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What Is Your Traveler Type?

People catch cheap flights to travel around the world for various purposes. Some of these people are explorer while some strive to do everything first and some loves to capture everything in their cameras which of these traveler type describes you the best?

Every traveler experiences the world through their own connotations. Find out your type to be a happy traveler no matter where you go…

1. Conformists

More than personal satisfaction and happiness, these types of travelers take a trip for social acceptance. They would book the cheap flight tickets to most unimaginative destinations and would choose dishes from the class-determined menu. Their basic point of traveling is not “where all I have been”; but what their peers think about the places where they have been to.

2. Collectors

These are the sophisticated type of travelers who hunt for most exotic and uncommon experiences. They often are very open to try or taste new things and would display a great interest in conversations. They meticulously pin every memory with precise name of the unique place they have seen or exemplary experiences they have had.

3. Escapists

These are most common and most intriguing type of travelers who want to refresh out from boredom, heartbreak, fear, conflicts, worries, work pressure, failure or simply themselves. All these situations cannot be completely avoided by traveling yet it is worth giving a try.

4. Thrill-lovers

If not too much into adventure sporting, thrill-lover travelers can easily be spotted at bars, beaches or as someone who always has rubber band tied to their ankles and ready to jump off a cliff.

5. Self-Improvers

They are quite admirable to get up early and stay out till late, trying to make most of everything. They are also likely to arrive at a place with proper research done beforehand. Self-improvers mostly have books (a lot of books) in their backpack.

6. Pioneers

These are go-win it all kind of travelers who are fearless and eccentric explorer. They are the stand-up guys who are automatically suspected as business travelers up to become very rich.

7. Pilgrim

Visitors of shrines, religious places and followers of certain trail come into this category. These types of travelers cannot only be spotted at the banks of holy rivers or at a spiritual center, you can even find them strolling in a mall or at a hill top.

8. Occasional

These travelers are there for a reason – a wedding, an event, a mach or may be honeymoon and likewise.

9. Curious

Such travelers are both – rare and precious. They have their minds, eyes and ears open wide to know everything about everything around them.

10. Oblivious

They are the careless travelers who don’t care much about where they are going to. They won’t even bother to look up and appreciate the view in front of them.

Did this help you discover type of traveler you are? If you are not a travel enthusiast, this would have definitely inspired you to step out and see the world your way. So, what’s the wait for? Just book cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destinations at and discover yourself.