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Cheap flights to Bermuda

Treat yourself to a travel experience you are unlikely to forget by reserving your seat on one of our flights from Canada to Bermuda. Whether you decide to depart from Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, AbbotsFord, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, or Kelowna you will be able to find the perfect Bermuda flights that cater to all of your travel needs.

Generally, our flights from Canada to Bermuda take around six hours to reach the final destination. Our cheap flights to Bermuda reach Bermuda after a stop or two, but you may be lucky enough to find a direct flight to this stunning location.

If you still need a reason to choose our flights from Canada to Bermuda then the wide variety of airlines that are available when you book flights to Bermuda should do the trick. Fly with American Airlines, WESTJET, Air Canada, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines for a journey that is a step up from the rest.

About Bermuda

Bermuda is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean that is officially considered to be a British Territory. Book flights to Bermuda to experience the unique beaches that occur in breathtaking shades of pink. Alternatively, you could choose cheap flights to Bermuda and spend your days snorkeling in the warm waters as you admire the coral reefs and abundant wildlife that call the ocean their home. This region is also known for the distinct blend of British and American cultures that can be experienced in the larger cities.

Once you reserve flights from Canada to Bermuda you can sit back and relax as there are no complexities regarding communication as the official language in the region is English. This is due to the fact that Bermuda is a British Territory. Although English is the only official language, many locals also speak Portuguese.

Once you book flights to Bermuda you arrive at the main airport, you then have the option to visit a variety of destinations spread throughout the island country. In Hamilton city, you could take advantage of the vibrant nightlife as you lose yourself to the music in one of the dance clubs. Alternatively, you could head over to Horseshoe Bay to go for a swim and spend some time on the beach. If you aren’t one for outdoor activities, visit the National Museum of Bermuda to learn more about the rich history of the region. Finally, you may want to round off your trip with a stop at the Crystal Cave where you can see a wide variety of natural wonders in the cave system.

Getting around Bermuda and various transportation facilities

When you board Bermuda flights you will be delivered to the international airport.

Rail and metro:
Although there was once a fairly extensive rail line on the island of Bermuda, it was converted to a walking trail in the 1950s.

When you visit Bermuda you could take a bus, or you could rent a car or scooter and travel on your own.

If you prefer to be driven, hail a cab in any one of the major cities in the region.

Take a ferry to Bermuda from the United States of America, Jamaica or the Bahamas.

Bermuda is a popular destination for cruises from Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, or Cuba.

When to fly to Bermuda

The climate in Bermuda:
Book cheap flights to Bermuda to take enjoy the sub-tropical climate that is characterized by three seasons. A period of hot and dry weather followed by a few months of humidity and rain and finally a hurricane season. The temperature in Bermuda remains stable throughout the year with a yearly average that fluctuates between 22 and 29 degrees Celsius.

October to March:
If you reserve Bermuda flights during the rainy winter season you may want to spend your time exploring the museums, caves and other historical sites in the region. Alternatively, you could head into the city for a shopping and dining extravaganza.

April to September:
A trip to Bermuda in the summer is ideal if you would like to spend your days in the sun and sea. Whether you enjoy extreme water sports like skiing or wakeboarding or you would like to go on a boat trip, the options are endless.

Airlines flying to Bermuda and travel seasonality

Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Airlines flying to Bermuda: American Airlines , Air Canada , Delta Air Lines , United Airlines , WESTJET

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Price drop guarantee on Bermuda flights

We offer price drop guarantee on all airline tickets to Bermuda. If the price of the exact same flights and dates drops after your purchase, we offer up to C$ 100 as a future travel credit which can be used to purchase any flight in the future with NanakFlights.

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