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Cheap flights to the Dominican Republic

Cheap flights to the Dominican Republic are a good option if you are looking for the best flights from Canada to the Dominican Republic. Not only are affordable but they are also available from several convenient locations throughout Canada.

You also have the option to book flights to the Dominican Republic with top airlines like American Airlines, WESTJET, Air Canada, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, Air France, Air Transat, Avianca, Lanchile, Copa Air Lines, Emerald Airways, or Delta Air Lines.

Before you reserve your seats on our cheap flights to the Dominican Republic, you could decide to depart from Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec, or Edmonton. Our flights from Canada to the Dominican Republic will deliver you to exciting locations like Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Samana, Punta Cana, or Santiago, book flights to the Dominican Republic to see these destinations for yourself.

About the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola and can be found towards the eastern side of Haiti, which is on the same stretch of land. As a key colony of Spain, the Dominican Republic has a history that dates back to the 1600s. Book flights to the Dominican Republic to explore the historic port cities, sprawling rainforests, and diverse landscapes. When you visit this island country you should enjoy a game of baseball at one of the stadiums before you treat yourself to the delicious cuisine that is iconic in the region.

As a former Spanish colony, it is not surprising that the official language is Spanish. Locals also speak a dialect that is known as Dominican Spanish, which is significantly influenced by African and Creole languages. Make use of our cheap flights to the Dominican Republic, to experience this unique dialect.

Our flights from Canada to the Dominican Republic arrive at one of five major airports in the region. If you arrive in Santiago, head to the metropolitan park to take a trip on one of the cable cars or visit the zoo. In Santo Domingo, you could visit the Los Tres Ojos limestone caves to see the crystal clear lagoons. Or you may want to visit the limestone mausoleum called The Pantheon of the Dominican Republic.

Alternatively, you could book flights to the Dominican Republic that arrive in Punta Cana. Located in the picturesque coastal region, you could take a swim in the blue waters or visit Hoyo Azul to go on a zip line adventure. Puerto Plata is another great location if you enjoy watersports. Enjoy snorkeling at Playa Dorada or head to the ocean adventure park. Finally, you should stop over in Samana, where you can enjoy a meal with a view of the water or swim in the pools below one of the cascading waterfalls.

Getting around the Dominican Republic and various transportation facilities

Cheap flights to the Dominican Republic bring you to one of the five best airports on the island.

Rail and metro:
Sadly, rail transport in the Dominican Republic is reserved for industrial needs. However, you will be able to take a metro train when you visit the city of Santo Domingo.

Once Dominican Republic flights arrive, you could rent a car, however, a scooter or motorcycle may make things easier as you continue your journey.

Generally, you will be able to find a cab in all of the large cities in the Dominican Republic.

Take a ferry to the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico.

Begin your journey to the Dominican Republic from the ports in Cuba, Jamaica, or the Bahamas.

When to fly to the Dominican Republic

The climate in the Dominican Republic:
When you reserve a seat on Dominican Republic flights you should expect to find yourself in a country with a tropical climate that also experiences a distinct rainy season that is characterized by hurricanes. On most days the temperatures will not rise above 25 degrees Celsius, however, it might be slightly colder during the rainy season.

October to March:
Be sure to select Dominican Republic flights during the summer if you are interested in going for plenty of walks, swimming in the waters, and taking part in adrenaline-boosting activities.

April to September:
Visit the Dominican Republic during the rainy winter season to enjoy the museums in the area as well as the outstanding restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Airlines flying to Dominican-Republic and travel seasonality

Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Airlines flying to Dominican-Republic: American Airlines , Air Canada , Air France , Avianca , Copa Air Lines, Delta Air Lines , Frontier Airlines , Emerald Airways , Lanchile , Air Transat , United Airlines , WESTJET

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