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Cheap Flights to Tehran

Find cheap flights to Tehran on all major airlines from Canada with NanakFlights. The beautiful city of Tehran is a passageway to the lustrous Persian history combined with all the modern changes that add to the allure of the metropolis. If you are taking a trip to Tehran, then it’s important that you cover some gems of this city including Azadi Tower, National Museum of Iran and more.

The best time to visit Tehran is anywhere between April and September. The warm weather would add to your comfort and give you a chance to enjoy the lush greenery that is sprawled all around the city. The cheapest flights are available during the month of November all the way through February. If you are bookworm then you must visit Tehran in June as this is the month when the city hosts the famous Tehran International Book Festival.

We offer best deals on cheap flights to Tehran from all Canadian cities including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Halifax, Winnipeg, Fort Mcmurray all around the year.

Cheap Ticket Deals to Tehran

Cheap flight deals to Tehran from Canada. Displayed fares are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

Departure Date
Return Date
Average Price
Toronto Tehran Sept 18, 2019 Oct 20, 2019 C$ 1550
Montreal Tehran May 19, 2019 June 02, 2019 C$ 1430
Ottawa Tehran May 15, 2019 May 28, 2019 C$ 1575
Vancouver Tehran May 13, 2019 May 25, 2019 C$ 1875
Calgary Tehran May 11, 2019 May 29, 2019 C$ 1775
Edmonton Tehran May 18, 2019 May 30, 2019 C$ 1780
Winnipeg Tehran April 30, 2019 May 10, 2019 C$ 1840
Halifax Tehran May 17, 2019 June 08, 2019 C$ 1735

Travel to Tehran, Iran

The vibrant and beautiful capital of Iran, Tehran is famous all over the world for its hospitality and customs. Located in the north-centre of Iran, this city is the political, economic and cultural hub of the country. Packed with museums, monuments, parks and welcoming burghers, Tehran is a great destination to visit with your family and friends. On your trip to Tehran, embrace the National Museum of Iran, the Treasury of the National Jewels and Golestan Palace. The Crown Jewels of Iran offers a grand look at the largest collection of crown jewels, whereas the collection of expensive Persian rugs awaits at the National Rug Gallery.

In every part of the city, lushly maintained parks and outdoor spaces welcome visitors and locals with open arms. These green spaces can be found across the big buildings that define city’s skyline. One can sit in these parks and soak up the myriad of contrasts- nature and development, rich and poor- modern and historic that form Tehran. The city hosts one of the most important publishing events in Asia known as Tehran International Book Fair.

Tehran Iran

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Tehran (IKA), Iran.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Tehran

We have negotiated the best deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Tehran (IKA), Iran . Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Tehran (IKA) in Iran.

  • Air Canada connects via Vienna and Frankfurts hubs to fly to Tehran in Iran.
  • Delta uses Amsterdam and Paris hubs to fly to Tehran.
  • Austrian airline uses its Vienna hub to fly to Tehran.
  • Lufthansa uses its Frankfurt and Vienna hubs to fly to Tehran.
  • Air France uses its Paris hub to fly to Tehran in Iran.
  • Qatar airline uses its Doha hub to fly to Tehran in Iran.
  • British airways uses its London hub to fly to Tehran.
  • Turkish airline uses its Istanbul hub to connect to Tehran.
  • Alitalia airline uses its Rome hub to fly to Tehran.

Online booking to Tehran made easy

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Lowest Airfares to Tehran (IKA), Iran

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Price Drop Guarantee for Flights to Tehran (IKA)

If the cost of your air tickets drops after you purchase your tickets from us, we'll give you a 100 credit to spend on the next flight you book with us. Price drop guarantee and an assurance to get you lowest prices to Tehran (IKA) makes Nanak Flights your best travel agency.

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What To See/Do in Tehran

What To See/Do in Tehran

Tehran, a capital city has a wealth of cultural attractions. Tehran is home to some of the famous museums including National Museum of Iran, Glassware and Ceramics Museum, the Carpet Museum, Underglass Painting Museum, Safir Office Museum and Niavaran Place Complex. The Peacock Throne of the Persian Kings can be seen in Tehran’s Golestan Place. The Museum of Contemporary Art features work of great artists such as Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso.

This city is home to the Iranian Imperial Crown Jewel as well. The Imperial Crown Jewels of Persia is claimed to be the largest, most brilliant and precious jewel collection in the entire world. The collection consists of a set of thrones and crowns, 30 tiaras, jewel-stubbed swords, shields and a huge amount of precious loose gems.

Right in the middle of the city, the Grand Bazaar is a perfect place for a tourist to visit in Tehran. One of the oldest areas, this commercial hub is filled with history and there are some great restaurants dotted around that you must surely check out. Tajrish Bazaar is a small and pretty place, although prices here are higher. A visit to Tehran’s most iconic structure, The Milad Tower is necessary. It is the most prominent structure of the city’s skyline

Top Restaurants In Tehran (IKA) That You’ll love

The street food culture in Tehran is not exactly similar to the meals you may find in other parts of the world, but there are some exceptionally healthy options that must be sampled. What you try, however, depends on your time of visit, as each season brings with it something new. Iran is a mixture of ancient and modern culture and that has a direct impact on the food. You will find scrumptious traditional food and also global food that you can gorge on in Tehran.

Kebab Mansour

If you are looking to feast on some hot bread and kebab then Kebab Mansour is the place for you. One can enjoy baked bread and meat and tomatoes that are grilled to perfection over open flames. Other two dishes that you need to try out here are koobideh which is minced meat and joojehbaostakhoon or in simple terms chicken kebabs with bones.

Tajrish Bazar

This lunch cafeteria in Tajrish Bazar has a variety of great dishes that are served in great proportion in steel bowls and trays.

Transportation options in Tehran

You will praise the services on most forms of public transport in Tehran as they are frequent, fairly punctual and quite cheap. However, fares will rise by 20% during the weekend and public holiday likes Eid al-Fitr, NoRuz, etc.

Metros are a great option for the locals who are slowly being crushed by traffic. The metro network in the city is growing and similar systems are being built across the city.
Bus service in the city is quite impressive with cheap fares and variety of buses. More than 20 bus companies provide numerous services all over the city. Most of the buses are comfortable with cushioned seats and standing is not allowed.
Minibus, Local Buses & Bicycles
Being a compact city, getting around on a bike is a great way to explore the city. Another best way to explore this beautiful city is on foot. The central city is only two kilometres in diameter which means one can walk through one corner to another in 20 minutes.

Top Hotels In Tehran (IKA) where you can Stay

The vibrant city of Tehran has a lot to offer and in order to take in the charm of the city, it is important that you stay in a comfortable hotel that offers you a splendid view of the place. If you are an adventurous sort then you can also try couch surfing and instead of staying at hotels, you can actually mingle with the locals and get a first-hand experience of Iranian culture and hospitality. There are also budget hotels that you can try out for pocket-friendly trip.

Tehran Grand Hotel

If you are looking for a luxurious stay then Tehran Grand Hotel would best suit you. The rooms here have a lavish interior and the hotel offers other facilities like spa and sauna.

TajMahal Hotel

If you wish to get a taste of another great culture then you can choose to stay at TajMahal Hotel. Here your taste buds get to savour delicacies from both the countries.

Espina's Palace

Espina's palace is another hotel that offers grand treatment to its customers.

ParsianAzadi Hotel

The ParsianAzadi Hotel offers the most picturesque view of the city.

Weather in Tehran

The best time to visit Iran is during the September and October. In meantime, winter is best avoided because the temperature can become freezing. From March to May are high season in Tehran with beautiful climate for sightseeing. This season is considered as a peak season with higher prices on flight bookings.

From November till February are terribly cold especially in the hilly area of the north and west. Whereas, July and August are boiling hot with temperatures around 40s. September and October are also pleasant months to visit Tehran.

Weather in Tehran

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