Top travel trends in 2018

The best way to know all the different countries around the world is by traveling. One can not only enjoy these trips but can also learn a lot by visiting new destinations every time. One thing which has gained popularity over the years is the travel trends followed by tourists. These patterns are set every year by extreme travelers so that the rest of the crowd can enjoy their holidays or trips to the most. In today's article, we are going to talk about 15 such top travel trends for the upcoming year 2018. So consider them while planning your next tour.

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1. On a shoestring budget
It is not always necessary that you have to spend a lot to have a memorable vacation. Instead, there are many alternatives that you could find based on a shoestring budget. These options are as enjoyable as any other. Also, they allow you to save some money at the same time. Many popular destinations around the world can be traveled on such a low budget without compromising on the fun side.

2. Travel with family
Another travel trend that is going to be popular in the year 2018 is traveling with your family. Instead of thinking about solo backpacking you can plan a family vacation with your elders and children. By doing so, you will not only create lasting memories but will also be able to discover new things as a group. This trend will even help you create a stronger family bond or connection.

3. Homestays instead of hotels
Hotels have always been the most favorite form of accommodations for travelers. But over the decades the concept of homestays has taken over. In simple words, they are accommodations where you can stay with the families of the owner and get to know the city well. Apart from this homestays also give you a more personal environment and ambiance that hotels can never deliver.

4. Enjoy like locals
While visiting a new city, you should always ask the locals where they like to hang out the most. These destinations are usually more real and pure when compared to other known tourist attractions. It will allow you to experience the real vibe and culture of a location without it being altered. Besides, it also helps you to get to know the locals and make some new friends along the way.

5. Avoid crowded destinations
Most people always like to visit popular and known travel destinations. These are way more crowded and commercialized than the unknown ones. But believe us when we say that there are numerous beautiful and charming travel destinations around the world which are less crowded. By visiting them, you will be able to have a relaxing vacation without having to deal with mass groups of tourists or standing in queues to visit attractions.

6. Road trips
Although, the most convenient way to travel from one destination to the other is by flight. However, it is also quite dull. A better alternative to this is taking road trips along with your travel buddies. This will not only make the journey more exciting but will also give you a chance to experience the beauty of nature. So for your next trip gather some of your friends and take a road trip to your favorite destination.

7. Adventurous activities
Visiting a new travel destination is not just about sightseeing and checking out popular attractions. Rather trying out some local events like adventure sports is also high on the list of travel trends for 2018. So make sure that you get an adrenaline rush by indulging in some local adventure activities. It can include anything from water sports to mountain climbing.

8. Natural sightseeing
Another great alternative to sightseeing is visiting the natural attractions of a particular location. It helps you to connect better with nature and also appreciate its beauty. These activities can include things like hiking, visiting a rainforest, or checking out a natural lake. Some destinations even provide ziplining tours through the natural landscape. These attractions are mostly listed online, so it is easy for a tourist to book.

9. Collect travel souvenirs
A travel trend that is gaining popularity day by day is making your own travel souvenir collection. Most people like to visit different parts of the world and collect either coins, handicrafts, or even stamps to create a memorabilia. This trend can not only give you a new hobby to indulge in but will also allow you to take a trip down the memory lane whenever you wish. These collections can turn into one of your most prized possessions.

10. Get to know local art forms
When you visit a new destination make sure that you take some time off for the local art forms. Checking out only the tourist attractions can make a location look very commercial. Instead, indulge in the regional art exhibitions and events so that you get a real insight into their culture. This is also a more creative way to spend your hours rather than sitting at a coffee bar or shopping all day.

11. Separate business and leisure trips
Combining business and leisure trips is an old tactic. It is not only a lot more hectic but also inconvenient. For this reason, we recommend that you keep your business and leisure vacations separate. Focusing on individual trips will give you not only better results but also a more organized travel plan. This trend is allowing people to enjoy their tours thoroughly without having to bother about work.

12. Go on culinary tours
An activity which is on top of our To-Do list while visiting a destination is enjoying the local cuisine. That is why going on culinary tours is an emerging travel trend for the year 2018. These tours focus mainly on different types of local cuisines and forms. Apart from this they also make you experience order edible delights which are popular in the area. Activities like wine or cheese tasting are a few examples.

13. Club your travel plans
Like we said earlier traveling alone is a thing of the past. So to be in sync with the latest travel trends club your plans with others. More so you can even take trips with couples like yourself so that you enjoy more and save as well. Also, traveling in a group to a new location is much safer than backpacking alone.

14. Self-guided tours
You should always go on self-guided tours rather than hiring a guide. This gives you the chance to experience the real side of a city without making it entirely touristy. Also getting your way around the town will help you to know the place better without any encumbrances. The most convenient way to do so is by buying a local map and a handy travel book.

15. Go camping
The last of the travel trends for the year 2018 includes campaign. It is not always important that you stay in hotels and homestays. Instead, you can enjoy a destination by camping in its natural landscape. You can even become a part of a camping group online that visits new locations each time. This way you would be able to travel with people who share the same view.

With all these amazing travel trends for 2018 you will be able to have a fantastic trip. So start planning today!

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