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Cancun Travel Guide, Book cheap flights & Cheapest Cancun Tours

There are many great travel destinations around the world, but if you are looking to visit a place that is known for its beauty and entertainment attractions, then Cancun is the perfect one. Cancun is located on the northeast coast of Yucatan Peninsula in South-eastern Mexico. It is one of the most famous tourist destination in the country, which is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The city is located near the Caribbean Sea and has some of the best natural beaches in the world.

The city is not only known for its beauty, but it also has a lot of historical facts to share with its visitors. Mexico has had a rich cultural and historical past, which can be witnessed by tourists in Cancun. The best way to check out the entire city, while covering each and every popular tourist attraction is by booking popular tourist packages. These packages are mostly five days long and are known for covering everything that the city offers. Here is the list of all the important things that you should know before planning a trip to Cancun.

Cheap Flights to Cancun can be booked online Cancun

Top Airlines for Cancun

Aeromexico Airlines
Aeromexico is the biggest Flag Carrier in the country which is known for providing budget airline tickets. If you have been looking to visit Cancun anytime soon, then searching for your tickets through Aeromexico Airlines can get you amazing discounts.

Avianca Airlines
Another great way to find cheap flight tickets for Cancun is by searching for Avianca Airlines flights. The headquarters of the airline is situated in Bogota, and it has alliances with numerous airlines.

American Airline
American Airlines too, is known for providing tickets for Cancun. There are multiple online booking portals that have ties with the company and are known for offering the best deals on American Airlines flights.

Delta Airlines
If you are looking for another flight option for Cancun then, you might want to consider Delta Airlines. The official website of the airlines has numerous deals listed throughout the year making it possible to get cheap flights.

Top hotels and resorts in Cancun

Hard Rock Hotel
One of the best hotels that Cancun has to offer is Hard Rock Hotel. It is situated in the central part of the city near the main market. It is an all-inclusive beach resort that features six restaurant and seven bars. The hotel also has multiple swimming pools which make it a great place to stay.

Crown Paradise Club
If you are looking for a lavish hotel that is spread across a large area than Crown Paradise Club is the best choice. It is known for offering numerous recreational activities, which tourists can enjoy. The hotel also has a Golf Course that makes it one of the most luxurious accommodations in Cancun.

The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort
If one is planning to stay a bit longer in Cancun, then the Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort has individual Apartments to offer. These rooms are fully equipped with kitchenettes to make your stay more comfortable.

Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort
If you are going on a family vacation, then the Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort is the place to stay. The hotel offers modern accommodations which come with free parking and WiFi. It also provides complimentary breakfast to all its guest. The hotel also has three Infinity pools and two restaurants.

Le Blanc Spa Resort
Another great thing that Cancun is known for is its Spa Resorts, and Le Blanc is one such hotel that is known for its spacious rooms which face the sea and offer a beautiful view. There are four different multi-cuisine restaurants in the hotel along with six different bars.

Casa Magna Marriott
One of the most famous hotels in the world is Marriott, and Casa Magna Marriott is no different. Apart from its luxurious rooms this hotel is also famous for its outdoor pools and hot tubs, which give you a magnificent view of the ocean.

The Ritz-Carlton
If you are someone who prefers a more upscale accommodation along with fine dining restaurants, then the Ritz Carlton is your place. The hotel is known for its lush green gardens and tennis courts, that provide ample outdoor entertainment activities. There is even a spa in the hotel which is open 24 hours for its guest.

Top Restaurants in Cancun

There are numerous eateries in Cancun, and Gustino is the best Mexican Restaurant in the city. It is known offering Mexican cuisine with a modern touch.

Peters Restaurant
If one is looking to try out some good cocktails, then visiting Peters Restaurant is the best option. Apart from serving Mexican cuisine, it has a huge variety of cocktails to offer.

Puerto Madero
Cancun also has an excellent Argentinian restaurant known as Puerto Madero. It is a casual eatery that serves the best Argentinian cuisine in the city.

To try some good seafood while you are in Cancun, one must visit Lorenzillo's. The restaurant is known for serving huge portions of seafood for relatively low price.

The Surfin Burrito
If one is looking to grab a quick bite while shopping in Cancun, then visiting the Surfin Burrito is a great idea. The eatery offers almost 20 different kinds of burritos on its menu.

La Habichuela
Cancun also has a great barbecue joint known as La Habichuela. The restaurant has nearly every kind of grilled meat on its menu.

Rinos is one of the best pizza joints in Cancun that is known for serving different kinds of toppings options. It serves some of the best thin crust pizzas in Cancun.

If you are visiting Cancun along with your family and are looking for a budget eatery than Cambalache can be the perfect place to visit. The restaurant serves both buffets as well as A La Carte.

Cancun can be a great family travel destination if you keep all these things in mind while booking your trip. The five-day tour package being the most popular tour in Cancun is one of the most scheduled trips of the city. It is the best way to experience the entire city at once without having to skip any of its attractions.

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