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Cheap Flights to Sydney

The airfares to Sydney often depends on the season you choose to travel. The primary and most expensive time is typically during the warmer months which would be December and January. Since Australia is in a different hemisphere, the summers are towards the end of the year. Hence, travellers from the west are more likely to visit during this period, for the Christmas holidays, making it the peak season.

The medium-priced flights are available in April and June. The least expensive flights can be availed during the months of July, October and November. These months are the cooler months in the country and doesn’t see a big influx of tourists. It is most advisable to plan your trip in advance as you are more likely to have an understanding of the fluctuating airfares. Regardless, the weather in Sydney stays warm and sunny for a major part of the year, making your travel enjoyable and convenient.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, a beautiful urban city located in Australia is one of the most picturesque and liveable cities in the world. The art, work culture, cuisine and nightlife of Sydney is immensely popular among its visitors. Additionally, the coastline and the stunning sandy beaches of this city add a magical element to its beauty. Sydney is the government and finance centre of Australia but doesn’t fall short in the areas of tourism and scenic destinations. This exuberant location offers stunning locales within the city as well as truly breath-taking views of the ocean.

The suburbs of the city are well suited for tourists as the beaches and places of interest are likely to be less crowded, offering a wholesome travel experience. Sydney’s favourable climate, bustling city life and rich European history makes it a hit amongst travellers and residents alike.

Cheap Flights to Sydney

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Sydney (SYD), Australia.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Sydney

We have negotiated deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Sydney. Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Sydney.

  • Air Canada runs non-stop service between Toronto and Sydney. The outbound flying hrs are 22 hrs and return flying hrs are 20 hrs between Toronto and Sydney. Air Canada also connects via its Vancouver hub.
  • Qantas connects via US gateways (LAX/SFO/JFK/LGA) using Air Canada as code share partner to Sydney.
  • United airline connects via US gateways (ORD/IAH/EWR/SFO/LAX) to Sydney.
  • Air Newzealand connects via USA and Vancouver using Air Canada as code share partner to Sydney.
  • Emirates Airline connects by using its DXB (Dubai international airport) hub to fly to Sydney.
  • Delta connects via its US hubs (LAX/BOS/DTT) hubs to fly to Sydney.
  • Japan airline connects via US gateways and then via its Tokyo (Narita) hub to fly to Sydney.
  • American airline connects via its US Hubs (LAX/CLT/MIA) to Sydney.
  • Air China connects via its Beijing Hub.
  • China Airline is very convenient choice for Vancouver,Calgary and Edmonton customers for Sydney flights. China airline connects via Taipei hub.
  • Cathay Pacific connects via Hongkong (HKG) hub.

Online booking to Sydney made easy

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Lowest Airfares to Sydney (SYD), Australia

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Price Drop Guarantee for Flights to Sydney (SYD)

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What To Do/See in Sydney

What To Do/See in Sydney

You can start off your Sydney holiday with a visit to the Toranga Zoo, located on the waterside. This location houses over 2,900 species, with a picturesque backdrop of the waters. A visit to the Sydney Opera House, an iconic marvel, is a must during your trip. It is one of Sydney’s most vibrant and visited art and performance venues. Backstage tours are also available for an extensive understanding of the workings of this world-famous structure. Another must-do is to take a walk on the famed Harbour Bridge. This long and well-engineered bridge has visitors walking and cycling at leisure. Next, a ferry ride to Manly offers the most dazzling and spectacular views of Sydney and is truly one of the most significant experiences to have in Sydney.

To understand the history of the city, you may visit The Rocks, which stands to be a great insight into the rich colonial past of this land. For a complete Sydney experience, take time to travel to the various beaches this beautiful city has to offer. You can visit the shores of Bondi beach, Shelly beach or even walk the trail from Tamara Coogee. Lastly, the Blue Mountains offers a breath-taking view of a blue-tinged rock landscape that is ideal for a number of outdoor activities.

Top Restaurants In Sydney (SYD) That You’ll love

In Sydney, the best eateries are located near the waters. They are especially popular for providing fresh, fast and delicious food.

Lumi Bar & Dining, and Café Sydney

For more luxurious dining options, restaurants like LuMi Bar & Dining, est., and Café Sydney are excellent choices for Australian and Continental cuisine.

Tetsuya’s, Mr. Wong and China Doll

For some authentic Asian food, you may pay a visit to restaurants like Tetsuya’s, Mr. Wong and China Doll.

Farmhouse Kings Cross and The Ternary

For more moderately priced options, Farmhouse Kings Cross and The Ternary are excellent places to visit.

El Jannah and Maya Masala

El Jannah is a great place to enjoy some authentic Lebanese food. For Indian options, you may visit Maya Masala, a place that is very popular for their dosas and South Indian food choices.

Street Food

Sydney is also extremely popular for the various budget-friendly street food options. Street food in Sydney is comprised of a large range of international cuisines. Some local eateries also provide delicious food at very reasonable rates.

Small Eatery and Cafes

A small eatery by the name of Chinese Noodle Restaurant serves extremely delicious and piping hot Chinese food. Hiking along the waterside also offers tourists various options for good food. Beaches are lined with many cafes and eateries offering dishes that would be the highlight of your Sydney food experience.

Transportation options in Sydney

Upon landing at the Sydney International Airport, you will find that there are plenty of options to reach the city.

A taxi cab is very easy to get a hold of and would take you only 30 minutes to reach the city centre.
You could also travel via local trains, which frequent between 10 minutes each. The ride is only 13 minutes long, making it cost-effective and convenient as well.
For your travels within the city, you will find that public transportation is very travel-friendly and reliable. Sydney has a reputation for housing Australia’s largest public transportation system. By road, you may avail buses which operate regularly and extensively in the city and surrounding areas as well.
The train services are divided into the heavy rail, which typically operates underground and light rail (trams), which move around the city space. One may also avail ferries for travel between ports or even for a sightseeing cruise.

Top Locations in Sydney (SYD) where you can Stay

Sydney covers a large geographical area and it is best to choose your option of stay based on the areas you would like to visit.

The Rocks or Circular Quay

For short stays, it is best to take a hotel room around The Rocks or Circular Quay. The advantage of staying here is that you can find budget-friendly hotels as well as high-end hotels in the same area. To indulge in the nightlife of the city, it is best to stay at the Circular Quay as it is close to the harbour.

Darling Harbour

For family holidays, it is advisable to look for accommodations near Darling Harbour as it is an ideal spot for family outings and is also in close proximity to Star Casino, Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World.

Central Business District (CBD)

If you wish to enjoy the city life, it is best to find a hotel in the Central Business District (CBD). It is bustling with a lot of shopping havens and multinational companies and is smack-dab in the middle of the entire city. Staying here would also make it convenient to travel to the various other destinations such as The Rocks or Circular Quay.

Kings Cross or Potts Point

For a more relaxed and budget-friendly travel, Kings Cross or Potts Point is the ideal place to stay. Surrounded by neighbourhoods and many small cafes, this locality is very reminiscent to the Victorian era of Sydney.

Weather in Sydney

Sydney enjoys a mild and sunny climate with the sun shining for 300 days a year. This makes travel and stay in Sydney very convenient. The summers in Sydney are from December to February where the temperatures range between 18 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. It is an ideal time to visit the abundant beaches and enjoy the warm climate.

The Autumn weather in Sydney is from March to May and is an ideal time to enjoy the cool, breezy weather by taking strolls along the coast. Winters in Sydney are between the months of June and August. The winters also welcome rains in the month of June thus making the weather chilly and cold. Spring is also a suitable time to visit Sydney as the days are warmer but not humid.

Weather in Sydney