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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is a muddled mix of colonial buildings, business blocks, decrepit buildings and houses. Initially known as Kolomthota, this city was the main harbour of Kotte. Colombo attracted the acquisitive Portuguese during 1505 and grew the rampart of their rule for almost 200 years. Being the largest and the oldest city, Colombo is the political and economic hub of Sri Lanka.

The city is clean and beautiful with many pleasant places to visit. The capital city offers many adventurous activities such as deep sea diving, skydiving, surfing and much more. There are adequate places such as a former lighthouse, the clock tower, the president’s residence which is known as Queen’s House and a bunch of colonial buildings which give the city a spirit of the ancient time. This is a small city but still vibrant enough and worth a visit to see. With everything it has to offer, Colombo is indeed an interesting start or even end to your Sri Lankan ventures and adventures.

Best time to visit Colombo:
The vital aspect influencing travel to Colombo is the weather. May to August and October to December are two seasons which deter travellers from visiting Colombo. The best time to visit this beautiful city is from January to March.

It is the most popular time to visit with temperature in the mid-20s and rainfall at its lowest, so expect the raise in flight tickets. Visitors looking for a trip filled with festivals must visit in May to notice Colombo decorated with lights and lanterns. This is the time for the celebration of Buddha’s birth. Lowest airfares to Colombo can be easily found in off-peak months such as May to December.


Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Colombo (CMB), Sri Lanka.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Colombo

We have negotiated the best deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Colombo (CMB), Sri Lanka. Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Colombo (CMB) in Sri Lanka.

  • Oman Air connects via London/Frankfurt in Europe and then connecting via its hub in Muscat to fly to Colombo in Sri Lanka.
  • Air Canada uses Gulf airline and Sri Lankan airline as code share partners to fly to Colombo.
  • Qatar airline uses its Doha hub to fly to Colombo in Sri Lanka.
  • Jet airways uses London and Mumbai hubs to fly to Colombo.
  • Delta uses Amsterdam and Mumbai/Bangalore routing to fly to Colombo.
  • British airways uses its London hub and then connecting via Doha to fly to Colombo.
  • Etihad uses its Abu Dhabi hub to fly to Colombo.
  • Air France uses its Paris and Mumbai/Bangalore routing to fly to Colombo.

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What To Do/See in Colombo

What To Do/See in Colombo

Colombo is dotted with must-see tourist places. The city is majorly divided into three sections. The first section is the old area of Narrow Street with colourful markets. On the other, hand the second part is modern commercial and Government area with wealthy residential. Whereas, the third section or the central part of the city is known as Fort. There are many colonial buildings of the British Era including the Victorian-era President house, the neo-Classical old parliamentary building and the grandly mercantile brick façade of Cargill.

Take a stroll with your family or loved one in Cinnamon Garden, one of the beautiful gardens in Sri Lanka. National Museum has a fascinating collection of 19th-century reproductions of English paintings of Sri Lanka along with an excellent collection of antique demon masks. The tourist sites in Colombo include a number of old Buddhist temples, monuments and many art galleries that present the socio-cultural richness of Sri Lanka. Filled with numerous trendy bars, pubs and restaurants, Colombo is quite famous for its nightlife.

Top Restaurants In Colombo (CMB) That You’ll love

Colombo is a coastal city which plays a huge role in the influence of seafood in the local cuisine. The locals here like to eat a lot of rice with prawns and fish. Many international fast food joints are also present here.

The Mango Tree

The Mango tree is a popular restaurant serves delicious Indian Food. Try spicy prawn sunehri jhinga and classic Tandoori chicken tikka here.


If you want to try some tasty Japanese cuisines, visit Nihonbashi. This place is named in Asia's 38th best restaurant and is one of the best places to visit in Colombo.


Zaza is another great place to eat in Colombo. This place offers the best Ceylon tea, which is the combination of the ancient flavours of Sri Lanka tea culture with modern twists.


For south Indian cuisine lovers, Chutneys is the best place to experience the variety of culinary culture.

Curry Leaf & Seafood's Cove

Restaurants such as Curry Leaf and Seafood's Cove are worth a try. There are all kinds of restaurants here, serving scrumptious Sri Lankan meals that have gained global popularity with their blend of fiery spices, rich flavours and unique textures.

Toronto (YYZ) to Colombo (CMB) Flight information

Flight depart from: Toronto
Flight Arrive in: Colombo (CMB - Bandaranaike International Airport)
Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Cheapest Price: CAD 1034
Airlines: SriLankan Airline, Oman Air, Kuwait Airways, Air Canada, Emirates, Etihad airline, British Airways, Gulf airways, Delta airline, Jet airways, Lufthansa

Cheap Flights from Toronto(YYZ) to Colombo(CMB) departing October 09, 2018, returning October 24, 2018. Book now. Fares are subject to availability. We update our seat sale fares regularly. Please check our web site for most up to date seat sale fares.

Grand Total
Oman Air CAD 550 CAD 484 CAD 1034
Air France CAD 483 CAD 681 CAD 1164
Jet Airways CAD 589 CAD 707 CAD 1296
Lufthansa CAD 557 CAD 756 CAD 1313
Air Canada CAD 555 CAD 781 CAD 1336
British Airways CAD 668 CAD 745 CAD 1413
Etihad Airways CAD 771 CAD 754 CAD 1525
Swiss Air CAD 795 CAD 745 CAD 1540
United Airline CAD 846 CAD 727 CAD 1573
KLM CAD 892 CAD 753 CAD 1645
Qatar Airways CAD 829 CAD 612 CAD 1901

Cheap flights from Montreal(YUL) to Colombo(CMB) departing October 09, 2018, returning October 24, 2018. Fares are subject to availability.

Grand Total
Oman Air CAD 711 CAD 503 CAD 1214
China Eastern Airines CAD 811 CAD 503 CAD 1314
KLM CAD 624 CAD 672 CAD 1296
Air France CAD 561 CAD 670 CAD 1331
Air Canada CAD 630 CAD 815 CAD 1445
Lufthansa CAD 750 CAD 744 CAD 1494
United Airline CAD 730 CAD 792 CAD 1522
British Airways CAD 896 CAD 713 CAD 1609
Jet Airways CAD 895 CAD 755 CAD 1650
Turkish Airline CAD 1162 CAD 626 CAD 1788
Austrian Airlines CAD 1025 CAD 797 CAD 1822

Transportation options in Colombo

Colombo is an entirely easy place to get around. Colombo international airport is located about 30 kilometres from the main city, with different transport modes are available to passengers.

For getting from Colombo Airport to Colombo city, you can take the microbus. This bus leaves the airport and goes to the city following bypass routes. The city has an excellent network of buses starting from Colombo Central Bus Stand. Buses leave at regular intervals. You can get buses from bus stops dotted across the city.
Taxis are the fastest way to get around the city. Taxis are quickly available and safer than Rickshaws. They can be booked via hotels or travel agents or you could hire them directly.
Auto rickshaws
Auto rickshaws are the most commonly used mode of transportation in the capital city.
Tuk-tuks are easily available at almost every junction and are quite inexpensive.

Top Hotels in Colombo (CMB) where you can Stay

Colombo has a great collection of luxury hotels like the Kingsbury near Fort, the Hilton Colombo in Fort, the Galle Face Hotel, which is actually one of Asia's oldest hotels. The city is also filled with some good budget hotels like the Hostel at Galle Face, the Mount Lavinia Home Stay and many more. All these hotels are well equipped with modern facilities.

The Kingsbury

The Kingsbury near Fort is one of the best hotels to stay. This place provides some stunning ocean views.

Galle Face Hotel

Make yourself comfortable in the Galle Face Hotel, Asia’s oldest hotels.

Ocean Front

Catch the sunset with a beautiful view of Indian Ocean at the Ocean Front.

Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo is another remarkable hotels maintaining a great combination of modern design styles with the beauty of a 200 years-old Moorish mansion.

Hilton Colombo

If you want to avoid staying in the hustle and bustle of the city, then Hilton Colombo could be the great choice for you.

Weather in Colombo

Colombo is a year-round destination and tourists can visit here at any time of the year. The weather is pleasant for most of the year. The city is mostly sunny from January to March. A lot of visitors visit the city during these three months. Duruthu Perahera Festival held in January attracts many visitors.

April comes with the spring season in Colombo. May to October are the wettest months in the years. Due to the rainy season, the city starts becoming less crowded from May, which makes it great to soak in the natural beauty here. As it is a shoulder season you will get great deals on hotels and flights during this time.

November to December is the best season to enjoy the winter sun. The climate is good enough for outdoor activities and sightseeing. This season is also a good time to visit Colombo because of the Diwali celebrations held during this time.

Weather in Colombo

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