Best Restaurants in Mumbai you must visit

To us, Mumbaikars food is more of a celebration than a meal, from that morning spicy Misal Pav to evening beachside Chaat to late night hunger settler Masala Pavs they take their flavors very seriously. While each one of them would have their favorite spot to dine, they are still the explorers of mouthwatering delights that lead up to the Euphoria while food connects to their soul. Presenting on a not so silver platter the best restaurants in Mumbai that will treat you well with offbeat ambiance and unique flavors of contentment.

Mumbai restaurants

1. TEA TRAILS, Bandra Kurla Complex
It is a warm cozy place by the Chai enthusiasts for the Chai Enthusiasts, perfect for catching up with a friend or for first dates with its intriguing teas. It presents tea in a brand new avatar as startling twisted flavors are fused with our beloved tea. With ample varieties of tea, there is also a range of quintessential side dishes from poha, omelet, and bun-maskas to waffles, sandwiches, and pizzas. The menu is elaborately done with food from different corners of the world brought together.

Cuisine: Indian, Italian, Mexican.
Best Recommended for: Brunch, Evening Snacks.
Must Haves: Chamomile Bubble Tea, Samosa Thauk.
Timings: 9 AM to 8 PM.

2. MASALA BAR, Bandra West
This place will allow you to ease in the minute you walk in with its enticing subdued ambiance created by mildly reflective steel finishes and warm candle lighting. It is the kind of place that will make up for your long tiring day and relax your body and mind. The menu offers lip-smacking finger foods along with some amazing drinks that you will definitely crave later.

Cuisine: Finger food, Indian.
Best Recommended For: Late Night Drinks.
Don’t Miss: Mumbai Matinee, Bollywood Bhang, Bailey’s Lollipop.
Timings: 5 PM to 1 AM (On Sundays opens at 12.30).

The Canteen reminiscing the taste of good old Bombay delights with its canteen booth style seating and minimalist interiors offer the extravaganza of our favorite street foods paired with filling main course items borrowed from the different Indian States. The dessert menu, in particular, is very interesting with fusion concepts. The drinks are assembled with refreshing fruity tinges reconnecting to the traditional menu.

Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian.
Best Recommended For: Casual Lunch & Dinner.
Don’t Miss: Fresh Toor Samosa Chaat, Canteen Haleem, Coffee Rasgulla.
Timings: 12 Noon to 1.00 AM (On Fridays & Saturdays open till 1.30).

4. THE SOUTH HIGH, Lower Parel
With inherent South Indian charm, this vibrant place is a brilliant choice for afternoon lunch as well as dinner followed up by Drinks. It captures in numerous intricate elements from the colorful South Indian Culture and weaves them together. By day it is a traditional canteen serving authentic food from Southern India with occasional twists on aromatic banana leaves while at night it turns into an off-beat youthful bar.

Cuisine: South Indian.
Best Recommended For: Casual Lunch & Dinner.
Don’t Miss: Prawn thokku, Rajni Dosa, Filter coffee.
Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight.

5. Ph Se Food, Mulund West
If you are bored from having regular Indian food, then here is the place that offers interesting fusion Indian dishes that will satisfy the inquisitive foodie in you. The vibrant colorful interiors energize your spirits preparing you for the parade of the flavors that is to come! The menu is a classic revival of traditional Indian snacks with a twist along with all-time favorite pizzas and pasta. They have an interesting Chaas platter, yup calling out for all food lover Gujaratis!

Cuisine: Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese.
Best Recommended For: Casual Dinner.
Don’t Miss: Veg Canneloni, Kokum Mojito, Pav Bhaji Platters.
Timings: 12 Noon to 1 AM.

6. MRP - My Regular Place, Dadar East
MRP, a potential contender for your new hangout places, it shares a very casual fun vibe. They have our favorite childhood board games for each table along with exotic Asian delicacies on the menu. The arcade-like setting with game-themed interiors makes it a perfect fun ‘adda’ for all.

Cuisine: East Asian.
Best Recommended For: Hangouts with the gang.
Don’t Miss: Butter Chicken Bao, Prawn Crackers, Brownie, Shawarma, Feng Shui Pot.
Timings: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 3 AM.

7. YOGA HOUSE, Bandra West
This place will completely reform your lookout towards healthy food. The café offers open airy space with interesting nooks and corners to enjoy your healthy meal decorated with fresh splashes of colors. Usually, bland boring healthy food is magically made devouring. The menu includes interesting healthy variations of so-called ’junk food’ along with exclusive health drinks and juices that will kick-start your day.

Cuisine: Café, Salad.
Best Recommended For: Breakfast and Brunch.
Don’t Miss: Ten Grains Bread & Paneer Bhurji, Carrot Cake, Signature Hash Browns.
Timings: 8 AM to 9:30 PM.

8. MASALA LIBRARY, Bandra Kurla Complex
It offers the ultimate fine dine experience with its pale beiges and creams and diffused warm lighting creating an altogether chic ambiance. They don’t serve food; they serve mouthwatering pieces of artwork. The platting of all items is so on point that you don’t want to destroy it! They offer experimental Indian dishes with refreshing contemporary twists.

Cuisine: Indian, Asian.
Best Recommended for: Dinner.
Don’t Miss: Dahi kebabs, Paneer achari, Burnt curry leaf martini.
Timings: 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 7 PM to 11:30 PM.

9. Francesco’s Pizzeria, Kemp’s Corner
Pizzas are the beginning and the end of all the addictions. Undoubtedly the world’s favorite food never fails to rejuvenate our spirits. Francesco’s is doing a brilliant job of spreading smiles through pizzas. It holds a very elegant demeanor with its proud but subtle earthy tones with occasional refreshing use of yellow and white furniture. Besides pizzas, they have sandwiches, fries, kinds of pasta and desserts.

Cuisine: Italian.
Best Recommended for: Brunch, Evening Snacks.
Don’t Miss: Gourmet Pizza, Peri Peri Paneer Pizza, Tiramisu.
Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM (as well as Home Delivery).

The list is ever-changing and unending, for there are many food inventors in Mumbai, that are thriving hard to give us the best of gourmet delight each day so don’t stop at these, keep exploring. Life in Mumbai may be fast and stressful but at least they have got good food, which is all that is needed.