Top 10 holidays of life time. Find Best countries and places to visit in the World.

In our daily tiresome life of work and related stress, we seldom find quality time for ourselves, to indulge in activities and exploring what we really like and what rejuvenates our mind. Holidaying or vacation come as the top most choice in the list. Truly, a vacation lets us experience wonders of the world in unprecedented ways and appreciate varied customs and local rituals in open mind. However, this is a big world and it can turn out to be quite challenging to find find that one place which shall overwhelm you beyond words. This is a big beautiful world with endless options. However, we have tried to pick the best of vacation spots where you should set your feet not only to relax but also to marvel at the beauty of nature!

World famous monuments

1. New Zealand


The sparsely populated country is a serene escape for many who want to enjoy some lone time away from the maddening crowd of a city. Serene Moutains, highly densed forests, lakes, beaches and fiords (apt for hiking which locals refer to as Tramping) and plethora of activity awaits you as you venture into the wilderness of the vast landmass. Thanks to lesser population and helping locals, traveling in New Zealand is a treat with swinging roads, great and hygienic food stores as well as timely public commute options. Explore the cities of Auckland, famed for museums, Art galleries and the coastal walks or ‘Global Adventure Capital’ the Queens town. You can also explore the blue penguin' colony at Oamaru or wonder at the historical context of Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

The legendary All Black Rugby Team of NZ is an all conquering lot. The Māori players marvel in the field s well as in the expanse of the country where Māori culture is celebrated in language, art, tattoos, main-street marae (meeting houses), hangi (Māori feast) and many more. Their Haka or war dance is a treat to the eyes. With Pacific waves surrounding the island nation from everywhere, the Kiwis have found pleasure in cooking up delicacies like paua, kina and kumara which is called sweet potato. The wineries of the country (sublime pinot noir and sauvignon blanc) as well as best craft beer can put others on shame. The boiled British Sunday roast surely has come across many centuries of transformation.

2. Australia


Does your soul long for wide open space with a choice of natural wonders ranging from pristine beaches or vast deserts? Are you the quintessential son of a city? The skyline gets higher and you feel better? Head nowhere else but Australia. This island nation, situated at the heart of Pacific ocean, houses few of the bustling cities of the world, namely Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Life cannot get any better when it come to urban living. Once done with the thrills of a modern life, in search of peace, feel free to head to the beaches or hike up to one of the multiple waterfalls whose grandeur is going to last for a lifetime with you.

The azure sea surrounding s full of corals. They are as colorful as the populace the country houses. The cosmopolitan culture has more than one forth of the population being born out of the country and settled here for a promising career. Global art, intellectual endeavors, and cuisine has evolved to a new high within due to a long history of the nation. A large population is the descendants of the ethnic aboriginal population. Emphasis has been given to show case their culture and ancient way of life, wise with the wisdom learnt from natural habitat.

While visiting Australia, we strongly recommend you to visit Cocos Islands, enriched with beautiful Coral atolls, Kangaroo Island, noting less than a paradise for those seeking to soak in the wonder of nature, the famed Christmas Island where millions of red crab migrates annually among the major places of interests. If you like mountains, head south to the Blue Mountains. The Dandenong range is an essential in the list for the picturesque gardens at the lap of hillocks.

3. South Africa


From the house of Africa comes the most influential player that excels not only in economy but also in culture, populace and multiple touristy offerings with well developed infrastructure. For anyone willing to explore the continent of Africa, South Africa is the best place to start from. House to both extreme opulence and severe poverty, South Africa has the world class cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as rural areas struggling to life with N aids. Amid the chaos stand still thousand years of history, starting from the Khoisan tribes. The nomadic tribes had reigned the region till the Portuguese arrived on the shore of what they famously named the Cape of Good Hope. The colonial era of British started soon after. Till date, a visitor shall be able to see the waves of history that had rocked the sea of culture, strongly grounded on local customs.

We recommend you to visit the cities with time for they show case the rich culture assimilated in the country over a long period of time. Pretoria is the capital of the country however a popular choice in South Africa is the city of Cape Town. It is situated by the sea, near the historical landmark the cape of good hope. For a wine connoisseur, a lot of day trips to the famous south African wineries are available. The city is bejeweled as it lits up every night, nestled between the table mountain and the Atlantic.

The post city of Durban is a beautiful coastal city. So is the city of Port Elizabeth. To experience the diamonds head to New Castle or Kimberley. However the true spirit of South Africa resides in the natural parks of the country, housing a plethora of flora and fauna. Do list The Kruger National Park or Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (at the heart of Kalahari desert) in your bucket list. One of the popular attraction, also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, is The Cradle of Humankind, near Johannesburg, exhibiting the first traces of mankind dating back to primitive era.

4. China and Tibet


The largest country from Eastern Asia and most populous in the world, People's republic of China is an obvious choice for a traveler who wants to soak in the glory of an ancient culture that has arose as the strongest economy in the world.

It is no wonder that the 5000 years old civilization has marveled ancient travelers like Marco Polo and Gottfried Leibniz, voyaging through the Great Silk Road. Their written account is a historical document. Numerous kings have reigns the region. Different parts of the vast country. Today, China is home to more than 56 ethnic cultural groups. Largest ethnic group of the country is Han, who comprises of 90% or more of the population. A visit to the multicultural and diverse country with huge economic spike in society is bound to leave you overwhelmed. However it is a must for the diverse culture is a treat to the eyes and mind.

To observe China at its prowess best, we recommend you to visit during the Chinese New Year or the Labor Day celebration that spans across a week in every region. The capital of the country is Bejing, with culture exhibit in galore. You may also visit Guangzhou, one of the prosperous and liberal cities down south, near to Hong Kong."Epitome of China", the city of Yangzhou has a history that spans over 2500years and shows immense historical heritage. Public transport is available in abundance and may be availed by bus or train or flight. However please be advised of an unprecedented crowd. The great country has every corner to marvel you with distinct culture and varied nature however we recommend a visit to the great wall of China, Hainan, the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve and a view of Mount Everest among man other activities.

From China a quick escapade to Tibet is highly recommended for the nation, situated on the highest plateau in the world, is a serene land, often appearing as a out of the world experience. the ethnic culture of the state is easily distinguished by the varied practice. A life in the mountain with the monks is a prized memory. The state is culturally, historically and linguistically exclusively Tibetan. The period has civil unrest is sporadic till date and the communist government has rebuilt many of the pagodas and Buddhist temples that show semblance to normalcy.

5. India

Taj Mahal

The great expanse of the country whose history traces back to more than 5000 years has plenty to offer for all your senses. You be a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover, a cultural traveler, India is the ultimate escapade for you. The country differs greatly in topological formation from one state to other and require multiple visits from you to immerse in the beauty completely. The magnificent Himalaya expands from the valley of Kashmir to the remote wilderness of Arunachal Pradesh and it houses multiple wildlife, unique to the land as well as tribes. the local customs and rituals vary widely with that of the plain land. The peninsula of India runs across 6000 miles with bay of Bengal on the East and Arabian Sea on the West. The Nilgiri mountain ranges in the south make a beautiful show during monsoon.

The rich history from the Vedic age with addition with the Moghuls as well as the British Ra era has contributed immensely in the historical and cultural manifestation. The capital city Delhi as well as the major cities of Kolkata, Mumbai (erstwhile known as Bombay) and Chennai down south are emblem of culture and a bustling life. Indian food is often distinctive for the use of of dairy product, specially while making the sweets. Usage of coconut is prevalent in the coastal area as well as Kerala cuisine. The Mughlai dishes coming out straight from the Nawab's royal kitchen, the Chicken Tandooris and the Biryani (an aromatic rice cooked to perfection with lamb meat) continues to humble till date. India is also home to few of the largest and grandest river of the world (Ganges, Bramhaputra). Life evolved by the rivers and they easily found place in the religious sculpture. A visit to Varanasi in incumbent to understand what role the rivers play in daily Indian lives.

6. South America


South America, often referred to as the Latin America with pride and love, is surely a continent of superlatives. It takes a lifetime and even more to explore the vast land to the great extent. On offer for a tourist here are the likes of the mighty river of Amazon, the Andes range of tall mountains, remote islands of Galapagos Islands, Easter Island and Fernando de Noronha, pristine beaches by South Pacific, Caribbean, and the South Atlantic Oceans, the wilderness of a desert named Atacama, beautiful snow clad vast land of Patagonia and many many more. With the wonders of nature we can also find trail of ancient civilization by the Incas. The whole of the world has come together and mixed in a whirlpool of civilization over the years, churning out a heritage that is diverse and harmonized at the same time.

Once you have soaked in the glory of nature and history, to unwind choose one from the many cites that bears the best of urban lifestyle: Sao Paulo, Lima, Buenos Aires,Caracas, Bogota, Santiago, and Rio de Janeiro. Please be advised Spanish is widely spoken in the countries of the region. Aboriginal people speak their own language. Please keep that n mind in trodding into an off the beaten track. The continent is huge and commute from one country to the other may be a challenge and slow at times.

7. Egypt


Seat of an ancient civilization that overwhelms everyone across the globe with the perfect poise of Sphinx till date, Egypt as a travel destination is bound to leave you spellbound. The foundation of it was built years ago. Ever since multiple rulers have reigned the nation. The serpentine course of the Nile river with sparse deserts as well as the magnificent Pyramids will leave you enchanted. A visit during Ramadan, the grand festival of the country will treat you with the best of gastronomic choices.

The capital city of Cairo not only houses the Giza Pyramids but also few of the best museums of the world that show cases eventual progress of civilization. The notable Islamic architecture of the city is a treat to the eye. Do visit Alexandria to understand how ancient Egypt had tied up with Mediterranean. Luxor happens to be one of the oldest city in the earth and also referred to as the gateway to the Valley of the Kings.

8. Morocco


The beautiful country of Morocco is situated by the azure blue North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It shares border with Algeria, Mediterranean Coast line, and is houses by the strait of Gibraltar. Even though ethnic Arab and Berbers has populated the country from time immemorial, Morocco has a history of French colonization. The remains of which can be found till date in the prominent cities, including the capital Rabat.

Famed by the movie, the city of Casablanca is situated by the sea. Visit their to soak in the glorious architecture the mosques of Media and the new one are built after. However the endeared traveler's choice remain Marrakech, which is a combination of old and new Morocco. There are souks. there are the ruins of Median the old city. The bustling city is a treat for the tourists and offers plenty of good restaurants. Once you are sated with the city lives you may head to the coastal towns of Agadir or Essaouira.

9. Cradle of Incas


The Machu Picchu valley is of paramount importance in the region not only for historical remains but also a space to wonder where ancient civilizations has elevated in the days of yore. It is situated near Peru. The Inca trail is well covered touristy area. You may want to tag along with many of the tourist companies or plan a route by your own. From Lima, the capital city, you are required to fly to Cusco. Machu Picchu, referred to as "the lost City of the Incas" is situated atop Andes, exhibiting the spectacular ruins. The topology had saved the city from Spanish vandalism. Rightly crowned as a World Unesco Heritage site, the old city is considered to a a sacred place among the locals and holds immense cultural importance. The primary building in the sanctuary are the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, and the Room of the Three Windows. The hike or the trail through the hills make you witness multiple old Inca watch Towers. You will find a colorful school of butterflies while climbing the hill.

10. Brazil & Argentina


Argentina is one of the largest counties of the world with Buenos Aires, or Capital Federal being the capital city. The country houses sprawling La Pampa region, rich in floral diversity. Expect to soak in history and natural wonders alike while visiting this enchanting country. For those who appreciate wines, visit Mendoza, the primary winery of the region. San Juan should be in your radar too. Rosario is a beautiful city famous for neoclassical architecture, To mesmerize your mind take a glance at the street map of the city of La Plata, also referred to as the perfect city. Visit El Calafate while treading on the path of the Glaciers National Park for ethereal scenery. I personally loved the Nahuel Huapi National Park, rich in lakes, rivers, waterfalls, peaks, glaciers and forests. Do not forget to visit the southern most city of the world, Ushuaia. A visit to a football show, the game with prowess the nation is widely known for, is highly recommended while visiting Argentina.

While talking about football it will be blasphemy if we do not venture into the wilderness of Brazil. The quintessential winner of multiple world cup, the country will exhilarate you with vibrancy well observed on the street. The indigenous people live here and form the major chunk of population. Apart from show casing the world with amazing cities like Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro, it also houses the rain forest of Amazon by the river Amazon. Many of the cities are situated by the beach and offer spectacular nightlife. Take for example, Recfice or Fortaleza. Do visit Manaus, at the heart of Amazon where the rivers Negro and Solimões meet to become the Amazonas River. For Eco tourism and natural bio diversity, a visit to Pantanal and Chapada Diamantina National Park is a must. All these, of course, once you have covered the incredible greens of Amazonia!

This is a big beautiful world. Without a doubt there lies a lot many wonders. Some are carefully carved by nature. Some of them are man-made. As civilization progress we either build or destroy. With a little push from government and scholarly researchers we are thankfully protecting a lot more these days than destroying.

Based on my personal experience I have conjured up the list. However, I am sure there are plethora of places around the globe where I have never set the my feet. In case you have any suggestion or want to add your recommendation to the aforesaid list please feel free to write in the comment section. I would love to hear from you. Happy traveling.

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