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Considering the hot and humid weather prevalent in Egypt, the best season to travel to Cairo would be between the months of October and April. The weather is relatively cooler at this point in time. During the summer months, it becomes quite difficult to beat the heat. Also, during the warmer months, Cairo sees a large influx of tourists from the Gulf. The cheapest time to fly to Cairo would be during the cooler months as the frequency of travellers reduces considerably. During the winter months, the temperatures are mild and this would be the best time to even book a cruise on the Nile.

Around December, the crowds increase given the upcoming festivities. The lines for certain tourist attractions would be long and would cause inconvenience if you wish to travel at leisure. If you would still like to schedule your travel at this time, consider booking your flights much in advance.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the country. With a large metropolitan area, Cairo is the political, financial and administrative centre of Egypt. Cairo has a long history and has remained the capital of the Egyptian dynasties for over a thousand years. It has a rich and culturally significant history but as of today, it has emerged as a bustling, vibrant capital city with a large population.

Cairo is a city that is of great importance to the Arab world in multiple areas. It is a major centre for business, trade, education and culture. The city is located along the Nile river, which acts as a gateway to the city and facilitates trade and commerce. Cairo poses the perfect amalgamation of ancient and new. The city boasts of the most stunning Islamic architecture that has been preserved since pre-historic times and also plenty of new skyscrapers and modern structures.

Cheap Flights to Cairo

Airlines flying to Cairo, Egypt and travel seasonality

Low Season to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October, November
High Season to travel: March, June, July, August, December
Airlines flying to Cairo route: American Airlines , Air Canada , Air France , Royal Air Maroc , Alitalia , British Airways , BMI British Midland , Thomas Cook Airlines , Delta Air Lines , Emirates , Ethiopian Airlines , Etihad Airways , Gulf Air , Iberia , KLM Royal Dutch Airlines , Lufthansa , LOT Polish Airlines , Swiss , Martinair Holland , Egyptair , Olympic Airways , Austrian Airlines , Qatar Airways , Royal Jordanian , SN Brussels Airlines , Saudi Arabian Airlines , Turkish Airlines , United Airlines , Virgin Atlantic

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Cairo (CAI), Egypt.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Cairo

We have negotiated the best deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Cairo (CAI), Egypt. Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Cairo (CAI) in Egypt.

  • Air Canada connects via Vienna to fly to Cairo in Egypt.
  • Delta uses Detroit and Paris hubs to fly to Cairo.
  • Air France uses its Paris hub to fly to Cairo in Egypt.
  • Lufthansa uses its Frankfurt and Vienna hubs to fly to Cairo in Egypt.
  • Austrian airline uses its Vienna hub to fly to Cairo.
  • KLM airline connects via Paris to fly to Cairo.
  • United airline connects via US gateways and then uses OS/LH as code share partners to fly to Cairo.
  • British airways uses its London hub to fly to Cairo.
  • Egypt air connects via London using Air Canada as code share partner to fly to Cairo.
  • Etihad airways uses its Abu Dhabi hub to fly to Cairo in Egypt.
  • Alitalia airline uses its Rome hub to fly to Cairo in Egypt.
  • American airline uses British airways as code share partners to fly to Cairo.
  • Turkish airline uses its Istanbul hub to connect to Cairo.

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What To Do/See in Cairo

What To Do/See in Cairo

Start your Cairo holiday with a visit to the Museum of Egyptian Antiques, a famous location in Cairo. This museum hosts a large number of ancient artefacts that are significant to the history of Egypt. You may also visit the Muhammad Ali Mosque. Which is famous for its towering architecture which can be viewed as you approach the city from any direction. A must-do during your trip is a visit to one of the seven wonders of the world, The Pyramids of Giza. This district is famous for the Giza Plateau which is the location of some of the most admired ancient monuments in the world and includes many sacred structures.

For shopping, may visit the popular tourist attraction of the Khan el-Khalili which is a major souk (marketplace) in Cairo. This area is aligned with multiple vendors selling souvenirs, antiques and jewellery. If time permits, you may even travel to the beautiful Gezira Island which is on the Nile river, very close to Cairo. You may also pay a visit to Islamic Cairo, which is an area in the city that is popular for housing various Islamic monuments and mosques. Do pay a visit to the famous Hanging Church of Cairo. It was the first church in Cairo to be built in Basilica style.

Top Restaurants In Cairo (CAI) That You’ll love

Cairo is home to some excellent restaurants that feature a wide range of cuisines from all over the world.

Koshary Abou Tarek

A highlight of the Cairo food experience would be a visit to Koshary Abou Tarek. This place is very famous for preparing only one type of dish but served according to your taste.


Paprika is an old restaurant that is located along the Nile river. This place serves some classic Egyptian dishes and your meal is complete with some enchanting jazz music in the background.


There are plenty of Oriental restaurant in Cairo but Sushiramis is one that is especially famous all over town. It serves excellent sushi along with a beautiful ambience and live music.

Maharaja Hotel

The Maharaja Hotel situated inside the Ramses Hilton Hotel is a great place to enjoy some authentic Indian food.

La Chesa

La Chesa is a Swiss restaurant that offers some well-thought-out and delicious Swiss and European cuisine.


Close to Al Azhar University, you will find Farhat, a restaurant that serves amazing Egyptian grill food.

Greek Club

The Greek Club is a restaurant located in Talaat Hard Square which is an area that is popular amongst Mediterranean visitors. The place offers some wonderful Greek and Egyptian food as well.

Transportation options in Cairo

Cairo has a large population and the city planning has catered to this factor by including an extensive network of road, rail and subway transport. As you land in the Cairo International Airport, you will find that there are plenty of options for you to travel to the city.

Shuttle buses
You can board a shuttle bus that would take you to some of the major destinations around the city.
You could also avail a taxi to reach the city or to move around within the city limits. The old taxis which are black in colour are not metered and you will need to negotiate with the driver before hopping in. The newer white taxis and yellow cabs are metered and dependable.
The subway system that runs in the city is also a reliable mode of transport.
Within the city, there are different lines of service for buses. The price and comfort factor vary for each one.

Top Locations in Cairo (CAI) where you can Stay

If you are a first-time traveller, it is best to find your accommodation in Central or Downtown Cairo. This area is close to the Egyptian museum and Tahrir Square. This area offers the best budget accommodation as well as plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants. On the opposite side of the Egyptian Museum, you will find plenty of high-end hotels that are situated along the Nile river. This area is also close to most of the popular tourist sites. Further north from Central Cairo is the Garden City, where most of the embassies are located. This is a wealthy neighbourhood and has a lush, green landscape.


Mohandeseen is a district located in Cairo where a lot of the working-class professionals reside. This area also offers good hotels at reasonable prices. It is not as crowded and loud as the city centre and therefore is ideal for a convenient stay.


If you would like to be in close proximity to the various pyramids and ancient monuments, you can choose to stay in the nearby town of Giza.


Zamalek is an island situated in the middle of the Nile river. It is a good option if you would like to indulge in a luxurious accommodation.

Weather in Cairo

It is often said that Egypt has only two major climates – Summer and Winter. The days are typically hot and dry whereas the nights are relatively cooler. The summer season is between the months of May and October. The days are hot and humid and therefore, not an ideal time to conduct your travels to Cairo. The weather becomes milder between the months of October and March. The nights become chilly as well. Temperatures average at around 14 degrees Celsius during the winter season. Cairo only receives traces of rainfall throughout the year, but the city has humidity levels that go up to 77 percent due to it being close to the Nile river. Desert winds and sandstorms are also typical in Egypt especially as we get closer to the warmer months.

Weather in Cairo

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