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Cheap Flights to Fort Mcmurray(YMM), Canada

Nanak Flights offers cheap flights to Fort Mcmurray from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Victoria and other Canadian cities. Air Canada and Westjet operates domestic flights to and from Fort Mcmurray. Air Canada, United, Lufthansa, Delta, KLM, Air France, Jet Airways, British Airways operates International flights from Fort Mcmurray. Few Airlines uses Air Canada and Westjet as connecting airlines to Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary hubs for International flights from Fort Mcmurray.

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Fort Mcmurray
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Tickets to Fort Mcmurray (YMM), Canada

Book cheap tickets to Fort McMurray (YMM) to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis on your visit to Fort Mcmurray. Climb a mountain, hike amazing scenic trails, and fly in a seaplane on a great journey. Festivals are also found in this historic place, so if you want to keep to the city be sure to check out the awesome events.


Popular Vacation Hotspots in Fort Mcmurray(YMM), Canada

Fort Mcmurray has great fishing spots, including ice fishing if you've never tried it before. Try out Winter sports or just have plain old fun with snowmobiling and sledding. During Summer, great rivers for kayaking are in this awesome city so you can experience only the best in outdoor living. First step to enjoy the popular vacation spots at Fort McMurray is to call us and book your flight tickets to Fort McMurray. You can book flights to Fort McMurray online through our user friendly and secure website.

Fort McMurray – Foreign Exchange (YMM), Canada

Welcome to this fantastic holiday destination!! Get your currencies exchanged at one of the below currency exchange agencies which are at close proximities to the airport.

Scotia Bank:

Headquartered at Toronto, Scotia Bank was founded at 1832 by Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada. Scotia Bank offers the best of the prices for currency exchange around the city of Fort McMurray. It is located at 9541 Franklin Avenue.

TD Canada Trust:

TD Bank financial group offers a full range of products and services to about 17 million customers worldwide. Located at 504-8600 Franklin Avenue, TD Canada Trust also helps customer exchange their currency at considerable prices.

Best Restaurants In Fort McMurray

There is enormous beauty for nature lovers to gaze and explore the rich heritage of Fort Mcmurray. Great outdoors, exciting activities and a fascinating food legacy attracts a lot of domestic and international tourist every year to Fort Mcmurray. If you are planning a relaxed holiday in this bountiful city, here are few of the best restaurants to a have happy eating time:

1. Fuji Japanese Restaurant

When you are tired, hungry and craving for good Japanese food, the Fuji Japanese Restaurant is the place to hit. This restaurant tops the list of best places to eat in Fort Mcmurray for its most authentic Japanese dishes and awesome service. You can enjoy tuna or salmon sushi or teriyaki in a great ambience that too without feeling looted. Japanese food is known for its freshness and delicate flavors; this restaurant serves fresh food with excellent presentation to keep you coming back for more. One can also book private rooms for a gathering or special occasion in the restaurant. Overall, Fuji Japanese restaurant proffers an experience that one can never forget.

2. Nim's Tandoori House

The signature dishes at the Nim's Tandoori House are spicy chicken curry, coconut chicken curry, lamb curry, shahi paneer and sweet rice. This restaurant maintains quality of food and service to be excellent. Friendly staff and authentic Indian flavors of Nim's Tandoori house will compel you to visit this restaurant again and again. The food is worth paying the price. Fresh and irresistible vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are served here regularly but Indian deserts like Gulab Jamun and jalebi are absolutely delicious to die for. If you are in Fort Mcmurray, Nim's Tandoori House is the place you must not miss dining at.

3. Atmosfere Restaurant

Atmosfere Restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The generous food platters are a good deal over the price. It is a nice place to sit for a business lunch or family gathering; exceptional service and delicious food made with fresh ingredients will surely win everybody's heart. Especially in a place like Fort Mcmurray that doesn't have many good restaurants, Atmosfere is a super friendly place to enjoy good times and food. The main highlights of the restaurant include beef wellington and bison short ribs. Incredible appetizers and desserts are also there on the menu cards.

4. Sweet Basil

If you are looking for best Chinese and Vietnamese food in Fort Mcmurray, Sweet Basil is the place to land at. Sizzling seafood, curry dishes and beef sate are the best ones to try. For a brilliant start of the meal, you can order onion cake as a tantalizing appetizer. Their pho and salad rolls are worth coming back for.

5. The Curry Pot

The Curry Pot at Loutit Road Fort Mcmurray is an authentic Indian restaurant. Known for its combination of flavors, The Curry Pot serves some amazing Indian dishes such as butter chicken, lamb curry, coconut rice, biryani, beef and potato curry etc. There also are option to order delectable vegetarian dishes like vegetable korma and dal. You can also try curry chicken wings and different varieties of samosa - made fresh in the house. The Curry Pot gives you a subtle explosion of deliciousness with superb hospitality.

All the above and more restaurants in Fort Mcmurray are a guarantee of good times at a decent price. So, when you are terribly hungry in Fort Mcmurray, you now know where to eat.

Following are the important tourist attractions in Fort Mcmurray:

Top shopping malls in Fort McMurray, Canada

  • Peter Pond Mall - More than 65 retailers and services.
  • Riverpointe Shops - One of the best shopping malls.

Latest Events in Fort McMurray (YMM), Canada - November 2015. Updated Monthly

  • Moodle Essentials - CIT
  • LEAD GENERATION - Business Marketing Series
  • Mastering the Elevator Pitch

List of Attractions in Fort Mcmurray(YMM), Canada

  • Athabasca Dunes
  • Gregoire Lake Provincial Park
  • MacDonald Island Park
  • Northern Lights
  • Oil Sands Discovery Centre
  • Reclamation Sites
  • Wood Buffalo National Park

List of Outdoor Activities

  • Snowshoeing
  • Birchwood Trails/li>
  • Canoe & Kayak
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Curling
  • Ice Fishing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Biking

Nanak Flights recommend buying Travel Insurance for Flights to Fort McMurray(YMM), Canada

Travel Insurance helps protect you against unexpected expenses. Travel Insurance is provided by Travel Guard Inc. Following are the coverage benefits per person.
  • Trip Cancellation: 100% of Insured Trip Cost
  • Trip Interruption: 125% of Insured Trip Cost
  • Trip Delay: $100 per day up to maximum of $500
  • Missed Connection: $ 500
  • Baggage and Personal Effects: $ 500
  • Baggage Delay: $100 per day up to maximum of $300
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $25000

Travel documentation requirements for travelling to Fort McMurray(YMM), Canada.

  1. If you are Canadian Citizen, You must carry a valid Government issued photo id with you.
  2. If you are travelling from country other than Canada, you may require visa to enter Canada. Click here to check visa requirements
Fort Mcmurray, Canada

Price Drop Guarantee

On top of offering the best rates to Fort McMurray, If the cost of your air tickets drops after you purchase your tickets from us, we'll give you a 100 credit to spend on the next flight you book with us.

Lowest Airfares

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Today's Weather in Fort Mcmurray

Popular routes to Fort Mcmurray from other Canadian cities

Popular Festivals in Fort Mcmurray(YMM), Canada

Try going to these awesome festivals in Fort Mcmurray. Have a blast on your visit.

Metis Fest:
A local festival highlighting the unique and vibrant culture of the Metis peoples.
Nexen CanadaROCKS music festival:
Have fun in the sun this summer during Fort's annual music festival.
June Bug Children�s Festival :
A family-friendly event featuring wonderful children's performances by local groups.
Wood Buffalo Country Fair:
Learn about local farms, ride carnival rides, and have a total blast in this Alberta-style fair.
InterPLAY Visual and Performing Arts Festival:
Great for artsy types, discover with your family the community's art projects.
Summer Solstice Picnic in the Park:
Come celebrate Summer's arrival with this city-wide picnic!
Canada Rocks Concert:
The greatest rock concert in Canada!
Harvest of Hope:
Raise money for Canadian Cancer Society at this get together.
Canada Day Parade:
Celebrate our heritage on Canada Day!
Festival of Trees:
During Christmas, come check out all of the uniquely decorated fir trees.

Tips for finding Cheap Flights to Fort Mcmurray(YMM), Canada

For any information regarding Fort Mcmurray airport, Please visit the Fort Mcmurray airport web site.

Vancouver(YVR) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
Air CanadaCAD 228CAD 123CAD 351
West jetCAD 221CAD 117CAD 338
Toronto(YYZ) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
Air CanadaCAD 340CAD 203CAD 543
West jetCAD 394CAD 182CAD 577
Ottawa(YOW) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West jetCAD 394CAD 177CAD 571
Air CanadaCAD 418CAD 214CAD 632
Montreal(YUL) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West jetCAD 464CAD 196CAD 660
Air CanadaCAD 500CAD 223CAD 723
Halifax(YHZ) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 550CAD 210CAD 760
Air CanadaCAD 581CAD 236CAD 817
Regina(YQR) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
Air CanadaCAD 158CAD 94CAD 254
West JetCAD 199CAD 98CAD 297
Calgary(YCC) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 236CAD 133CAD 369
Air CanadaCAD 246CAD 132CAD 378
Prince George(YXS) to Fort Mcmurray(YMM) departing Feb 15, 2017, returning Feb 22, 2017.
AirlineFareTaxGrand Total
West JetCAD 295CAD 121CAD 416
Air CanadaCAD 377CAD 124CAD 500

Hand Picked 5 stars and 4 stars Hotels near Fort Mcmurray airport Fort Mcmurray(YMM), Canada

if you are planning to stay close to the Airport in Fort Mcmurray, following is the list of the best hotels close to the Fort Mcmurray Airport.
Hotel NameStar RatingDistance from the Airport
Best Canadian Motor Inns-Fort McMurray 3-star8.4 km
BCM Inns Fort McMurray - Franklin Avenue 3-star11 km