Cheap Flights & Airline Tickets From Islamabad(ISB) to Toronto(YYZ) from $1500

If you are looking for cheap flights & cheap airline tickets from Islamabad to Toronto for your parents or yourself, Look no further. Nanak Flights is a travel agency based in Brampton, Ontario that focuses on the cheapest tickets for consumers looking to travel on a tight budget from Islamabad, Pakistan to Toronto, Canada. We have contracts with all the major airlines flyng from Pakistan to Canada. We sell cheapest tickets much below market price directly to our consumers. We have negotiated the best flights deals with our suppliers for fares originating from Pakistan to Canada. Saudi Airline has the cheapest tickets prices from Islamabad to Toronto Flights. You have to be flexible with your dates to save money if you want to book cheap Saudi airline tickets. Saudi airline flights connects via Jeddah and layover is only 2 hrs and 30 minutes so it is also very convenient if you are travelling with your family considering approx. 3 hrs layovers is the shortest layover time. We also have best flights deals on Emirates (EK), Etihad airways(EY), Pakistan International airline(PIA), Turkish airline(TK), Gulf Airways(GF) and Qatar Airways(QR). If you are taking a flight from Islamabad to Toronto via USA airports, please ensure that you have a valid visa to travel via USA. Customs and immigration will be done twice one in USA and 2nd Immigration after arriving in Toronto. Most tourists who are travelling from Islamabad to Toronto trip take Dubai or Abu Dhabi as stopover vacation destination on their trip either on the outbound journey or on the return journey. It only cost them additional CAD 100 - CAD 200 per person as stopover charges. It also depends on the Airline seat availability and charges may vary based on Seasonality, travel dates and class of service available.
We also arrange local Toronto sightseeing trips for the tourists coming from Islamabad to Toronto at discounted prices. We arrange following local Toronto trips for our customers who are coming from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Why Consumers buy Islamabad to Toronto Flights with Nanak Flights

Nanak Flights offers Islamabad to Toronto flights in CAD currency. We have all inclusive pricing. Now a days there is not much currecny conversion if you buy tickets in Pakistani Rs. (PKR) vs tickets in CAD. Childrem would like to pay for their parents and prefer to buy using Canadian issued credit cards and they pay tickets prices in Canadian dollars (CAD). It also becomes very easy to get the date changes on their tickets by calling or by visiting our local office. It becomes very convenient for our consumers to pay for their parents Islamabad to Toronto tickets locally.

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