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Cheap flights to Korea

You have the option to book flights to Korea with a variety of leading airlines such as Land Route, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Ethiopian Airlines, Delta Airlines and Xiamen Airlines. Find cheap flights to Korea with arrival destinations like Seoul and Pusan. Korea flights generally depart from locations like Kelowna, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Montreal or Quebec. Our flights from Canada to Korea arrive at one of two large airports in Korea, however, 15 other large airports can be chosen from for connecting flights.

Cheap flights to Korea usually require one or two stops, however, if you fly with Air Canada your destination can be reached with a single non-stop flight. Flights from Canada to Korea without any stops will usually take 11 hours to reach their destination. However, if you book flights to Korea with more than one stop you may spend as much as 30 hours in transit before you arrive at your destination.

About Korea

Korea is an Eastern Asian country that was split into two sovereign states in 1943. North Korea is known for being one of the most secretive countries in the world. On the other hand, South Korea is one of the global leaders of culture and technology. Book flights to Korea to marvel at the cherry tree-studded landscapes as well as the cyber-tech cities, small fishing villages and sub-tropical islands. Choose cheap flights to Korea to enjoy the rich culture as well as the leisure activities and fast-paced lifestyle that is iconic in the region.

Although standard Korean is the most common language throughout the country, you may also find that there is a vast array of dialects to be found throughout the country. You may also find that many of the inhabitants speak Chinese, Japanese, and English, which makes this one of the most accessible countries in the world. Reserve flights from Canada to Korea without concern for communication struggles as you travel.

Seoul is a popular option for individuals who book flights to Korea. Once you reach your destination you should be sure to visit the N Seoul Tower, where visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views as you enjoy a meal in the restaurant. Alternatively, you may want to visit Myeong-Dong for a shopping experience that is second to none. Bukchon Hanok Village is a 600-year-old village in Seoul that offers visitors a glimpse of life in times gone by. In Pusan, spend a day lounging on the Haeundae Beach or visit the 14th-century Buddhist temple known as Haedong Yonggungsa. Seafood enthusiast should remember to visit the Jagalchi Market for the ultimate market shopping trip.

Getting around Korea and various transportation facilities

Korea flights arrive at one of two major airports, however, there are 15 other airports in the country.

Rail and metro:
Korea Train Express allows visitors the opportunity to travel the country at high speeds. For inner-city travel, visitors can board the Seoul metropolitan subway.

The roads of Korea can be navigated by car or scooter.

Hail a cab in Korea for an easy and safe means of transportation.

Take a ferry to Korea from Japan or Russia. Alternatively, take a ferry to Korea from the coast of China.

See the Asian coastline from a unique perspective by boarding a cruise liner from Japan to Korea.

When to fly to Korea

The climate in Korea:
Korea has four distinct seasons as well as a temperate climate. Summers are short and hot with typhoons in late summer, while the winters are cold and dry. Book cheap flights to Korea to take advantage of the summer temperatures that reach between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius. During the winter months, expect temperatures between minus 2 and minus 10 degrees Celsius.

October to March:
Korea flights during the winter months are ideal for cold-weather enthusiasts as they will be able to enjoy a variety of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. You could also pick up a basket and pick strawberries or visit the ice-fishing festival.

April to September:
Summer in Korea is perfect for lounging at the beach, going for hikes as well as visiting one of the many K-Pop festivals.

Airlines flying to Korea and travel seasonality

Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Airlines flying to Korea: American Airlines , Air Canada , Air France , Air India , Finnair , Air China , China Airlines , Cathay Pacific , Delta Air Lines , Emirates , Ethiopian Airlines , Etihad Airways , Hainan Airlines , Japan Airlines , Korean Air , Lufthansa , XIAMEN AIRLINES, China Eastern Airlines , Asiana Airlines , Philippine Airlines , Qatar Airways , Singapore Airlines , Turkish Airlines , United Airlines , Land Route

Price drop guarantee on Korea flights

We offer price drop guarantee on all airline tickets to Korea. If the price of the exact same flights and dates drops after your purchase, we offer up to C$ 100 as a future travel credit which can be used to purchase any flight in the future with NanakFlights.

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