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Colombia has more public holidays than most other countries so it would not be ideal to book your holiday over the holiday weekend as most businesses would be shut. Certain other celebratory holidays such as St. Joseph’s day in March, Independence Day in August, and the Immaculate Conception in December also witness more crowds hence making airfares more expensive. If you wish to travel on these holidays, ensure that you book your tickets much in advance.

It is best to fly to Colombia during an off-peak season. The months before and after summer see lesser travel, making it an ideal time to book inexpensive flights to Bogota. It is also advisable to avoid visiting the country during the rainy season which ranges from October to November and April to May. Bogota is also known to have celebrations in the form of festivals and carnivals. They are one of the main attractions the city has to offer and takes place between regular intervals throughout the year.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and the largest city in the republic. This place is not only the political, social and financial centre of Colombia but also a very picturesque and enchanting city. Bogota is also very geographically gifted, having a high and fertile plateau. This beautiful city enjoys a cool and moist climate for a major part of the year. Reeling back from a troubled past, this city has risen to become a vibrant and modern cosmopolitan.

Bogota is very popular for its art which includes street graffiti as well as high-end artworks in galleries. Set in a high-altitude, this place has numerous locations that feature spectacular views of the city. Bogota is also home to some of the most popular art and cultural festivals around the world. Most significantly, the city is home to people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and this allows for Bogota to be a melting pot of varied cultures from around the world.

Cheap Flights to Bogota

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Bogota (BOG), Colombia.

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Bogota

We have negotiated the best deals with all major airlines and suppliers to offer you cheap flights to Bogota (BOG), Colombia. Please find below the list of popular airlines flying to Bogota (BOG) in Colombia.

  • American airline uses its US gateways (ORD/DFW/MIA) to fly to Bogota in Columbia.
  • Air Canada uses Latin airline as code share partners to fly to Bogota.
  • Delta uses uses its US gateway Atlanta to fly to Bogota.
  • United airline uses its US gateways (ORD/IAH/DCA) to fly to Bogota in Columbia.
  • Aero mexico uses its hub in Mexico to fly to Bogota in Colombia.
  • Avianca airline uses Salvador to fly to Bogota.

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What To Do/See in Bogota

What To Do/See in Bogota

Bogota is one city that is bustling with an infectious energy. La Candelaria is a historic neighbourhood in the city which has lanes that are reminiscent of the colonial era. A walk through this area gives off a very bohemian vibe with quirky shops, cafes and restaurants. Monserrate Peak is an iconic location in Bogota and offers some spectacular views of the city. You can get to the mountain peak via cable car and walk around the area and take in the beautiful sights. If you are particularly interested in architecture, you will find that the historic churches of Bogota are man-made marvels. Each church has a unique style of construction that adds to its charm.

If you wish to see the more modern and stylish side to this city, do take a tour of North Bogota. This area houses plenty of great options for cafes, restaurants and even boutiques. Shopping at the various flea markets is an experience that should not be missed. You will find many handicraft stores that sell unique pieces of clothing and antiques. A visit to the Simon Bolivar Park is a must-do. Located within the city, this large green landscape is the perfect getaway for some fresh air and lush foliage.

Top Restaurants In Bogota (BOG) That You’ll love

Bogota is a city that is blessed with a year-round supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. The food in this city is known to be wholesome and bursting with flavour.

Andres Carne de Res

Andres Carne de Res is a restaurant that is very popular in the city. With a seating capacity of 2000 patrons and a 40-page menu, you are sure to have a unique dining experience at this place.


Mercado is a restaurant that is popular for serving up some of the freshest and most organic meals in Bogota. Their farm-to-table character has earned them many fans around the city.


Abasto is another restaurant to visit for some great food at reasonable prices. This place is popular for serving excellent traditional Colombian dishes as well as a variety of international flavours.

Restaurante Casa Santa Clara

Restaurante Casa Santa Clara, situated at the top of the Monserrate Mountain, undoubtedly offers the best view of Bogota. Do not miss out on this place if you would like to relish some great food with a stunning panoramic view of the city.

Coffee Cultivation

Bogota also has a spirited coffee culture given the generous amount of coffee cultivation in the country.

Transportation options in Bogota

The transportation system in Bogota is simple and convenient.

Buses & Taxis
Buses and taxis are the most relied upon means of transport in the city. As soon as you land in the Bogota International Airport (El Dorado International Airport), you can reach the city centre by availing a taxi cab. These taxis are metered and can be arranged from at the airport itself. The other option is to hop on to a bus at the bus station situated right outside the airport. Additionally, you may also avail a taxi cab if you plan on traveling longer distances or with excess luggage.
Since Bogota is on a mountainous terrain, it does not have a metro rail system. Hence, the people of the city rely upon the TransMilenio system, which is an integrated network of buses to move around the city. This bus system stops at all places of tourist importance as well. There is a dedicated lane for these buses so that traffic can be avoided.

Top Hotels In Bogota (BOG) where you can Stay

Based on the various things you would like to do and see around Bogota, you will find multiple options for a safe stay within the city.

Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is a shopping and dining hub of Bogota. The lively area boasts of many high-end shopping locations as well as the best nightlife in the city. The area also hosts a T-shaped central area that is flanked by multiple outlets and is open only to pedestrians.

La Candelaria

La Candelaria is the historical quarter of the city. Since its location is right at the heart of the city, it is an ideal location for stay given its proximity to all areas of interest. If you find an accommodation in this area, it would be easy to explore the city on foot.

Central and South Chapinero

Central and South Chapinero is a very youthful part of the city. The location is known to house quite a few universities along with plenty of leisure and nightlife choices. North Chapinero is an area of Bogota that is more upscale and posh. The neighbourhood has plenty of parks and shopping centres. This area is also known to have many great hotel options.

Weather in Bogota

The climate in Colombia is not divided into seasons per se. The weather at different locations around the country is dependent on the altitudes of that place. The upland areas and the mountainous regions experience chilly weather. It is best to visit Bogota during the drier months that range from December to March and July to August. The weather in Bogota is typical of a spring day with cool and crisp air.

Given Colombia’s proximity to the equator, the temperatures do not see any major fluctuations throughout the year. Since Bogota is at a higher altitude, the chilly evenings can turn into freezing nights during certain periods of the year. The best month for a visit to Bogota would be August, when the sun shines bright on most days, paired with warm and high winds.

Weather in Bogota