Best Places to Visit during Fall in Canada.

Canada, the name reminds us of a land snow capped and white as endless vastness. However, the country adorns beautiful hues of summer as fall starts. With colors galore and breathtaking natural scenery there are plenty of places in the area that calls for a fall escapade. We are trying to jot down few of the locations we thought would deem fit your the upcoming summer plan. Be sure to drench in the blast of autumn colors that are intense and pompous and celebrate the sunny days in jovial color spray. Both the Eastern and Western coast of the country has plenty of offering however we recommend the Eastern coast, and Ontario, Quebec or the Maritime Provinces in particular! The fall foliage is at its best in the following ten areas of Canada, we have deep dived and researched for your ease. Have a read.

Canada Fall

Algonquin Park, Ontario

One of the most popular provincial parks in Ontario, Algonquin Park is conveniently located near Toronto, is huge in area cover and offers an array of choices ranging from forests, lakes to rivers. The park is best explored by foot or canoe and indeed a treasure trove for the adventure seeker in you. End of September to early December the Maple trees show the brightest of colors. Tamaracks and red oaks from Aspen look their best in the middle or end of October. You may want to check Algonquin Fall colour Report for fall colour activity and certain viewing spots before paying a visit

The Rocky Mountains in Alberta

Come September, Alberta's Rocky Mountains start to experience warmish and dry days and shape up for a great vacation destination for the most. s the Summer has receded with crazy frenzy, you find a tranquil vacuum in which coziness and comfort fill in your heart. Sip on wine merrily as the sub-alpine larch and aspen trees turn into an ethereal reddish hue. Johnston’s Canyon and Tunnel Mountain near Banff are places I shall strongly recommend to explore. You may also be interested to hike up to Lake Agnes from Lake Louise.

Fall Foliage Experience by Rail covering Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax

One of the unique and exquisite experience would be to take a ride through rail from West to East through the expanse of the country as autumn brings a dramatic change in the nature. The ride takes place for a period of 6 days. The journey is romantic and beautiful as you travel through West to east cities like Toronto , Montreal , Quebec City, and Halifax .

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

If you want to experience a ride through the world's most beautiful drives, include the Cabot Trail in your itinerary. The serpentine road winds around Cape Breton's northern shore and unfolds in front of fall color seekers in a stunning way. Fiery reds, oranges, crimsons and golds are the colors that cover the highlands like a blanket and eventually culminates to their peak as October beckons. We also recommend a visit to Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site. You may want to consult the Nova Scotia Fall Foliage Report for detailed autumn color itinerary.

Fundy Coastal Drive, New Brunswick

Following the trails of Cabot shall be a encouraging factor to embark on a journey through the Fundy Coastal Drive, a charming maritime journey! The waves reach an incredible high. The thanksgiving weekend of the country, the first two weeks of October, let the leaves turn into vivacious reds and deep pumpkin oranges. Get hold of a map and explore the are at your own pace. Crowd is comparatively sober and lesser in the area even with an obvious similarity with New England's.

Prince Edward Island

Visit the forest of Prince Edward Island to witness an exceptional range of colors in autumn. The Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait flow with warm water and helps render a relatively moderate climate to the area. It has one of the the longest fall foliage periods in northeastern North America. The forests stand tall sans any possible threat of a bear and other wild lives like deer or moose. Hence you may travel without a possible encounter with hunting spree and enjoy a safe stroll in and around the dense foliage.

Agawa Canyon Trip, Ontario

The renowned Algoma Central Railroad, otherwise known as Railway's Agawa Canyon trip, running an expanse of the country from Sault Ste Marie in northern Ontario, often features as one of the finest way to experience fall. Soak in the awesome gorgeous colors of nature as you treat yourself to the famous Canadian falls.

The Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

Québec has long attracted travelers for its autumn colors of its sugar maple trees. Yellow birch and the American beech trees did play a quintessential role in the affair as well. You may want to explore the Laurentian Mountains for one of the most beautiful displays of fall foliage in North America. Colors explode for a long time, starting from the end of September and until mid- to late-October in lower elevations and few of the southern topography. The resort town Mont-Tremblant celebrates its annual Symphony of Colors festival, an extravagance not to be missed by any traveler at any cost!

Niagara Parkway, Ontario

It is one thing that Winston Churchill famously called the historic Niagara Parkway "the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world." It is another thing the charming trail leaves travelers stunned with the winding curves of the Niagara River, which divides Canada and the US and often referred to as the “River Road.” The small towns of Queenston and Niagara-on-the-Lake becomes the prettiest during autumn, reaching its pinnacle of color in October. A sip on Niagara Wine is all you need to end the day with elan!

The Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

The best portions of the Bruce Trail is often featured on the Bruce Peninsula. It is a hiking trail of 800 KM and features Ontario flora, water vistas and fauna to soothe your eyes. Trees here know history since some of them date back to 1000 years or more. Behold the colors in awe as you travel the are and take back ever lasting memory. Icing on the cake would be all these places are often prices reasonable for a fall visit and conveys a perfect holiday adventure spot. The fiery shades of foliage change from coast to coast and indeed calls for an enhanced experience. Do drop a line or two in the comment section if you have any specific suggestion about a visit to Canada during Falls.

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