Top 5 Travel Trends in 2017

The tourism industry changes constantly and there is no certain way of knowing what the future holds especially when it comes to travel trends. With so many great destinations to visit all around the world, one can easily get confused as to what is recommended for their next vacation.

You can easily find numerous posts online that will showcase what is trending this season.But these posts cannot give you a real insight into the top travel trends. To make things simpler and give you an idea of all the latest top 5 travel norms of 2017 here is a list that we have put together.

1. Experience over luxury
We all think that luxury travel is something that is desired by most people but the truth is that travelers these days value experience way more than the luxury. Visiting world famous travel destinations might not be able to give you the same experience and satisfaction that a small non-commercial location would. Many great tourist spots are not that famous or luxurious but are still the most beautiful places on earth that people can visit. The primary purpose of visiting these destinations is the one of a kind experience that tourists get in return.

Another great thing about valuing experience over luxury is that travelers can save a lot of money while planning their trip. These non-commercial locations are way cheaper than the popular ones and are yet fully equipped with all the entertainment and luxury facilities that one might desire. Apart from this, another benefit of following this travel trend is that a visitor can enjoy a relatively private vacation rather than going to a place that is overly crowded. It is certain that you can enjoy the same standard of services and facilities for half the price and also get a never before kind of experience by keeping these norms in mind.

2. Rejuvenating Getaway
Another popular trend that is picking up in 2017 is visiting rejuvenated getaways. By this, we mean more and more tourists are planning to visit Yoga and Spa Retreats rather than luxurious entertainment resorts. The main reason behind this trend being so popular this season is that people are now valuing mental peace and health over entertainment. It is also the perfect way to relax and enjoy quality time along with your loved ones rather than visiting a place that is super crowded and difficult to experience. People commonly mistake these rejuvenating resorts to be all about health and not being that entertaining, but the truth is entirely opposite.

Most of the resorts offering similar getaways are included in the world's best retreats and are a combination of excellent accommodations, entertainment, sightseeing, yoga centers and spas. Apart from this, they are also known for their remote and beautiful locations that offer some of the best landscape views. Another great thing about these getaways is that they are managed by highly qualified yoga and spa professionals, which add to the overall experience. They can also give you hundred percent correct knowledge about how to keep yourself relaxed and rejuvenated even when you are not on vacation.

3. Solo vacations
Most of us today are working individuals and are living away from our family and friends. This makes it all the harder to plan a group holiday as no one ever seems to be free at the same time. Due to this reason, solo vacation trend has become very popular in the last couple of years. In 2017 this norm has marked a massive percentage increase as one can see more and more people experiencing the world alone. With the idea of traveling alone becoming popular, there are many backpackers retreats and budget hotels being established all around the world.

The entire thought behind solo traveling or vacation is to make the process as easy as possible. It not only requires a minimum amount of planning but it also is an excellent way to enjoy low budget holidays. Although earlier it was comparatively difficult to find safe accommodations and hotels for staying alone. But with this concept gaining popularity almost every big and small hotel is providing competent options for backpackers and individual visitors. Apart from this solo vacation can also be an excellent idea if you are someone who loves exploring adventurous locations and do not want any restraint while you are on a trip.

4. Luxury Homestays
Out of all the modern travel related things trending in 2017, one is making a mark for itself. The first thing that most of us look out for while planning a trip is a good accommodation. It is not always necessary that a 5-star hotel is the best choice to stay in a city to experience comfort and luxury. There are other great alternatives like homestays which are becoming very popular these days. The best part about these luxury homestays is that one can witness the real culture and vibe of the destination without it being commercialized.

Apart from this, these family-owned properties or homestays as we call them are a way cheaper option for travelers. They will fix you up with all the facilities that a modern 5-star hotel would along with a real insight into the actual culture of the place. These luxury homestays are gaining popularity as most of them are always centrally located and are close to all the popular neighborhoods of a town. This makes it easy for travelers to enjoy their trip rather than spending maximum time in commuting. Homestays are also the best way to gather information about local sightseeing options which can eliminate the need to hiring a guide while you are in a city.

5. Combining Business and Leisure
The way people conduct business meetings these days are changing rapidly. Initially, they were considered serious group discussions that had to be held in a conference room or else they would not hold any worth. But with the times changing more and more companies are now bringing a modern twist to the traditional concept of business gatherings by combining them with vacations or leisure trips. This is the hottest travel trend when it comes to 2017, as companies have realized that they need to relax a bit more when it comes to official work. Along with this, another great thing about combining business and leisure trips together is that one can enjoy them without having to plan a separate vacation.

Apart from this, they are also an excellent way to make a good impression on one's clients and show them the real meaning of being an upscale organization. It is also a great way to see new locations for those who are traveling individually on a business trip. One might not always be able to visit certain destinations on their own so combining these two things together can be a very good idea for working individuals. One can be certain that they would have a great vacation this season by keeping in mind these top 5 travel trends of 2017. They are not just the perfect options for getting as much as possible out of your vacation plans but are also a great way to explore the world with an entirely new point of view. If you are wondering where to begin your search for the best places to visit in 2017 which are also trending this season, then searching for tour packages, cheap flights and airline tickets through Nanak Flights can also be of great help. Please call and our expert staff will be able to plan your vacations in seamless manner.

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