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Surviving Long Canadian Winter

Winters in Canada are long and brutal. Despite that, a lot of people (more than you can imagine) book cheap flight tickets to Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec to enjoy Canadian winters.

In January, Canada is of course colder than you think but it also is double the fun visiting Canada during winters. If you too are booking cheap flights to Canada this winter for a holiday, here are our practical advices to survive harsh cold:

Check Temperature Before You Leave Home

It makes sense to research the temperature of your destination city before leaving. This way you would know what to expect – below 0 degree, rain or -30 degrees. Temperature in Canada can vary every year; so, do check weather report.

Get Proper Winter Clothing

If you are on a budget, you can buy second hand stuff available at any thrift store. However, it is worth spending some bucks on that chic new jacket displayed at the window. You will realize its worth when it will protect you for many days in minus 30 degrees. If you really want to save money, prioritize a few important items to buy new and rest could be compromised a bit. Such important clothing will make you feel comfortable in Canada.

Don’t Forget The Winter Socks

A good pair of winter socks is quintessential in Canada. Spending some extra dollars on winter socks may sound strange to many but soon you will realize that it is worth an investment when they are dry even after a day of snowboarding. Trust us, good quality winter socks can entirely change your experience in Canada.

Be Prepared For Frozen Eyes

It may feel weird but it happens in Canada. Eyes exposed to cold waves will start watering and then it will freeze over the eyelashes. The only way to deal with it is to start walking quickly.

Be Active

Canada has a plethora of activities like hiking, ice skating, tubing and tobogganing etc to get involved into. Staying active is the best way to beat Canadian chills.

Be Careful On The Ice

Injuries can happen during extreme winter sports. So, you need to be careful. Even while walking to the nearby shop, watch your steps as there could be about 5 inches of ice on the sidewalks.

Make Friends & Sip On Soup Or Try Fireball Whiskey

Make friends and stay close to them as sharing body temperatures will make you feel comfortable. Sipping on soup will help you survive long Canadian winter. If you like, try the local cinnamon whiskey to keep warm.

Think The Right Perspective & Enjoy Hockey

You are in Canada to enjoy winter and everything after this would surely feel much warmer. Just appreciate the beauty of Canadian winters and watch winter hockey games as they are truly addictive.  

If you rightly follow our advices, you would get the best experience of Canadian winter and you just wouldn’t be able to wait for next winters to book cheap tickets & flights for Canada. To start of your Canadian winter excursion, book cheap ticket to Vancouver right here.