Cheap Flights to Christchurch

This island of New Zealand enjoys beautiful summers and the season lasts from December until March. The tourist season relaxes during the southern winter so cheap flights are available during the months of June and August. If you are on a budget, out of season flights are low-priced and affordable. March to May and around September and October would be a good time for the best deals and mild weather. Booking early will always get you a good deal. You can also compare across various airlines for better deals. Some airlines like Air New Zealand, Emirates and Singapore Airlines offers good deals.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is the third most populous city in New Zealand located in the seat of the Canterbury Region. This city is officially the oldest established city in the country. This colourful city suffered a series earthquake between 2010 and 2012 leading to the demolition of over 1500 buildings in a rebuilding project. This vibrant city is a city in transition, coping beautifully with its recovery from the hollowed-out heritage by the disasters. This city’s noise, dust and traffic fail to deter tourists from revelling this chaotic, colourful and crazy mix ready to surprise and inspire in ways we cannot fathom.

When in Christchurch, bring your cameras and walking shoes for the best transition you will ever see walking the paths coloured with visible damage and destruction that cannot be camouflaged. It prides itself on its Englishness nestled around the Avon river. The city was famous for the gothic cathedral, gardens, parks and an old establishment entertaining itself with private clubs. The destruction led to a creative aftermath of improvised infrastructure transforming ruins into public art.

Cheap Flights to Christchurch

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Christchurch (CHC), New Zealand.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Christchurch

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  • United airline connects via US gateways (ORD/IAH/EWR/SFO/LAX) and then connecting via Sydney or Melbourne to fly to Christchurch in Newzealand.
  • Air Canada connects via Sydney and Brisbane to fly to Christchurch in Newzealand.
  • Air Newzealand connects via US gateways (SFO/LAX) and then connecting via Auckland to fly to Christchurch in Newzealand.
  • Qantas connects via US gateways (LAX/DFW) using Air Canada as code share partner and then connecting via Sydney or Brisbane to fly to Christchurch.
  • American airline connects via its US gateways (LAX/CLT) and then connecting via Sydney to fly to Christchurch in Newzealand

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What To Do/See in Christchurch

What To Do/See in Christchurch

Often called the “Garden City”, Christchurch is a city in transition. This is what adds to the charm of the place. This charismatic town of 350,000 people has some of the best sceneries in the Southern Hemisphere. If you love culture, this is New Zealand’s finest city with its Botanical Garden tours and the newly restored cathedral which is a must visit on every Christchurch trip. The Botanical Gardens in Christchurch are calm and quiet. Whether you are a nature-lover or an art fan, this city has you covered. You can adore the animals at the Orana Wildlife Park and the art fans can flock to the city’s art gallery. You can learn about the vast continent at the end of the Earth New Zealand’s International Antarctic Centre. The city’s shopping will never disappoint you. It is one of the town’s main attractions. The shopping mall has options for tourists to explore. The farmer’s market displays local food and supplies. This market is a foodie’s haven with delicacies from all around the world.

Exploring outside city limits will do you good. Fine wine lovers can flock to the vineyards of this land. New Brighton pier’s excellent surf is something no tourist should miss or see the Kiwi in Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. You can sail with the dolphins, cycle the Alps or even ski in the Southern Alps only if the weather is right. It will never be a boring day in this colourful, bustling town.

Top Restaurants In Christchurch (CHC) That You’ll love

This city’s food scene will amaze the foodie in you. The delicacies span from organic pastries to even microbrews. Christchurch has some unmissable restaurants with the best organic foods.

Strawberry Fare

Strawberry Fare is the best place for organic and fresh ingredients with its Caesar salad taking the spotlight.

The Old Vicarage

If you want to experience Englishness, head to The Old Vicarage, which is a stunning 1898 villa.

Kinji Restaurant

Move a little more east and taste Japanese food at the Kinji Restaurant with its fresh delicate flavours.


Amidst continental cuisines, if you crave Bengali food, head to Nobanno. This place is a treat for the taste buds with its exotic flavours of curries and kebabs.

Gustav’s Kitchen and Wine Bar

Wine and quinoa lovers will love Gustav’s Kitchen and Wine Bar.

Small Shacks

This city has a wide range of delicacies from around the world and no matter which cuisine or delicacy you crave, Christchurch will have a small shack or a restaurant to fulfil your cravings. Be it French, Indian or even just fish and chips, Christchurch will never disappoint you.

Transportation options in Christchurch

After landing at Christchurch Airport, the city is a 20-minute drive, about 12 kilometres.

Shuttle , Taxis or Buses
You can always get to the city via shuttles or taxis from the airport. Buses are also available for pickup from the airport to drop off at the city. Getting around in taxis is always an option, although it may not be cost-effective.
Walking & biking
Once you reach the city, transport is nothing you have to worry about. This colourful and vibrant city is best explored on foot. Be sure to pack your walking shoes and explore the ruins by foot. If you are not keen on walking, biking is also an option. The city is easily accessible by both foot and bike so you can always pick.
The city has tram services that are increasing but since the natural disasters, they are limited. You can roam the city in a tourist tram. Public transport in Christchurch is cheap and easy. This city has an extensive bus network.
There is a ferry service between Lyttleton and Diamond Harbour that can be used for both commuting and sightseeing.

Top Hotels in Christchurch (CHC) where you can Stay

This town amidst the ruins and rebuilding offers many cozy places to stay. The city’s hotels and rooms are economical and reasonable. Many places offer well-appointed rooms and elegant stays that are economical.

Heritage Hotel

The Heritage Hotel offers luxurious rooms with a bonus indoor pool for good value.

Eliza’s Manor Boutique Hotel

One such low-priced establishment is Eliza’s Manor Boutique Hotel with some of the best breakfasts-in-bed in the city.


Airbnb are also good options if you are on a budget.


If you are more of a B&B person, this city has some snug and pleasant inner-city B&Bs which are surprisingly affordable. The romantic stays have undergone various refurbishments since the earthquakes and still maintain their European style. You can always opt to stay in hostels which are safe and inexpensive.

Weather in Christchurch

Christchurch is known for its Englishness. It stays true to its character in the winter. The temperatures in winter fall below 0 degrees Celsius at night. Snowfall occurs once or twice a year for about 70 days. The city has dry, temperate climate with temperatures ranging from 22.5 degrees Celsius to 11.3 degrees Celsius. Rest of the year the city has a comfortable temperate climate.

Rain is frequent hence pack accordingly. During December until March, the weather is pleasant with nice average temperature. The warmest month is January and July is the coolest and wettest. If you are not a big fan of the rain, July is not the ideal month to visit Christchurch. This “Garden City” turns on a medley of colours in springtime and is the best time to visit.

Weather in Christchurch