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Planning A Long Term Travel? Here’s The Checklist - 1

The idea of booking cheap flights and to set out for a long term travel can be exciting but it can get hugely intimidating if you begin unplanned. If you want to go for six months, a year or a longer travel, and you never knew how to get everything sorted, here we are with our most comprehensive checklist to help you plan and organize a meticulous trip.

This checklist covers everything – from the point you decide to go for a long travel to the moment you finally board your flight and begin your journey. So, let’s get started:

About A Year Before You Begin

A long term travel needs thoughtful planning. You cannot just book cheap flight tickets to a randomly selected destination to spend your life’s precious time. For a satisfying travel, you will need to start planning around a year in advance. Here’s what to do at this time:

·         Think & Decide – Why Do You Want To Travel?

When you know the purpose of your travel, you can shape your travel experience well.

Ask yourself – do you want to go on an adventurous or leisure trip? Would you be going to a single place or travelling to different places? Are you going abroad or just want to travel within your own country? Is traveling sustainably your first priority? Would you be interested in specific culture or religion?

Such questions will help you find your purpose of traveling and will carve a perfect path leading to a fulfilling experience.

·         Spend Some Time In Researching

Your research should not only be limited to finding cheap flight tickets to your destination. Researching is definitely an exciting aspect of traveling but make sure you research vital information about the places you want to visit making your experience more comfortable and you do not miss a single thing from your must-do list.

Along with researching online, do consider reading guidebooks, different local blogs and sifting Instagram for inspiration.

·         Estimate The Cost & Make a Budget


According to the length of your traveling and kind of experiences you want to have, estimate the cost of traveling. While doing this, do consider your flights, food, local transportation, accommodation, tours and sightseeing etc.

Now according to the estimated cost of traveling, make a monthly budget based on how much money you would need to save. Now start saving money every month for your long term travel aspiration. Track money that you spend and try to cut down unnecessary expenses you make.

·         Think Of Ways To Make Extra Money

When you have about a year in your hand before going out for the long term rip, it is the best time to start saving as much money as you could. You may even want to sell unused items or do a part time job in order to add more money to your travel fund.

Some small but thoughtful steps taken at this time will lead you to a hassle free traveling without compromising your experiences for less money in hand. Next part would take this checklist further close to your departure date.

Traveling is a wonderful experience by itself and we are always there to encourage travelers to unleash stretches of the world with cheap tickets & flights only at