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Don’t Fear Traveling Alone: Smashing 10 Common Fears (Part 2)

In the previous part of this article, some of the most common fears of traveling alone were discussed. Read on this second part to know and combat more such fears that pull you back from traveling alone:

Fear #5 I Am Too Shy To Travel Alone

Most people feel shy and awkward to go and ask for cheap flight tickets at the counter or to take the only empty chair on the last table at a restaurant; surprisingly solo travel can really help if you come out of such hitches.

Travelers are friendly and you are sure to overcome your shyness when you travel alone. You will easily find many other solo travelers on the road and it is easy to get in conversation with them. Most of the times, you won’t need to be the first one to start.

Since you are alone, you would definitely need to talk to people and make friends. You will see how a small talk with a stranger in the train or bus leads to a new friendship.

Fear #6 I Would Get Bored

You may think that searching for cheap flights and then traveling all alone would be extremely boring stuff. But, when you set out on an alone travel; there will be no shortage of adventure.

Going to new places, trying new food, meeting new faces would all be so much fun that you would not want to take a break from it. Some random things may putt you off but will give you a memory to cherish later.

Fear #7 It’s Preferable To Travel As Couple Or In A Group

No, traveling in a group is not at all necessary. Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to discover who you really are. It even enhances your ability to tackle things on your own since there is no one to pass the responsibility on when things are not right. You are also free to do things that you want to without anybody else stopping you.

Fear #8 I Am Not That Brave

Even if you are not that brave, we still recommend you traveling solo. It will let you trust your abilities. You can start off traveling in a group to gain some confidence before setting out alone.

Fear #9 I would Get Homesick

Homesickness is not completely unavoidable. To feel better, make regular calls to your friends and family. Do remember that you have come out traveling to see new places and meet new people. Do take pictures of your family members with you to ease the situation.

Fear #10 What If I Run Out Of Money Or Return Early?

If you plan early, you would not run out of money. Budget your trip well before leaving home. You will obviously miss your loved ones but you must appreciate the experience of what you are going through and your traveling lifestyle.

Even if you return back home earlier than you had initially planned, you will at least have a taste of how does traveling alone feels or you will be more confident to start traveling alone again.

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