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Find cheapest flights to Iran on all major airlines including Air Canada, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Turkish Airline. There are no non-stops/direct flights to Iran from Canada. You can also book cheap flights to Iran from other Canadian airports using Air Canada and Westjet as connecting airlines via domestic cities in Canada.

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About Iran

Iran, which was formerly known as Persia, is a beautiful country in the Middle East. This country is bordered by Iraq, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, making it one of the most central destinations in the Middle East. Book tickets to Iran to experience the history of the Persian who once called this stretch of land home. You also have the opportunity to get to know the locals as you experiment with the cuisine in the region.

When you plan a trip to Iran, prepare for arrival in a location where Persian, also known as Farsi, is the language of choice. Fortunately, a large percentage of the population is able to speak Indo-European languages, which means that the chances of finding someone who speaks English are high.

Visit Iran to see the popular tourist attraction known as the Azadi Tower, a magnificent architectural feat that also features a museum and observation deck. Alternatively, you could visit Golestan Palace, a 16th-century monument that also boasts a museum in the citadel. In Shiraz, a visit to the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque is a must if you are interested in seeing the spectacular stained glass windows. Alternatively, you could treat yourself to a visit to Vakil Bazaar.

Plan a trip to Iran for an adventure at Water Waves Land. You could also explore the Tomb of Nader Shah or the Imam Reza Shrine. Finally, you could head to Isfahan to see the iconic arched Si-o-se-pol bridge. Or you could head over to Chehel Sotoun, which is a 17th-century pavilion with a park and breathtaking pool.

Getting around Iran and various transportation facilities

Flights to Iran arrive at one of 4 different airports spread, however, there are connecting flights to other parts of Europe and the Middle East..

Rail and metro:
There is an expansive network throughout Iran that makes travel simple. Once you reach Tehran, you can use the metro for a convenient means to get around the city.

Although you can rent a car to get you around Iran, you may find that it is more convenient to use a different means of transportation throughout the country.

If you are visiting Iran, you may find that a cab is one of the easiest forms of transport in the area.

Travel to Iran via a ferry from Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Set sail on a cruise to Iran that embarks from Iraq or Afghanistan to enjoy the Middle East coast.

When to fly to Iran

The climate in Iran:
Iran has a hot and dry climate. Summers are often very warm and long while the winters are temperate and short. Plan your trip to Iran at any time of the year to enjoy the average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

October to March:
Book cheap flights to Iran in the summer to enjoy the beautiful beaches and water activities that will help you cool off. Alternatively, you could visit the markets and treat yourself to a refreshing snack.

April to September:
Travel to Iran during the winter months are perfect for those of you who would like to get to know the wildlife. With the respite from the heat, you have the opportunity to go on hikes and see the outdoor museums and historical sights.

Airlines flying to Iran and travel seasonality

Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Airlines flying to Iran: Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, BMI British Midland, Air China, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Iran Air, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic

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