Sri Lanka Tour Guide

Sri Lanka is emerging as a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches and lush green rainforests. The country is located in the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea on either side. Whether you're visiting Sri Lanka for the first time or are returning to refresh your old memories, you can always count on Nanak Flights to help you book the best tours. We offer a range of affordable vacation packages with cheap airline tickets, accommodation as well as local transportation options. Nanak Flights has tie-ups with service providers from Sri Lanka who allows us to give you the best price that the market has to offer.

Culture and History, Sri Lanka

The people of Sri Lanka belong to different cultural and religious background as any other country. Almost 70% of the population follows Buddhism which was first introduced in the 2nd century. Sri Lanka is the only country which still has an unbroken Buddhist lineage since its introduction. The second predominant religion is Hinduism that reaches up to 13% of the total population. It is most influential in the central part of the country. You can even find believers of Islam and Christianity who make for a significant portion of the actual percentage.
The history of Sri Lanka dates back to almost 125,000 years. It is believed that Nagas and Yakshas were the first ever inhabitants of the island. The name of the island was initially discovered in Ramayana which is an Indian scripture narrating the struggle of Lord Rama against the evil king Ravana. In the past few decades, archaeologists have also found remains of ancient civilizations and humans who are anatomically modern in Sri Lanka. The artifacts found in the local caves also suggest that the prehistoric inhabitants indulged in agriculture and game hunting. The dynastic history of the island ended when it came under the rule of the British Empire in 1815.
Modern Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka might be a small country compared to others, but it still has an array of modern things to showcase. Certain towns of the island are known for their beautiful and modern buildings with also have a glimpse of ancient architecture. The state also acts as a trade center for precious gems and tea. Here blue sapphire is found in abundance, and the same has put Sri Lanka on the world trade map. Apart from this, it is also acknowledged for manufacturing and exporting textile as well as agricultural products. Overall visiting the new Sri Lanka will give you an experience of a lifetime.


Popular Sri Lanka Tours.

Unique Sri Lankan Splendor

One of the most popular trips that Sri Lanka has to offer is the Unique Splendor. It starts in Negombo and goes all the way up to Katunayake. It is a nine-day trip which includes everything from hotel stays, meals to transportation. The thing that makes this tour package different from others is the fact that it is made for small groups so that every traveler can get a personalized experience. Another reason why this trip is so popular is that it starts and ends with an airport pickup and drop, which is also included in the tariff.

Reasons For Choosing the Tour
The Unique Splendor really lives up to its name by offering you a one of a kind tour of Sri Lanka. It is the simplest way of visiting all the tourist destinations that the country has to offer without having to book separate trips.

Sri Lanka Express

If adventure and cultural sightseeing are all that you want on your trip to Sri Lanka, then this tour package is perfect for you. The entire tour is divided into eight days and has more than five different destinations to visit. This package also includes all the essential amenities like accommodation, food, an experienced tour guide, and transport. It can be an amazing option if you are planning to travel with your family, as it is meant for small size groups that can only accommodate 15 people at once.

Reasons For Choosing the Tour
Traveling with your kid is a primary reason why you should choose this tour. It is the perfect amalgamation of adventure and historic locations which gives it a rounded feel. Also, the trip allows you to stay overnight at popular tourist destinations which is not very common.

Sailing Sri Lanka - East Coast

In case you are looking to visit some of the best beaches in the country then Sailing Sri Lanka East Coast is a tour package that you must consider. It is a well-designed seven-day trip which allows you to participate in almost every type of water activity possible. Whether it is paddling through the ocean, sightseeing, or trying out a variety of local cuisine, it can all be done by booking this tour. The best part about this particular vacation package is that it takes you through some of the most secluded and private beaches of Sri Lanka as well.

Reasons For Choosing the Tour
For all of you who are into watersports and activities, this trip will prove to be the best bet. It is ideal for people of all ages and is a luxurious way of traveling through the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka by Road

A simple way to understand the culture and lifestyle of Sri Lanka is by visiting places where the locals spend their time. Sri Lanka by Road is a vacation package which has been created to give you an authentic cultural experience without making it too touristy. It is a five-day tour that is conducted on bicycles which makes it a bit more adventurous than usual. The trip includes destinations which are located on the northern coast of Sri Lanka and are famous for their beaches as well as scenic beauty.

Reasons For Choosing the Tour
This tour is very popular amongst people who are looking for adventurous ways of spending their holiday. You will not only be able to witness the real side of Sri Lanka but will be doing it in a comfortable yet thrilling way.

Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

If you want to stay in one of the biggest cities of Sri Lanka and yet see all the tourist attractions, then this vacation package might be the answer to your requirement. It is four days and three nights tour which is mainly based in Colombo. While on this trip, you will be spending your days in different towns of Sri Lanka. Although, the evenings are always kept open for exploring Colombo. It is a discovery style tour which takes you through every tourist location whether big or small.

Reasons For Choosing the Tour
This trip is specially created for those who want to see the urban side of Sri Lanka and are looking to stay in two of the biggest cities. It focuses on the modern lifestyle of Sri Lankans and all the different activities that they like to indulge in for entertainment.

What To Do/See in Colombo

More to Do in SriLanka

Sigiriya is the ideal place to visit in Sri Lanka if you want to see the remains of an ancient city. It has a majestic fort on the top of the mountain which is accessible by a trail of a steep staircase. It gives you a bright idea of how people lived during the 5th century. Another travel location that you must visit while you are in the country is the Dambulla Cave Temple. Here you will be able to witness a bunch of small temples built into the cave which display some of the most beautiful overhanging rock formations. These temples also have ancient paintings, statues, and murals on display.

There is a wide range of festivals celebrated in Sri Lanka due to its multicultural background. Apart from the usual Christmas and Tamil new year, EsalaPerahera is also a famous festival amongst the locals. It is celebrated either in July or August every year in the town of Kandy. The celebration has become so popular that it attracts tourists from all over the world. It has become a symbol of Sri Lankan culture. The ceremony is an over the top Buddhist festival which involves dressing up in elegant costumes and taking out magnificent processions. Decorated elephants are the focal point of this parade.

Top Restaurants In SriLanka That You’ll love

Srilanka is a coastal country which plays a huge role in the influence of seafood in the local cuisine. The locals here like to eat a lot of rice with prawns and fish. Many international fast food joints are also present here.

The Mango Tree

The Mango tree is a popular restaurant serves delicious Indian Food. Try spicy prawn sunehri jhinga and classic Tandoori chicken tikka here.


If you want to try some tasty Japanese cuisines, visit Nihonbashi. This place is named in Asia's 38th best restaurant and is one of the best places to visit in Colombo.


Zaza is another great place to eat in Colombo. This place offers the best Ceylon tea, which is the combination of the ancient flavours of Sri Lanka tea culture with modern twists.


For south Indian cuisine lovers, Chutneys is the best place to experience the variety of culinary culture.

Curry Leaf & Seafood's Cove

Restaurants such as Curry Leaf and Seafood's Cove are worth a try. There are all kinds of restaurants here, serving scrumptious Sri Lankan meals that have gained global popularity with their blend of fiery spices, rich flavours and unique textures.

Transportation options in SriLanka

Sri Lanka has various modes of local transportation that you can use depending on the distance you are looking to travel. To give you a better idea of how you can commute easily within the country here is a small list of options that we have created.

Local buses are the most used form of public transportation in Sri Lanka. If you are looking to travel from one town to the other, then this is the best option to choose. Also, local bus fares are way cheaper than other options available.
If budget is not a constraint them hiring a cab or taxi is yet another way of reaching your desired destination. It is highly recommended, in case, you are not affiliated with any tour groups and are traveling independently.
Auto rickshaws
Auto rickshaws are the most commonly used mode of transportation in the capital city.
In case you want to travel to a comparatively longer distance then we suggest you opt for train rides. Although, this might not be as cheap as the local buses. But they are definitely more comfortable and ideal for longer journeys.
Sri Lanka being an island country also offers boat rides and ferries for the daily commute. Choosing this alternative is the best way of travel and see the natural landscape at the same time.
Tuk-tuks are easily available at almost every junction and are quite inexpensive.

Top Hotels in SriLanka where you can Stay

SriLanka has a great collection of luxury hotels like the Kingsbury near Fort, the Hilton Colombo in Fort, the Galle Face Hotel, which is actually one of Asia's oldest hotels. The city is also filled with some good budget hotels like the Hostel at Galle Face, the Mount Lavinia Home Stay and many more. All these hotels are well equipped with modern facilities.

The Kingsbury

The Kingsbury near Fort is one of the best hotels to stay. This place provides some stunning ocean views.

Galle Face Hotel

Make yourself comfortable in the Galle Face Hotel, Asia’s oldest hotels.

Ocean Front

Catch the sunset with a beautiful view of Indian Ocean at the Ocean Front.

Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo is another remarkable hotels maintaining a great combination of modern design styles with the beauty of a 200 years-old Moorish mansion.

Hilton Colombo

If you want to avoid staying in the hustle and bustle of the city, then Hilton Colombo could be the great choice for you.

Weather in SriLanka

SriLanka is a year-round destination and tourists can visit here at any time of the year. The weather is pleasant for most of the year. The country is mostly sunny from January to March. A lot of visitors visit the city during these three months. Duruthu Perahera Festival held in January attracts many visitors.

April comes with the spring season in SriLanka. May to October are the wettest months in the years. Due to the rainy season, the city starts becoming less crowded from May, which makes it great to soak in the natural beauty here. As it is a shoulder season you will get great deals on hotels and flights during this time.

November to December is the best season to enjoy the winter sun. The climate is good enough for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Weather in Colombo

Popular Tours

For those of you who are looking to book a customized tour package getting in touch with us directly is the right way to go. We will create a vacation package which is worth your money and also covers every possible tourist location or activity.

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