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Cheap flights to Fiji

When you book flights to Fiji, choose to fly with a variety of leading airlines like Qantas Airways, American Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, and Korean Air. Book your cheap flights to Fiji with departure locations including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto. Fiji flights arrive in the cities of Suva or Nadi. Flights from Canada to Fiji can be reserved with a variety of different airlines. However, it is important to note that you may be required to take connecting flights to help you reach your end destination. When you choose cheap flights to Fiji you may need to make at least one stop but it is more common to find flights that include two or more stops.

When you board flights from Canada to Fiji, expect to spend between 20 and 22 hours in the air, however, it could take as long as 34 hours. Book flights to Fiji with your favorite airline and enjoy the waiting time between flights by sipping on a refreshing cocktail as you admire the views from the airports in Fiji. If you have a longer layover, you could even explore the city or dip your toes in the ocean before heading back for your next flight.

About Fiji

Fiji is an archipelago that consists of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific ocean. Although each island is different, they share a few common features. These include crystal clear lagoons, stunning coral reefs, and beaches lined with palm trees. Although some of the smaller islands are less inhabited, the larger islands are filled with vibrant cultures and architecture. When you book flights to Fiji, take advantage of the bountiful ocean by going for a swim and catching your own fish. Although there are plenty of opportunities for adventure, cheap flights to Fiji will also allow you to explore the pristine beaches as well as a wide variety of markets and cultural centers.

There are three official languages spoken in Fiji, which makes communication more accessible. The vast majority of inhabitants speak English, Fijian, or Fijian Hindi. Reserve flights from Canada to Fiji to experience the diverse cultural backgrounds of the people who live there. Fiji is known for having a large percentage of inhabitants of Melanesian and Polynesian descent. However, there are also influences from China, India, and Europe.

When you book flights to Fiji there is no shortage of activities to keep you entertained. Visit Nadi and spend a magical afternoon strolling through the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Or spend some time looking at the wares for sale at the Nadi Handicraft Market. Alternatively, you could book a stay in Suva to visit the Fiji Museum. If you prefer to stay active, you could visit the Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve or watch a rugby game at Albert Park.

Getting around Fiji and various transportation facilities

Take Fiji flights to the two major airports in the region and choose connecting flights from any one of the 15 airports in the archipelago.

Rail and metro:
Unfortunately, there is no rail or metro system in Fiji, however, you may be able to enjoy a three hour trip on the Ecotrax rail-mounted electric assisted push bike carriages.

When you visit Fiji, choose to see the sights by renting a car, scooter, or bike or by jumping on a bus.

Fiji has a wide variety of cabs to choose from. These taxis are available in all major cities.

Although there are no ferries that will bring you to Fiji, you could take a ferry from one of the outlying islands to mainland Fiji.

Enjoy the picturesque coastline of Fiji by heading off on a cruise from any one of the Pacific Islands.

When to fly to Fiji

The climate in Fiji:
Choose cheap flights to Fiji to bask in the warm tropical climate. Temperatures throughout the year range between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius with dry winter and rainy summers.

October to March:
Fiji flights during the winter months will allow you to go on countless hikes or shopping trips. Alternatively, you could use this time to explore the beautiful cities.

April to September:
Head to Fiji in the summer to work on your swimming skills as you marvel at the ocean life and coral reefs. As soon as the rains come in you can spend some time in the museums in the area.

Airlines flying to Fiji and travel seasonality

Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Airlines flying to Fiji: American Airlines , Air Pacific , Korean Air , Air New Zealand , Qantas Airways

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