Offbeat Tourist Places in Mumbai

We have curated the list of top 6 offbeat tourist places to visit in Mumbai.

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1. The pink encounter with Flamingoes at Sewri Jetty
Location- Parel Island
Best Time- January to March

Every winter the Sweri mangrove mudflats host charming pink visitors from Rann of Kutch. These dainty flamingos come in huge flocks to feast upon these marshlands and stay until June, giving you an opportunity to embrace the sight of these endearing species and know them like never before. These mudflats are also popular amongst other bird species like Western Reef-egret, Black-headed Ibis, River Tern etc., making it a sweet haven for avid Bird Watchers. You could choose one of the adventure group or resort to the Flamingo festival initiated by the Bombay Natural History Society that includes other fun activities along with bird watching. But wait for no one for the sight of these delightful species setting their pink feathers in motion is all you need to break the stressful city life monotony!

2. Witness the unconventional art at Chapel street
Location- Bandra
Best Time- Anytime

This street in Bandra is quite a portal to the art nation in the middle of the concrete jungles. Its walls adorned with unusual artworks and graphics calls out to all you art lovers and critics. The buoyant colours on the dusky old walls are for one and all to enjoy the free expression of art. For all the passionate artists it is an open canvas to showcase and share their art, and for others like us, it is an absolute visual treat with so many artworks from cityscapes to portraits to comics, everything that makes up for an enticing, colorful evening! Already been here? No worries because this unique art museum can surprise you with new collection anytime. So pack nothing and head to this little self-made art nation nestled in our very own cramped up bye-lanes.

3. Heritage sprawl along the Flora Fountain
Location- South Mumbai
Best Time- Anytime

The flora fountain at the Hutatmya Chowk stands strong till date preserving its 17th-century neo-gothic glory amongst these monotonous glasses and concrete buildings. The fountain that was originally built by the British Governance to beautify the urban space still serves its purpose. If you have a weak spot for historic structure and monuments, this fountain is crowned with an overlooking majestic statue of the Roman Goddess and ornate embellishments which is waiting for you. Today the fountain is surrounded by the lush green lawns providing visitors with a breathing space ideal for those morning and evening walks. In the evening when the sun begins to withdraw its light, the park is illuminated with many colourful lights just when the water from fountain strikes up a soothing melody.

4. Discover your spiritual side at the Global Vipasana Pagoda
Location- Gorai
Timings - Monday to Sunday, 9 am -7 pm

It is really difficult to find a place of solitude in our never resting Mumbai; but not if you have been to the Global Vipasana Pagoda. Built recently in 2009, the Golden pagoda rises majestically like a guardian overlooking the dense green forests. Unlike the traditional Pagodas, it isn’t a worship place but is built as a meditation hall. It replicates the great Golden Pagoda in Myanmar and brings out the quintessential intricate elements from the Burmese Architecture to us. You can meditate in the hall or just experience the spiritual ambience it creates in and around by its mere presence. When light reflects from its lustrous golden skin, you couldn’t help but feel the divine presence. And at night it glitters flawlessly spreading its golden aura in all directions attracting visitors from the Arabian Sea. So if you feel lost in the city’s hustle and bustle; just head to this place and rediscover your inner self.

5. Explore our very own Portuguese local at Khotachi Wadi.
Location- Girgaum
Best Time- Anytime

This place is not very far from our famous Chowpatty and will definitely bring back all your Goa nostalgia as it still preserves its narrow lanes embellished with ornate Konkan- Portugal houses. It takes you on a Portugal rollercoaster ride with its every intricate detail like sloping Mangalore tile roofs, decorative iron railings, ornate verandahs and bright, colorful walls. The colourful splashes of the houses play hide and seek as you explore these lanes. Life seems much more beautiful and easier here when you find a cosy bench and cherish this local. Walking along an altogether different neighbourhood on a pleasant evening in contrast to the typical cramped up Mumbai lanes is absolutely refreshing. So if you are missing the Goan charm; your wait is over with this little hamlet near our very own Mumbai!

6. Reconnect with our roots at Banganga.
Location- Malabar hills
Best Time- Anytime

This 12th-century water tank at the edge of Walkeshwar temple has an inherent mystical aura around it with endearing monochromes of the stone structures reflecting from its green waters. According to the legend, the tank first became active when Lord Ram shot an arrow on this land. Water in the lake is regarded as the holy from river Ganga which flows miles away. One can spend an entire day sitting by the tank staring into its deep green waters, seeking answers to unknown questions for the solitude that one finds here is absolutely addictive.

These secluded pockets are just a drive away! So wait no more and head on a solo expedition or with a special someone as the magic is in the place.

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