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Cheap flights to St Lucia

When you travel on our flights from Canada to St Lucia you will be able to tailor all aspects of your journey. Not only will you be able to choose the airline that you are going to be traveling with but you will also be able to set your departure destination to the location that is most convenient for you.

You could fly from Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, or Saskatoon. After you book flights to St Lucia you can expect to arrive at Hewanorra International Airport in St Lucia. After this, it is key to choose the airline that has the best cheap flights to St Lucia. Fly with airlines like American Airlines, WESTJET, Air Canada, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, or BWIA CARIBBEAN AIRLINES.

Our cheap flights to St Lucia usually take around 9 hours and 5 minutes to reach the destination. However, flights from Canada to St Lucia could take as long as 15 hours and 50 minutes before they land. Before you book flights to St Lucia it is important to note that there are no direct flights to this destination, therefore you should prepare yourself for a few layovers.

About St Lucia

St Lucia is a charming Caribbean island nation, which is known for the two majestic mountains that taper to an impressive summit. Book flights to St Lucia to enjoy the ultimate tropical getaway that is characterized by long days on the beach, treks to waterfalls hidden in the jungles or strolls through the port cities. Our flights from Canada to St Lucia allow you to take advantage of the Caribbean hospitality while enjoying a journey that is off the beaten track.

Reserve cheap flights to St Lucia, to enjoy a trip to a country where the official language is English and French. This country also has several secondary languages, the most popular of which is French Creole.

When you book flights to St Lucia you arrive at the international airport. From here you will have a wide variety of options available to you. Firstly, you could visit Soufriere where you can have lunch in one of the quaint little restaurants before you head into the streets to see the colonial architecture. In Rodney Bay, you are able to get a taste of life in St Lucia, go for a walk on the marina or spend your days on the volcanic beaches. Alternatively, you could head to Pigeon Island for a hike before you see the vibrant ocean life on a snorkeling tour.

Getting around St Lucia and various transportation facilities

Cheap flights to St Lucia arrive at the major international airport in St Lucia. However, there are several smaller airports in the area that are ideal for connecting flights.

Rail and metro:
Although there are no metro lines in St Lucia, you will be able to navigate your way across the island by boarding a train.

After St Lucia flights, you could hire a car however, you may find that it is more convenient to use public transport.

Although cabs are fairly common in the larger cities in St Lucia, you may struggle to find one in rural areas.

St Lucia is an excellent destination for those who are taking the ferry from the Dominican Republic or any one of the smaller Caribbean islands.

When you head off on a cruise around the Caribbean, St Lucia is the ideal end destination.

When to fly to St Lucia

The climate in St Lucia:
If you choose St Lucia flights, you may find that the climate is similar to most other countries in the Caribbean in the sense that it experiences warm tropical weather. Although the winters are short and rainy and the summers are incredibly humid, visitors rarely find the temperature rises above 31 degrees celsius.

October to March:
St Lucia flights during the winter are perfect if you prefer spending your time indoors, as it is common for hurricanes to hit at this time. However, there will be some respite from the rain, this time is perfect for going for a hike.

April to September:
Those of you who enjoy hikes, cycling and swimming often find that the best time to visit St Lucia is during the summer.

Airlines flying to St-Lucia and travel seasonality

Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Airlines flying to St-Lucia: American Airlines , Air Canada , BWIA CARIBBEAN AIRLINES, Delta Air Lines , United Airlines , WESTJET

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Price drop guarantee on St-Lucia flights

We offer price drop guarantee on all airline tickets to St-Lucia. If the price of the exact same flights and dates drops after your purchase, we offer up to C$ 100 as a future travel credit which can be used to purchase any flight in the future with NanakFlights.

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