a very vibrant city and offers its visitors plenty of things to do and see around the city. You may start off your trip by paying a visit to the NGV International Museum that houses an array of international artworks that are bound to impress you. The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is a must-see for marine lovers as you can spot the sea-life of the Southern Ocean and also indulge in a stimulated underwater roller coaster. In the evenings, don’t miss out on a chance to visit the Federation Square, a busy public space that is bustling with events, restaurants, galleries and cafes.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is famous for its lush green landscape and is located at the heart of the city. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a must-see for any sports enthusiast. If you would like to indulge in some shopping, the Central Business District (CBD) is an ideal location to come across some best shopping locations. You may also pay a visit to Chapel street to discover some quirky and unique finds. Beaches like St Kilda and Brighton Beach offer plenty of opportunities to explore some water sports activities or to even visit some excellent cafes to relax and unwind.

Top Restaurants In Melbourne (MEL) That You’ll love

Melbourne is internationally acclaimed for having some of the best eateries and restaurants in the world.

Cutler & Co.

For some fine-dining options do pay a visit to Cutler & Co. This restaurant has simple and bistro-like food but does not fall back on quality and taste.


If you enjoy Italian food, do pay a visit to Kaprica, an authentic pizza place that is tucked away in Carlton. Popular for its traditional Italian vibe, this place offers some of the best pizzas in town.


Tonka is an Indian restaurant that modernizes traditional Indian dishes and serves them with a twist.

Chin Chin, Minamishima & Pacific Seafood BBQ

Asian restaurants in Melbourne are known to play around with traditional flavours and add a modern touch to each dish. Chin Chin, Minamishima and Pacific Seafood BBQ house offer some of the tastiest oriental dishes.

Higher Ground, Sun Moth Canteen & Bar and Café Mojo

Australia is renowned for its coffee culture and it comes as no doubt that Melbourne offers some of the best café experiences in all the country. Within the city, do not miss out on cafes like Higher Ground, Sun Moth Canteen & Bar and Café Mojo for some excellent food and coffee. The beach-side areas also offer some delicious food options and are more budget-friendly.

Transportation options in Melbourne

Melbourne has a very convenient and well-managed public transportation system.

As you land in the Melbourne International Airport, you may use the Skybus service to hop on to a bus that will take you to the city in about 40 minutes. You may also be able to avail a taxi cab that would take roughly the same amount of time to reach the city.
Upon reaching your accommodation, you will find that Melbourne has an integrated public transport system that will make your travel very convenient. Buses run frequently between major spots and around the suburbs as well.
The train system is divided into underground rail as well as trams. Melbourne is known to have the largest tram system in the world.
The taxis in Melbourne are easy to spot and will make your travels much easier. Victoria’s V/Line service can be availed for your travels outside of the central city area.

Top Hotels in Melbourne (MEL) where you can Stay

For a complete city-life experience of Melbourne, the best place to stay at is the city centre in Melbourne. This area houses all the important tourist destinations and is also lined with the best restaurants and shopping complexes in the city. The city centre is an ideal location for first-time visitors as well. East Melbourne is a very sought-after residential area that houses some of the most picturesque homes and apartment buildings.

Carlton & Fitzroy

For a relaxed stay, Carlton and Fitzroy have some of the most authentic restaurants, bookstores and boutiques. The rich Italian-flavour that engulfs this location adds on to its charm.

South Melbourne

South Melbourne is the spot that houses some of the most luxurious hotels and is engulfed by the Yarra river on one side. This location has the best view of the city skyline.

St Kildas

If you would like to indulge in the beaches of Melbourne, renting an accommodation at St Kildas is an ideal choice. This beach area houses multiple art deco flats, bohemian markets and cafes. This area is buzzing with events and visitors, especially during the weekends, who come to unwind from the city life. The beachside is surrounded by eclectic boutiques and eateries and has a very relaxed vibe to it.

Weather in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its slightly unpredictable and variable weather conditions. It has a temperate oceanic climate. The Summer season begins around late December and the air gets hot and dry during the months of January and February. The Winter season begins in the month of June and continues up until August. The Winter season brings rains and the months after the winters experience most rainfall. Melbourne also experiences frost and fog during the winters.

The Spring and Autumn season are mild, warm and windy. This is probably the best time to visit Melbourne as the cool weather will make travelling around the city very convenient. The weather near the beach areas, especially Port Phillip, is generally warmer than other areas. The residents of Melbourne are accustomed to the changeable weather and random rainfall. Regardless, this adds to the beauty and charm of the city. Overall, the warm temperatures are ideal for any sort of travel or vacation.

Weather in Melbourne