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NanakFlights offers cheap flights from Canada to anywhere in the World. We partner with hundreds of Airlines and travel suppliers to offer best flight deals to you from Canada. We have thousands of satisfied customers from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Victoria, Fort mcmurray, Winnipeg and Saskatoon who have purchased cheapest Canadian plane tickets from us.

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NanakFlights offers cheap tickets to domestic and international destinations. Our Proprietary Flight booking engine searches every market and displays up to 500 lowest flight options to the customers. If you find any cheaper fare on any of the competition web site or Airline web site, We will do price match and will offer you same price plus $5 gas card reward. We have partnered with every major airline in Canada so that we can offer unbeatable airfares to our clients. We are also member of IATA and TICO so all your travel purchase is protected by TICO laws. We are highly reputed Airline ticket center providing travel services to hundreds of walk-ins customers from Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Malton, Bolton, Milton, Hamilton, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby areas. We do not charge any service fee on Airline's Published fares. We sell Economy, Premium Economy, First and Business class seats. Our mission is to offer excellent travel experience and best customer service to our customers at low prices.

Four Ways to Save Money on Airline Tickets

Everybody wants to save money on their airline tickets, and there are many good ways to go about it. The following are four of the best ideas to achieve this.

Buy tickets during lower domestic demand times

Obviously when there is less demand for air travel, you will have a better chance at discount prices, but the trick is knowing when this is. For traveling inside of Canada, you will want to travel during the weekdays and avoid both weekends and holidays.

There are lower demand times for international destinations too

For International travel, things can be tricky. You need to understand the country you are visiting. Avoiding holidays is important, but many countries have a tourist season, and this can vary depending upon factors such as location and climate. Australia, for example, is located in the southern hemisphere, so their summer is during Canada's winter. You may find that ticket prices are lower during Canada's summer months. Also, in areas of Southeast Asia, there are monsoon seasons where air travel is cheaper.

Understand all of the extra fees

There are many fees that can be charged along with the price of your ticket, so it is easy to think you have a great deal, until you factor in these extra fees. You are probably aware of baggage fees, but the problem is that they can be different from one airline to another. We provide all this information. Fees may also be charged for pets brought on board, especially a small one that you may not think is a problem.

Use your phone

Often an airline will offer last minute deals to fill empty seats on an airplane. You need to use a trusted travel agency like our and we offer discount flights on the phone. We have exclusive deals that you will not be able to find elsewhere.

As you can see, saving money takes some work; however, a lot of this work becomes easier once you use a trusted travel agency like us. We have all of the information you require to get those good deals. Exclusive deals are an important part of this. If there are other services that accompany travel tickets, such as hotels and car rentals, this is a bonus; sometimes you can save money by purchasing a package deal.

Today's best flight deals & promotions from Canada

Departure March 22, Return March 29
Toronto to Vancouver from C$632
Toronto to Calgary from C$643
Toronto to London from C$834
Toronto to Paris from C$881
Toronto to Delhi from C$911
Departure March 21, Return March 28
Montreal to Vancouver from C$720
Montreal to Calgary from C$783
Montreal to London from C$871
Montreal to Paris from C$892
Montreal to Delhi from C$1041
Departure March 23, Return March 30
Ottawa to Vancouver from C$789
Ottawa to Calgary from C$823
Ottawa to London from C$851
Ottawa to Paris from C$879
Ottawa to Delhi from C$945
Departure March 23, Return March 31
Vancouver to Toronto from C$675
Vancouver to Calgary from C$231
Vancouver to London from C$894
Vancouver to Paris from C$872
Vancouver to Delhi from C$918
Departure March 22, Return March 29
Calgary to Toronto from C$709
Calgary to Montreal from C$831
Calgary to London from C$871
Calgary to Paris from C$890
Calgary to Delhi from C$941
Departure March 22, Return March 29
Edmonton to Toronto from C$861
Edmonton to Montreal from C$901
Edmonton to London from C$932
Edmonton to Paris from C$945
Edmonton to Delhi from C$1151

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