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Find Our India Specialist Sales Team.
Call 1 (855) 722-9977 and dial the extension of your preferred agent.

Madhvi Kapoor (President of Nanak Flights) Madhvi brings more than six years of experience in the travel to the team. She leads from the front and guides all the departments. She has an MSc in mathematics and great passion for travel. The company has sold more than $100m worth of air travel under her leadership.
Saleem Akhtar (Director of Sales & Operations) Saleem has almost 40 years of experience in the travel domain. He worked with Emirates airline in Dubai for 10 years before moving to Canada, where he gained another 10 years of experience with a leading airline consolidator. Saleem is the backbone of Nanak Flights and guides all the team on a regular basis.
You can reach Saleem at extension 102.
Arvind Chawla (Manager, Mississauga office) Arvind has more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry. He worked with Indian Airlines in India prior to joining Nanak Flights. He started in our Brampton office, where he worked for five years and now is a manager in our Mississauga retail location.
You can reach Arvind at extension 105.
Praveen Sripathi Praveen brings more than 15 years of travel experience with him. Prior to joining NanakFlights as a senior international travel consultant, Praveen worked with GowayTravel. His areas of expertise are India, Europe, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand. Praveen is a highly experienced travel consultant and a real team player. Born in Hyderabad, Praveen is very well known among the Hyderabadi and South Indian communities.
You can reach Praveen at extension 103.
Rakesh Patel Based in Winnipeg, Rakesh is a very senior international travel consultant. He has served customers from Winnipeg and is now serving customers from all over Canada. His areas of expertise are Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Delhi, and Amritsar. Rakesh is also very popular among the team for his great professionalism. Born in Gujarat in India, Rakesh is very well known among the Gujarati community in Canada.
You can reach Rakesh at extension 121.
Bhupinder Kaur aka ShalluBedi Shallu has more than 12 years oftravel experience. Prior to joining NanakFlights, Shallu worked with a US-based travel agency. Shallu handles walk-ins in the Mississauga office with great calm and gentleness. She is a very popular travel agent,especially among Punjabi customers flying to Delhi.
You can reach Shallu at extension 110.
Shital Patel Shital has almost 15 years of travel experience and her specialities are the Indian and Dubai markets. She is a very popular travel consultant, especially among Gujarati customers.
You can reach Shital at extension 118.
Mridu Kharbanda Withmore than 25 years of travel experience, Mridu’s expertise is in the Indian, European and Dubai markets. She’s a very popular travel consultant,especially among Punjabi customers. Mridu is very knowledgeable in Sabre and Travelport and is also well-known among our airline partners.
You can reach Mridu at extension 140.
Ritu Talwar Born and brought up in Delhi, Ritu is our Delhi specialist. She works from our Mississauga office and takes care of walk-in customers.
You can reach Ritu at extension 112.
Mrujul Choganwala Mrujul has almost a decade of travel experience and she specialises in the Indian market. She knows Sabre and Travelport systems and as she’s originally from Gujarat, she speaks fluent Gujarati.
You can reach Mrujul at extension 133.
Archana Kothari Archana brings more than three years of travel experience and is a Gujarati destination specialist. She works from our Brampton office, where she provides excellent customer service.
You can reach Archana at extension 123.
Kinjal Ramani Kinjal has more than three years of travel experience and her expertise is the Indian market. She was born and brought up in Gujarat, India but now she’s based in Brampton office; Kinjal also caters to walk-in customers.
You can reach Kinjal at extension 127.
Mitesh Patel Mitesh brings lot of IT experience and learnt Airline booking system. His main GDS is Sabre and caters to Gujarati and north Indian customers.
You can reach Mitesh at extension 136.
Atul Patel Atul is a multi-talented travel consultant. He was a media and advertising consultant for NanakFlights and started to learn the insights of travel systems. He works from our Brampton location and his areas of expertise are Gujarat and Northern India.
You can reach Atul at extension 124.
Rezvena Rezvena brings more than 10 years of travel experience, including more than 3 years’ experience working with a major airline consolidator. She handles all markets including India, Bangladesh, and Europe.
You can reach Rezvena at extension 125.
Kirti Mistry Kirti has more than 20 years of travel experience in the tour packages field so he’s our resident tour packages expert. Kirti handles packages andcruises to Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, Dubai, India and the whole of Europe.
You can reach Kirti at extension 109.
Mayank Gupta Mayank is an online sales agent with more than eight years of travel experience. He is a passionate travel consultant and takes care of both online and offline bookings to India. Mayank also knows all about the travel insurance. He’s a tireless and proactive team member who works for long hours and always is among the top producers.
You can reach Mayank at extension 116.
Preetika Negi aka PAM Preetika was working with an airline consolidator before joining our team. She’s an expert in finding lower fares and always gets great appreciation from her customers. She is among the top performers in the company and specialises in both Indian and mainstream markets.
You can reach Pam at extension 113.
Reetika Gupta aka Renny Reetika brings a lot of experience in the travel industry and she’s an expert in the Indian, European and other main tream markets.
You can reach Renny at extension 114.
Priya Born and brought up in Hyderabad in India, Priya is a South India specialist. Her main GDS is Sabre and she’s very polite with excellent communications skills.
You can reach Priya at extension 129.
Amit Kumar aka Cris Amit is a highly experienced travel counsellor. His area of expertise is the Indian market. He is a very helpful team player who helps the team to findlower fares, as well as lower change and cancellation penalties.
You can reach Amit at extension 115.
Afshan Afshan is a very popular team member and is known for her excellent customer service skills. She is expert in both the North Indian and South Indian markets.
You can reach Afshan at extension 132.
Prashant Born and brought up in Haryana in India, Prashant is a North India specialist. His customers love him and they always ask for Prashant for subsequent purchases.
You can reach Prashant at extension 130.
Amit Singh aka Ashley (schedule changes) Amit brings more than five years of experience to the schedule change department. He is the second-in-command in the schedule change department. He is very hard-working and he always resolves customer problems.
You can reach Ashley at extension 137.
Ram Sewak (accounting department) Ram is the team leader in the accounts department. He’s responsible for timely refunds of airline tickets to our customers. He does BSP reconciliation andbanks reconciliation and also reports to our finance controller on monthly budgets and profit and loss statements.
You can reach Ram at extension 134.
Suruchi Gupta (accounting department) Suruchi is our BSP reconciliation expert and she works in the accounts department where she’s responsible for weekly BSP reconciliation with our TRAMS back office accounting system.
Meenu Gussain (accounting department) Meenu works in the accounts department and she’s responsible for sending invoices to our customers.
You can reach Meenu at extension 134.
Poonam (accounting department) Poonam works in the accounts department where she’s responsible for doing quality control of all invoices and refunds.
Saranjit Singh (ticketing department) Saran brings almost a decade of ticketing experience to us. Before joining Nanak, Saran worked with a leading airline consolidator and he’s well versed in all three GDS ticketing systems.
Shashank Lodhi (ticketing department) Shashank has more than eight years of experience in airline ticketing and he is based in Delhi, India. Shashank knows all three GDS ticketing systems.
Avdesh Chauhan (ticketing department) Avdesh joined our ticketing team recently and is working and learning under the supervision of Rajesh Roy.