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10 Smart Ways For Saving Money While Traveling Abroad

Taking cheap flights and traveling abroad may feel like a high-expense deal especially if you are going with your family and children. However, there are some smart ways that can make your abroad tour as affordable as a trip in your own country.

In fact, anyone can have an affordable overseas travel if they could take time to properly analyze and plan their trip. If you too are planning a trip abroad and worried about the expenses, we get you covered with our smart ways to save money while traveling:

1. Choose The Air Tickets Wisely

Rates of cheap flight tickets can vary largely not only according to the time of the year but also according to day of the week. To get air tickets at the best rate, it is recommended to purchase tickets about 45-60 days in advance. You can even get as much as 20% discount on airfare by booking in the flights flying on Thursdays or Fridays. Most airlines offer huge discounts during September, it is recommended to plan overseas travel at this time.

2. Be a Cautious Diner

Trying out appealing food in different restaurants at a new place can be an exciting but costly affair. On the other hand, this aspect of traveling can be a great opportunity to save money unless your only purpose of traveling is to eat out more than often.

Most travel destinations have general cafes and fine dine restaurants in a same area. For financial concerns, eating at a café or street vendor is a far better choice than eating at a high class restaurant. You can even pick local ingredients from a nearby store and cook your own food if allowed at your accommodation. Keep savings in your mind while making eating decisions.

3. Choose Local Transportation Wisely

When you do not necessarily need to rent a car, you can save big by choosing the cheapest transportation available. For maintaining the expenses, you can always choose to walk through close distances if suitable. You can also look for discounted bus or train tickets offered especially for the travelers. Speak to local residents to know the route and transportation options to reach the place you want to visit. This will save time, money and thousand hassles of finding the correct/shortest route to reach your destination.

4. Watch Your Car Rentals

If renting a car is necessary, look for the discount websites to book the best possible rent deals. Also make yourself known to local laws for insurance as this will save you from unrequited expenses. Before renting cars from a company, do not forget to read the traveler reviews and steer yourself clear from unwanted situations like poor customer services and traveling in poor vehicles etc.

With these smart tips, even a thrifty traveler can save money like a pro. Saving money while traveling is not a tricky game, it is just about being smart and taking smart decisions …to start with, book cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destination at Some more smart money saving tips follows in the next part.