Cheap Flights from Montreal to Ahmedabad(AMD), India

Cheap tickets from Montreal to Ahmedabad(AMD), India

  • We have cheap flights tickets on 22 Airlines from Montreal to Ahmedabad.
  • Total distance between Montreal(YUL), Canada and Ahmedabad(AMD), India is 11,654 KM.
  • Most convenient flights from Montreal to Ahmedabad is on Qatar airways via Doha.
  • Our top 5 hand picked cheapest flights tickets from Montreal to Ahmedabad are on Air Canada/Swiss airways, Etihad, Qatar airways, Air India and Jet airways.
  • Most of travellers prefer Qatar airways as custom and Immigration is done at Ahmedabad and baggage is also through baggage
  • Most of the flights from Montreal to Ahmedabad connects through USA, Europe, Middle east and India domestic connections.
  • Most of Airlines allows 2 piece of baggage for Ahmedabad but United, Delta, KLM, Finn airways allows 1 piece of baggage.

Montreal(YUL) to Ahmedabad(AMD) Flights

We offer cheap flights to India from Montreal on our 22 partner airlines. Lots of Gujrati origin people are settled in Montreal. We also have special Gujrati speaking staff who can help plan your flights requirements from Montreal to Ahmedabad. You can book your flights to Ahmedabad either by using our online booking tool or over the phone.

Do you know how much it cost to fly from Montreal to Ahmedabad Flights?

Please find below cheapest flights rates from Montreal to Ahmedabad on our top selling 10 Airlines. Following cheap tickets prices are for departure Oct 10, return Nov 10 dates. Please use our booking tool to book your Montreal(YUL) to Ahmedabad(AMD) flights for your trip dates.

  • Qatar airways flights starting from $1100. Qatar Airline connects via Doha airport. Custom and Immigration is done at the Ahmedabad airport.
  • Jet airways flights starting from $950. Jet Airways operates flights via London/Amsterdam and Mumbai airports.
  • Air Canada flights starting from $1145. Air Canada operates flights via London/Frankfurt/Zurich and Mumbai airports.
  • Air India flights from $1095. Air India and Air Canada combination flights operates via London/Newark/Chicago/New York/Paris and Delhi/Mumbai airports.
  • Swiss flights starting from $1280. Swiss Airline connets via Zurich and Mumbai airports.
  • Etihad flights starting from $1275. Etihad airways operates flights via Toronto and Abu dhabi airport and has 2 stop connection to Ahmedabad.
  • Emirates airline flights starting from $1340. Emirates airline operates flights via Toronto and Dubai airports.
  • Lufthansa flights starting from $1321. Lufthansa Airline connects via Frankfurt and Mumbai/Delhi airports.
  • KLM flights starting from $1280. KLM Airline connects via Amsterdam and Mumbai/Delhi airports.
Ahmedabad, India

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Price match and Price drop guarantee on all Montreal to Ahmedabad Flights.

Nanak Flights offers price match guarantee on all Montreal to Ahmedabad tickets. If you find cheaper tickets on any website, please send us the screenshot in the email with subject "Price match guarantee" and one of our representative will contact you for matching the price of your tickets. We also recommend calling us immediately for price match at our toll free phone number 1-855-722-9977 24X7 as airline tickets prices are very dynamic and cheaper tickets get sold very fast. Call us at the earliest to get advantage of price match on your tickets. We also offer price drop guarantee on all Montreal to Ahmedabad flights. If you find cheaper tickets even after you have purchased and paid for your tickets from us, Please send us the screenshot in the email with Subject "Price drop guarantee" . Please note that price drop will be on the same airline tickets (Same flights and routing and dates) and currency of the purchased tickets should be the same.