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Making A Destination Better Than You Found It

We all go on vacations to enjoy, relax and have fun. However, there is much more associated with traveling other than just enjoying great times – it is an opportunity to know a culture, to connect with new people and experience how amazing the world and its people are.

This especially becomes more significant when we travel to a foreign destination. So, as you catch cheap flights and visit a destination, you must see that you somehow make that destination a better place because of your presence when you leave. Here are 5 best ways to do that:

1. Do Not Litter

Carry some plastic bags when you are going for sightseeing or a walk on the beach. Pick up the trash you make in those plastic bags to carry back for proper disposal. This is just a small but necessary act to not dirty the place with your litter.

If you really want to set an example, you can collect litter caused by other not-so-thoughtful people. They may think you are crazy at first but then after realizing what you are doing, they might join you with a smile.

2. Tip Reasonably

Tipping is not required in most of the countries but in many other popular tourist destinations, people work for long hours to make money and to enhance your experience. Tipping a dollar may mean very petite for you but for those hard workers, it may mean a lot.

Tip the taxi drivers, waiters, guides and other such coordinators reasonably if they have been friendly and served you well. You can even be more gracious to make some local donations. You can help someone in need personally or donate at a community centre.

3. Respect Local Residents & Leave Good Reviews

Your travel destination is someone else’s home. Make sure that you do not disturb or disrespect local residents with you activities or ways of having fun. Try to say common words like “thank you” and “sorry” in local language.

As you book cheap tickets & flights way back your home, make sure that you leave a good review.

4. Patronize Local Businesses

Travelers often prefer starred hotels, malls and food chains owned by foreign investors. It takes just a little effort to find local establishments and get engaged with them.

Local businesses can surprisingly get you better meals and deals. Extend your support towards local businesses to help them flourish and nurture local culture.

5. Make Friends For Life

Do not forget to take email addresses of the friendly people you meet on your trip. Add them in your Facebook friend’s list and keep in touch with them.

Building friendship with them would not only be an enormous support for your next trip or if someone else from the family is visiting that place; and in case they are visiting your place, you can have an opportunity to return their hospitality.  

All these little acts will not only make your preferred destination a better place to visit again but will also make you a responsible traveler or tourist. Such good deeds will remain and flourish the place long after you have left. So, get the cheap flight tickets to your favorite destination booked at and make the world a better place for you and everyone.