Must visit shopping malls in Mumbai. Find Best shopping malls in Mumbai.

Don’t you agree that we Mumbaikars have our own unique style and demeanour! While Mumbai may not be a trendsetter or the ultimate shopping destination of the country; it certainly doesn’t disappoint us, enthusiastic shoppers. On the one hand, it is home to some of countries oldest markets; on the other, it has progressively encouraged the so-called ‘Mall Culture’ giving us the best of both worlds. These malls are the urban gathering spaces we end up at all occasions; from the casual meetups to solo window shopping. They are people magnets not less than any magic lands to us. But with our limited time; we need to know the right mall to be in.

Don’t worry your job is just going to be easier with this list of 5 malls offering a different experience to each one.

Shopping Mumbai

1. High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel
Key Attractions – Stores & Bowling Alley
The high Street Phoenix has literally pioneered the mall culture in Mumbai. The old Phoenix mills rose back in 1992 from its economic crisis, just like the phoenix rises from its ashes. Since then it has kept rising to glory and has become this urban magnet attracting thousands of visitors. The mall stands out with its chic colonial exteriors and the 20m high chimney amongst the glass-laden buildings. It started with a 20 lane bowling alley; later including a shopping complex, restaurants, multiplex and even a residential tower to transform into Mumbai’s premier recreation hub. The glittering shopfronts in the mall house over 500 engaging brands along with budget stores like Big Bazaar that will get you all the items on your shopping list. After the tiring shopping frenzy, it is time to pamper your taste buds while you have 35 different mouthwatering options waiting along the entertainment plaza here.

2. Oberoi Mall, Goregaon
Key Attractions –Stores, Gaming Zone and Restaurants
Shopping in those enormous malls feels like working out in a gym to you, well you are not alone. But you simply can’t avoid them for there is everything under one roof, so much convenience together. This mall in uptown Goregaon is just about right size with the right stores. You will get familiar with it in no time and mark out your favourite stores. So when you just need something specific, you wouldn’t end up walking and exploring the entire fashion industry. The Central and Lifestyle outlets here would suffice for the fashion guru in you. It has PVR cinemas and a gaming arena that takes care of the entertainment. To give a perfect end to the day; along with food court, it has five stunning restaurants that you will definitely want to give a solo visit sometime. It further takes care of its customers by including Kids crèche that keeps your little ninjas occupied while you find something adorable for them.

3. R-city Mall, Ghatkopar
Key Attractions: Stores, Restaurants, Snow Kingdom & Click Art Museum.
Recently built in 2009; this mall in suburbs of Ghatkopar has become a favorite destination of people here simply because it is good and close by. It is the most convenient choice for hardworking homemaker wives to enjoy movies or accompany each other to find a gorgeous outfit. It takes care of all its shoppers by having budget stores like Big Bazaar that takes care of the routine home shopping and all popular stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Splash and Max. There are a couple of stores with a range of electronics too. On a lazy Sunday, when you don’t want to cook or drive to your usual favourite restaurant that is far; R-city has 16 restaurants sending out those devouring flavours and aromas making you hungry at the very moment. The entertainment area on the last floor is a cherry on the cake. It has Kidzania, Fun-o-factory, Time zone, the Snow Kingdom for kids and Click art Museum, Red Carpet museum and the Prime Time Sports bar for the adults. Altogether it is a complete package of family entertainment.

4. Infiniti Mall, Malad and Andheri
Key Attractions: Shopping store and Kid Zone.
The Infiniti mall at both the prime locations is always buzzing with people. With its size measuring 1 million square feet this mall really feels like infinity. It is every shopaholic’s paradise. It houses the best of Indian and International apparel and accessories brands that give you the ultimate shopping satisfaction you always dreamt of. It further makes up for your high-end luxury cinema experience with the PVR Icon. The planet Infiniti here is a delightful host to the little guests. It includes space bubble, Alibaba-the flying carpet and Toddler’s den amongst others that will make you wish you were a kid. Nevertheless, it brings to life your kid’s fantasy world.

5. Growel’s 101, Kandivli
Key Attractions: The neo-classical interiors.
Growel’s 101 mall remains untouched by the modern day monoculture of mall typology. It is rather small in scale and stands unique with its alluring elements like arcades and ionic columns it borrows from the neoclassical style of architecture. Although it has limited stores such as the Central, Pantaloons, Fab India, Crosswords among others, it appeals to the people with the classical interiors giving out an opulent aura. The mall hosts energizing events regularly; the Christmas celebrations here are worth a visit. The glittering chandeliers, well-proportioned colonnades and archways bring out an altogether European shopping feel that you wouldn’t get in other malls in Mumbai.

While you don’t get the discrete satisfaction of bargaining in malls; they certainly mesmerize us with all the fancy décor. They take the window shopping to comfort shopping and have become the multi-purpose destinations catering to the iridescent needs of a city dweller! Now that you have options pick anyone and treat yourself with the most satisfying shopping therapy!

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