Toronto Helicopter Tour

Toronto is one of the most populated cities in Canada and also a popular travel destination. It is situated in the Ontario province and is the capital of the state. The city is considered an international hub of business, arts, finance and culture. Toronto is also one of the most multicultural cosmopolitans of the world.

The history of the city dates back thousands of years which make it full of historical landmarks and attractions. The first sign of settlement in Toronto was seen before 1800 when Europeans first arrived in the vicinity. The people living in the area were referred to as aboriginal, and it is believed that they permanently settled in the area after 1790.

The city of Toronto was originally referred to as York and was settled by the British. It was also the site of the Battle of York which was held in 1812 and caused severe damage to the city. The city of York was later renamed as Toronto in 1834 after it recovered from the losses of the war and was made the capital of the province.

Apart from this what makes Toronto such a great tourist destination is the fact that it is situated on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario and it is the perfect summer location to visit. The city has various water activities to offer which make it a destination loved by families. One can also enjoy natural sightseeing like it's urban forest which is spread across hundreds of acres.

If you are wondering as to when is the best time to visit Toronto and about all the other essential information regarding the city then here are the details that you must consider before planning your trip.

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When to travel to Toronto

The best time to plan your trip for Toronto is during April and May and later September and October. These four months are the peak tourist season in Toronto as it is neither too hot not too cold during this time. Apart from this, the advantage of planning a trip during the specified months is that you will be able to enjoy all the sightseeing without having to deal with huge groups of tourist.

Weather in Toronto

The hottest time in Toronto is usually around July when the temperature reaches all the way up to 72 degrees Fahrenheit which is not considered good for tourist activities. On the other hand, the coldest month is January where the temperature can drop down to 28 degrees Fahrenheit which can also be a buzz kill when it comes to planning a trip. Travelers also might want to avoid the monsoon season as Toronto faces heavy rainfall which can reach up to 60 millimeters.

Currency in Toronto

Canadian Dollar - C$

15-kilometer aerial tour of Toronto

One of the best ways to see Toronto and experience its charm is by booking yourself into the popular tours that the city has to offer. Out of all the great tour packages that you can opt for one of the most trendings currently is the 15-kilometre Helicopter Tour of Toronto. This tour is famous for providing breathtaking aerial views of the city and its skyline that cannot be experienced any place else.

The main motive of this tour is to provide a one-of- a-kind experience to travelers by taking them through all the popular tourist attractions of the city. It provides a great alternative to the traditional street and boat sightseeing that Toronto is famous for offering. The tour starts at the airport which is located in Downtown Toronto and takes you on a 6 to 10 minutes long helicopter ride. It covers around 15 kilometers of the city skyline along with guided narrations regarding the tourist spots.

The tour starts when the helicopter reaches the height of 2000 feet which itself provides a thrilling experience for the visitors. The first attraction that is usually on the itinerary is the iconic CN Tower which is the tallest building in Toronto. Although one can climb the tower and see it from there, this is by far the best way to experience the beauty of the CN Tower.

The second phase of the tour takes you through the Humber Bay and High Park, which are also popular tourist spots. Both these attractions are situated in the west of the city and are a part of natural sightseeing itinerary of Toronto. The last phase of this extreme helicopter ride takes you through the Don Valley Parkway and Casa Loma which is situated in the east of the city. These attractions are rates some of the best historical landmarks of Toronto and are visited every traveler.

The tour also covers additional locations like Lake Shore and Bloor Street which can be opted for while booking your trip. Booking these other destinations might add your flight time and may cost extra. To known more about this helicopter tour here is all the relevant information that you might require.

Top Highlights

  • 15-kilometer helicopter tour over the Toronto Skyline.
  • Experience the breathtaking views of the iconic CN Tower along with other attractions.
  • Enjoy natural sightseeing attractions like Lake Ontario waterfall, High Park, and Humber Bay.
  • Witness historical attractions like Casa Loma and Evergreen Brick Works.
  • Souvenirs and digital photos available.
  • Multiple departure timings are available.

Additional Information

The tour can be booked for one, two and three people. If you are looking to book a group tour then contacting the organizer is recommended.

  • The time of flight is usually based on wind direction and speed. It also depends on weight and other conditions.
  • The flight takeoff depends on weather and might be canceled if found necessary. In such a case it is not possible for the management to inform the travelers in advance, so please excuse us.
  • If your tour is canceled by the organizer, you can either opt for rescheduling for another date or refund.
  • Helicopters only seat three passengers at a time.
  • Adult tour rates are applicable to all passengers.
  • Minimum age limit is four years. Kids below the age of 4 are not allowed to take the tour.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off are not included in the tour package.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation and refund of the tour are subjected to a deadline. Here is the complete information of the policy.

  • If the tour is canceled at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there will be no cancellation fee charged.
  • If the trip is canceled between 3 to 6 days in advance of the scheduled departure 50% of the tour package price is charged as cancellation fee.
  • If the trip is canceled within 2 days of scheduled departure, It is non refundbale.

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