Cheap Flights to Tunisia

Tunisia has six international airports. Most likely, you may land at the Tunis-Carthage International Airport (TUN). The airfares to Tunisia often depends on the month and season you choose to holiday. Transavia and Air France frequently offer the best deals on Tunis flights.

March to July are the cheapest times to travel to Tunisia. Though it could be pretty hot and baking if you are planning to be in the desert and Sahara towns. Spring is slow for tourism, which makes it the best time to travel for those looking for deals. Lodging and other accommodation costs also drop down as compared to the peak season.


Ever since Antiquity, Tunisia has a rich cultural history. While some may see Tunisia as a thin wedge of North Africa’s vast horizontal expanse, its diverse natural beauty and history can easily pack a country many times its size.

It does not matter whether you like wandering around monuments from the Roman times or a pure beach holiday, this northernmost African country has it all. With a sand-fringed Mediterranean coast scented with sea breezes and jasmine, Roman ruins, Arabic Andalus, Ottoman influence and the Sahara Desert, Tunisia is prime territory for a straightforward sea, sun and sand holiday.

Beyond all that, it is an underrated thrilling destination where incredible extremes of landscape and distinct cultures can be explored in just a few days. It is time to plan your holiday in Tunisia!

Cheap Flights to Tunisia

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Tunisia (TUN).

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Tunisia

We have negotiated the best deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Tunisia (TUN). Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Tunisia (TUN).

  • Air Canada uses Frankfurt hub to fly to Tunisia.
  • United airline uses its US gateways (ORD/IAH/DCA) and then connecting via Frankfurt hub to fly to Tunisia.
  • Lufthansa uses its Frankfurt hub to fly to Tunisia.
  • Delta/Air France and KLM uses its Europe hubs of Amsterdam and Paris to fly to Tunisia.
  • Turkish uses its Istanbul hub to fly to Tunisia.
  • Alitalia uses its hub in Rome (FCO) to fly to Tunisia.

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What To Do in Tunisia

What To Do in Tunisia

North Africa’s most easy-going city is the best introduction to the Maghreb region. From adventurous activities to stunning old architecture and scrumptious food, Tunis’ exotic appeal combined with its laid-back atmosphere makes it an excellent destination for all kinds of travellers. Every Arab city revolves around its old town or medina and that is the same in Tunis. Hence, visiting the Old Medina of Tunis must be on your to-do list.

You can stumble onto the glorious monumental relics, embrace the chaos of the souk and take a breather in the uptight palaces on Sidi Brahim. Head to La Goulette, the city’s port suburb that is set between the ocean and the Lake of Tunis sparkling in the blazing sun. If you are in Tunis during Ramadan, you may call yourself the luckiest person alive. Moreover, for all history lovers, the Carthage Archaeological Site is a place you will never want to leave.

Top Restaurants In Tunisia That You’ll love

Tunisian culture is a symbol of the cultural wealth, originality and identity. The alleyways of the Medina where former palaces are now home to restaurants open up thousands of dining options for visitors. Seafood and French styled modern cuisine can be relished on the city’s coastline. There are a number of places in Tunis that can easily capture the flavour of this North African city.

Le Grand Café du Theatre

Le Grand Café du Theatre is where you can drink coffee while overlooking at the hustle and bustle of the busy avenue under the parasols of the vast terrace. Here you need to eat European style snacks including freshly made pancakes, pasta, pizzas and club sandwiches.

Dar Slah

A short walk away from Government Square is Dar Slah along Kasbah Street.

El Ali

Make sure to catch on some sumptuous lunch brimming over with tradition at El Ali. This place has transformed from a burned down residential building to a venue where gastronomy and culture live in harmony.

Transportation options in Tunisia

Tunisia has a number of transportation options to service its sizable tourist trade. Tunis is the largest city having the largest port and the centre of the transport system. Once you have arrived, getting around both between cities and within Tunis is simple by opting for a number of modes of transport.

Tunis has a light rail system. The rail links with the neighbouring countries of Algeria via the Ghardimaou-Souk Ahras line and another connection to Tébessa.
Public Transport
Visitors can utilise country’s extensive public transport methods, which are not only affordable but are also comfortable. The long-distance and local transport system in Tunisia consists of rail, bus, collective and individual taxis
The major cities are all linked by road throughout the country’s interior. International connectivity is also great as the Trans-African Highway network passes through Tunisia, linking it to North African nations including Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt and to other West African nations.

Top Hotels In Tunisia where you can Stay

Dar HI, Nefta

If you are a lover of stark and modern designs, Dar HI, Nefta is where you need to drop your bags.

Dar El Medina

Another option is a converted Ottoman-era villa, the Dar El Medina at Tunis. The furnished rooms are constructed around a limestone courtyard.

Dar Dhiafa

The Dar Dhiafa, Djerba is one of the most reputed hotels. A Moorish-style guesthouse is a feast of cupolas, arches, and passageways

Andalusian Palace

For the lovers of architectural masterpieces, Andalusian palace is your place to be at.

Mövenpick Gammarth

The Mövenpick Gammarth at Tunis is a massive resort hotel with verdant lawns and fortress-like white walls shaded by date palms, dropping down to a private beach.

Hotel Salammbô’s

The last but not the least is Hotel Salammbô’s. Its atmospheric murals lead to unintentionally shabby-chic and spic-and-span rooms

Weather in Tunisia

The Mediterranean climate is predominant on the Tunisian territory. It enjoys dry, hot summers and mild wet winters. The weather in the months of October to May is the best as the average temperature ranges from 12° C to 28° C. October to December marks golden sunshine and warm seas making coastal holidays perfect. However the further south you travel, the hotter and drier it gets towards the Sahara desert. The arid Sahara areas can easily go for years without rain altogether.

March through May are the spring months and are great as visitors get to witness riotous explosions of wildflowers that span all over the countryside. The apricot season is at its height and the fields in the north paint a picture of blooming poppies.

Weather in Tunisia