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Canada Travel Guide. Find cheap flights to Canada.

If you are looking for a multicultural experience, then Canada is the best place for you. It is one of the most diverse and progressive countries in the entire world. It is also a well-connected country, for which you can find cheap flight tickets on our website. There are numerous ways to travel to Canada, but flights are certainly the most convenient. You can now book budget flight tickets to Canada anytime through our travel booking agency.

Culture and History of Canada


It won’t be wrong to say that Canada is a country of immigrants. Over the past 200 years, many immigrants of French and British descent have settled in Canada. There are two different official languages spoken in Canada - English and French. Due to the massive French population in Canada, the local government issues documents in both languages.


The history of Canada dates back hundreds of years. There is a significant influence of European culture and traditions. The explorers and pioneers who settled here are mainly French and British immigrants. And for that reason, Canada is a blend of all the different European customs and cultures

Modern Canada

The modern day Canada is a hub of multicultural values. Apart from its historical past, Canada has now emerged as a diverse country. That believes in the social importance of immigrants. It has also developed in the field of producing natural resources like energy. The mining industry is also one of the major economic aspects of the country.

Canada Tours

  • Montreal
    Apart from being one of the most popular cities in Canada, Montreal is also the second largest. The city got its name because of the triple peak Mount Royal located in the heart of Montreal. It is situated on one of the major islands of Montreal. Along with this, it was also a commercial capital of Canada till 1970. The city tour of Montreal is full of amazing destinations to see. You can witness some of the most beautiful sceneries and historical artifacts while you are here.
    Old Montreal
    It is located on the St Lawrence Street and is best known as a shopping paradise. The Old Montreal is the oldest part and the number one tourist spot in the entire city. The best way to check out this place is by taking a walk on the narrow streets of the area. It is also the home to the Notre-Dame-Basilica which is one of the major attraction in Montreal.
    Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
    Another attraction that gathers a lot of tourists is the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It is the largest museum in the city and is in the center of the famous Golden Square. The artifacts that are on display are some of the most prestigious collectibles of Canada.
    Saint Joseph’s Oratory
    Opened back in 1904, Saint Joseph’s Oratory is a Roman Catholic Church that is now a public garden and a museum. It is the largest church in Montreal and is a national site. It is a favorite tourist attraction among both tourists and locals.
    The Highlights If you are looking to know about the history and culture of Canada, then Montreal is the best place to do so. All the attractions that the city offers displays some or the other fact about the rich historical past of the country.
  • Vancouver
    Located in the mainland British Columbia, Vancouver is a coastal seaport city. It is one of the most densely populated destinations in the world. It is also known for being ethnically diverse. What makes it all the more convenient to visit is that you can find cheap flights tickets for it anytime. These are the top attractions of this city:
    Capilano Suspension Bridge
    One of the first places that tourists visit while they are in Vancouver is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This bridge is situated 70 meters above the ground and stretches 137 meters from one side to the other, where it joins the Canyon and the Capilano River.
    Vancouver Aquarium
    If you are on a trip along with your family, then this can be the best place to visit. The Vancouver Aquarium is a one of the largest in the country and absolutely astonishing. It has almost fifty thousand different species of creatures on display, and there are daily shows as well.
    Stanley Park
    One of the unique attractions in Vancouver is the Stanley Park. If you like to witness the old age charm of a city, then you can do just that while in Vancouver. There are daily horse drawn carriage tours arranged here and you can take those to discover the beauty of the park.
    What to look out For
    Vancouver gives out the modern day vibe of Canada. If you are interested in seeing the perfect blend between the past and the modern culture of the country, then Vancouver is the best place for it. You will be able to see all the historical sites along with the new age city.
  • Toronto
    The town of Toronto is the modern day commercial center of Canada. It is the perfect place to experience luxury at its best. Toronto is situated in the province of Ontario near the northwest shore of the lake Ontario. It is also known as the city of skyscrapers, yet it still has a lot of green space. Here are some of the attractions that you must visit.
    CN Towers
    One of the tallest buildings in the city of Toronto is the CN towers. Tourists and other visitors have the option of taking guided tours to the top of the building, and it is definitely a must because the view from the CN Towers is so beautiful that you will remember it for the rest of your life.
    The Royal Ontario Museum
    Known for its international standards, the Royal Ontario Museum is the highlight of Toronto. The museum also organizes exhibits of international collectibles and artifacts from time to time. These collectibles are from different eras and corners of the world.
    Casa Loma
    Once a residence of a Canadian businessman, Casa Loma now serves as a museum. The place was constructed to resemble a medieval castle and is still standing strong. It has more than 100 rooms and an 800 feet tunnel that is now open for tourist visits.
    Key Factors
    Toronto can be a great place to visit if you know all the right tourist attractions. You can find the perfect luxury travel experience while opting for this tour. Every aspect of the cities attractions, speaks volumes about its rich past.
  • More to do Sites

    Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls are the world’s most famous and popular waterfalls, and they are located in the city of Ontario. The waterfall is shared by Canada and US on opposite sides and is connected by the Rainbow Bridge.

    Banff National Park
    Another attraction that tourists visit is the Banff National Park. It is the perfect place to enjoy lakes, hiking, and glacier climbing, and it is situated in the middle of a mountain range.

  • Festivals
    Canada Day Celebration
    Celebrated on the 1st of July, this day marks the birth of Canada as a country. This festival is celebrated nationwide, where you can see Canadians in their red and white attire enjoying on the streets.

    Vancouver Celebration of Lights
    It is more like a firework competition that has now turned into one of the major festivals in the country. It is celebrated over the course of many days each summer. Apart from the firework display, you can also enjoy street food, concerts, and other challenges here.

Getting Around

Getting around Canada is very affordable as there are numerous public transportation methods which you can choose to travel within or between cities.

If you are traveling to another city nearby then the bus is the best option. It is not only convenient but also the fastest way.
We recommend traveling by trains if you are looking to visit a place that takes more than a few hours to reach. The best part of the journey is that you can enjoy the unexplored landscape while you are commuting.
Boat Canada being a coastal country, offers ferry and boat rides as well. Many small islands and cities can be reached by boats. The tickets for the trip can be bought near the port itself.
The easiest way to commute within a city is by hiring a cab or taxi service. You can hire destination cabs or full day rental cars.

Customized Popular Canada Tours:
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