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Best restaurants in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the second business capital of India, just next to Mumbai. With bullet train coming soon between Mumbai to Ahmedabad, this city is one of the hot destinations for business travelers. The Sabarmati river and Gandhi Ashram on the western bank add a spiritual feel to the city. The culture of this place is rich and vibrant. The city has two parts, the old city and the new city. You will find a mix of traditional values in this city as different religious communities coexist in this city. The mix of old and new is also reflected in the food. Ahmedabad takes pride in their cuisine, as the people in the city belong to different ethnicities. If you have a craving for Dhoklas and Gujju food, you will find the best Gujarati food in this city. We have listed you seven places you must visit for a lovely meal ranging from budget canteens to luxury bistros.

Ahmedabad restaurants

1. Agashiye: The House of MG
Agashiye is a trendy place in Ahmedabad with fancy dining, classic vibes, great service and awesome meals. It has a huge terrace to give you a spectacular view of the city. You will definitely have a memorable experience at this food joint. If you are looking for something between luxury and budget, called super economy these days, you should head to this place. You will definitely have a memorable experience at this food joint. It would cost you around 1900 INR for two people. Special Gujarati items that you should try at this restaurant are Thepla, Farsan, Kadhiand sweets. You should make it a point to lavish upon the very special palatable Gujarati thali at this restaurant while in Ahmedabad. The restaurant is all vegetarian, serves Jain food, and you can even enjoy a buffet.

2. Masala Canteen
Masala Canteen is a small and cosy restaurant in Vastrapur. It serves North Indian cuisine and has courteous staff. The architecture is fusion and in particular, you will like the unique cutlery. Its recommended to start with cocktails or cocktails. Also, ‘Mango Lassi’ and ‘Kokum Ras’ are a recommended try-out.Other recommendations include chicken samosa and keema pao. Non vegetarians will also like the perfectly smoked chicken tikka here. If you are a barbeque lover, the barbequed fish is just the thing for you. The quantity of the servings is good and therefore, the restaurant is economical for a group dinner or lunch. The pizza like Naans served in the restaurant are another famous thing. It would cost around 600 INR for two people.

3. Revolving restaurant
Revolving restaurants are always a hype in metro cities and luckily, Ahmedabad has one of them. This restaurant is a go-to place for couples and gives a a 360-degree view of the Sabarmati River. It serves only buffets and you can eat your fill at 1800 rupees per person. One can enjoy live music with a spectacular view while dining at the revolving restaurant. The ambience is great, and this restaurant is worth a visit just for the panoramic view of the Ahmedabad City. This is a good place to celebrate occasions or celebrate business deals.

4. Elysium
If you are flying from Canada or united states, and looking for Italian, Mexican or European food, you should head to Elysium. This is a good place for dinner with family or friends for celebrating special occasions, be it anniversary, birthdays or promotions. The name of the restaurants sound posh and expensive, but you will be surprised, that it costs around 700 rupees for two people. This countryside Bistro offers classic outdoor seating with a cool and breezy feel. You will certainly enjoy the ambience of the place and particularly, the subtle lights going around the whole restaurant. This ‘chic’ place has large pools, fountains and a separate smoking area too. Elysium is definitely, by far the best eatery in Ahmedabad.

5. Barbeque Nation
If you are looking for buffet dinner, Barbeque Nation is the place to go, specially for non vegetarians. This is a chain restaurant in most of the metro cities in India. The ambiance of the restaurant is great and they place a hot barbecue stove right on your dining table. You will like the service and the hospitality of the staff. You should relish the unlimited snacks and special dishes recommended by cooks. This is little heavier on the pocket at around 1000 bucks per person but definitely a go-to place.

6. Jugaad Nights
If you are searching for food at 2 a.m, this is where you should head to. A truly ‘Jugaadu’ restaurant for the nocturnal homo sapiens, this restaurant lives up to its name. The cuisine is Chinese as well as North Indian. This restaurant is very economical and would cost you around 200 INR for two people. They have doorstep delivery service also. Do remember this Jugaad, if you need food anytime in Ahmedabad. This is a budget place for meals and don't expect great ambiance or service here.

7. Nini’s Kitchen
Nini's kitchen is a small casual seating restaurant with nice food, décor and the surroundings. The staff is courteous and friendly. The service is particularly fast and efficient. They serve delicious food with right quality as well as portion sizes. Despite being a small management, this place offers Indian, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine as well as other food options for Vegan.

Ahmedabad is the fastest growing city in India with even faster-growing restaurants. There might be new food joints opening daily, but still, the best ones will always be the best ones. The food hubs are even better on 'Uttarayan' which is the annual kite flying festival and on the Navratri nights. During festivals, the rush is on next level at all the joints.