Cheap Flights to Queenstown

The fares to Queenstown are highest during its busiest seasons and cheaper in the rest. Summers in Queenstown are as busy as the winters. Winters in this place fall in June, July and August and summer falls in the months of December, January and February. During these months the airfares are the highest. However, Springtime and Autumn have cheaper airfares. It is advised to check and compare flights before booking. You can decide which season of New Zealand you want to experience and compare flights accordingly. There are various domestic flights that fly directly to this town and international flights with layovers depending on where you are coming from.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a beautiful resort town in the south-west corner of New Zealand. It is built around an inlet, Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu. There is no one who has visited this resort town and been bored. From cosmopolitan restaurants to excellent vineyards, this town offers tourists an adventure trip they will never forget. The diversity in visitors that you will find in this urban area all year round will blow your mind. If you want to jump off a bridge or a plane, ski down in snow, or just slow down and experience pure bliss, Queenstown will not disappoint you.

No one leaves this town without experiencing an adrenaline rush from the numerous adventure activities that this town boasts of. This small town radiates the energy of a city and proudly holds the badge of the “Global Adventure Capital”.

Cheap Flights to Queenstown

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Queenstown (ZQN), New Zealand.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Queenstown

We have negotiated deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Queenstown. Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Queenstown.

  • United airline connects via US gateways (ORD/IAH/EWR/SFO/LAX) and then connects via Auckland (AKL) to fly to Queenstown in Newzealand.
  • Air Newzealand connects via US gateways (SFO/LAX) and then connects via Auckland (AKL) to fly to Queenstown.
  • Qantas connects via US gateways (LAX/DFW) using Air Canada as code share partner then connects via Sydney to fly to Queenstown.
  • Air Canada connects via Sydney and Auckland (AKL) to fly to Queenstown.

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What To Do/See in Queenstown

What To Do/See in Queenstown

There are so many things that this little Adventure haven has to offer all year round. Each season has specific activities that give you an adrenaline rush or even some quiet bliss. The adventure activities are must-dos here. Depending on the season, jet boating, bungee jumping, water rafting and skydiving are bound to get your heart racing in summer. In the winter months, this town transforms into a world-class winter resort with skiing for an epic winter holiday for you. Golfing and tours of wineries must be on every tourist’s list! To slow things down, hiking and biking trails, spas, boat cruises and scenic flights will put you in a state of pure bliss.

Forbes recommends hiking up to Bob’s Peak to soak up the view or you could even take the Gondola. Wandering around Queenstown garden and Queenstown beach while even playing some Frisbee golf is the definition of a leisurely walk. Lake Wakatipu offers jet boat rides and some fun water activities that must not be missed. The street fair in the small park by the docks every Saturday is perfect for a fun yet quiet weekend out. Lake Hayes and lake Wanaka have great views to offer. This adventure heaven will never bore you.

Top Restaurants In Queenstown (ZQN) That You’ll love

This little town will surprise you with the variety of food options it has to offer. The town has Michelin star restaurants with world-class food and local cafes with great food.


Rata is one of the places with five-star food that will leave you with a lasting taste.

Blue Kanu

Fans of Pasifika and Asian flavours have to thank their stars for Blue Kanu, a refreshing twist to the tacky tiki houses.

Vudu café

Some of the best breakfast food comes out of Vudu café. This café has been sorting out caffeine for about 20 years and offers lots of crazy sheep-themed art with beautifully presented delicious food.

Waterfront Eateries

Waterfront eateries are a rage here with Public Kitchen& Bar and Wakatipu Grill leading the pack. The wonderful sight of the lake while eating some of the best food is only a small opportunity this beautiful town offers. Be it home-style food or fancy French cuisine or even a Pizza with Mexican accents, Queenstown will never stop to surprise you. Thai, Middle Eastern and Moroccan are only some of the cuisines available here.

Street food & Food trucks

Don’t miss out on the street food and the food trucks with the local seafood cuisines. The ambience of each of the may eateries will fascinate you. Lakefront eateries, small tucked away spaces and elegant restaurants are a tourist’s dream come true.

Transportation options in Queenstown

Travelling around town is also very convenient with the taxis and buses.

After landing at Queenstown International Airport, the town is only a 15-minute drive away by taxi. You can choose to get to the city centre from the airport via shuttles or taxis.
Buses are also easily available from the airport to this small town. The buses are frequent and have many pick up and drop off points to almost all parts of the town. There are bus services to places near Queenstown up to four times a day. Taxis are an option to travel around the city if buses are not available.
Water Taxis
This town even offers you water taxis to skip the traffic and get to where you are going.
When travelling to the hard-to-reach tourist places, shuttles are an easy, safe and economical option.

Top Locations in Queenstown (ZQN) where you can Stay

This cosy town offers a large variety of accommodation options available for every budget and all tourists. From camper vans to luxury hotels, you can experience exactly the vacation you want. There are various areas where you can lodge depending on the kind of activities, the season and the experience you want. Although there isn’t great accommodation near the airport, the proximity of the airport to the town makes it easy to find a place to stay. However, there is accommodation available along the strip of the road from the airport to the centre in the drive long Frankton Road. Most of the accommodation is on the lake side of the road away from the noise and hustle of the town.

Queenstown Hill & Town Centre

Queenstown Hill and Town Centre are great places that offer quite a few B&Bs and hotels in every budget. Campervan parks are also exciting options in the town centre for the adventurous lot.

Arthur’s Point

Arthur’s Point is a great location at the base of the ski field for those who want to stay close to the skiing area. No matter where you choose to stay in this town, the experience will be one to remember.

Weather in Queenstown

Queenstown has four distinct seasons that make it a go-to place all year round. The summers are long and warm days with plenty of time outdoors and can reach a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. July is its driest month. Autumn brings the yellow and red blankets that cover the ground. Winter brings in snow and lots of fun for ski-enthusiasts and finally spring arrives with green valleys, bright colours and lots of energy and playfulness. Each season in this town offers a completely different experience. A continental style climate with long hot summers and crisp cool winters is the easiest way to explain the weather. It has an average of 1921 hours of sunshine per year and average annual rainfall is 913mm. the average temperatures in summer and winter range from 6 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius.

Queenstown is truly an all year round destination with an incredible backdrop of the Southern Alps. You can visit this town any season that interests you and not leave this place unsatisfied.

Weather in Queenstown