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Search For Cheapest Flight Tickets Like A Pro

Looking for cheap flights to Bangalore or other destinations? Soon, you find yourself scouring hundred websites, comparing a million flights and indescribably frustrated.

In the massive wield of million websites, finding cheap flights for your next trip may need a week’s off from work. Unfortunately, like shopping for any other valuable item, shopping for cheapest flights has got no shortcuts, you need to look around, wait for the right time, alter your travel dates, time and even your favorite airlines.

Luckily, if you are willing to put in a little effort, we can help you search cheapest flights to your destination and save big. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for cheap flights to Mumbai or Victoria or any other destination, our tips will make sure that you spend less on tickets and more at your destination.

1. Do Not Hitch Back From Travel Agents

It doesn’t matter which country you are in, travel agents are very useful resource to book cheap flights to your destination. The online websites of renowned travel agents like offer lowest flight rates with guarantee. Plus you also get to scan several airlines and their fares under one umbrella.

Such travel agents sometimes can have lowest fares that you cannot find anywhere else.

2. All Search Engines Are Not Same

In order to search the cheapest flights, you need to search as many websites as possible. While you use search engines to this task, be aware that all search engines are not same.

Many search engines do not list particularly economic air carrier because they are not willing to pay the commission amount. Most of the websites may also not appear on the list because they are not in English or local languages.

So, you need to understand that search engines may have certain blind spots that you need to clear out. Search in the deep down pages (2-4 of result pages) for preferable websites.

3. Delete The Cookies

You must delete all the cookies and history before you search cheap flights to Delhi, India or any other of your favorite destination. Basically, cookies and history on your computer store your search information and as you come back to a site, it is indicated that you are more ready to buy.

When you do not delete cookies and history, you would likely see hiked price every time you visit the site next.

4. Look For Special Offers

One of the best ways to catch the best offers thrown by the airlines is to subscribe to their newsletter. Sometimes, airlines even give out goodwill bonus points on simple things like installing a tool bar or joining a mailing list etc. Do not miss these things as they really add up at the end.

5. Ask For A Refund When Prices Go Down

In case the price drops further after you have bought the tickets, ask for a refund. Different websites may have different policies and you may not always get a refund but you must ask.

Most websites do not publicize it but they may have it. Nanak Flights have money back policy in case the prices drop.

Before you put all our tips on a trial to find the cheapest flights to your destination, set a realistic price you would buy the ticket for. After all, airlines are there to make money. So, be a smart buyer and let others envy you when you seize cheapest flight fares like a pro.