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10 Rules To Follow At The Airport – 2

An airport is a public place that requires display of etiquettes in order to make it a pleasant experience for you and for everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you have a first class business ticket or a cheap flights ticket, once you are at the airport, you need to act and behave rationally. 

Previous part of this article had some fundamental rules that every passenger must follow. Here are some more:

6. Watch Your Voice

Continuously talking can annoy people up to high levels. How would you hate listening word-to-word description of the whole week’s events?

It is okay to have a nice conversation with your spouse or friend but avoid showing your excitement, laughter and emotions loudly. This may shudder other person’s peace. Do not ever try to lean across the passenger seated next to you to speak with someone on the other side of the aisle. And if a person doesn’t seem to be with you in the conversation, leave them alone.

7. Respect Security Officers

Anyone would feel annoyed on being asked to take out their shoes mid-airport but this does not allows you to play by the rules. Be considerate and respect the security officials as they are working for your safety and comfort.

So, next time while security check, do not get into argument with security officer about why you would not be able to board with your new bottle of booze or perfume, remember that you get the line behind you on hold.

8. Do Not Unpack In The Aisle

During actual boarding process, some people start behaving like animals. Never hold up the long line behind you once you have got your seat.

Get into your row immediately and settle down as quickly as possible. Do not start organizing your things in the clogged aisle. Just throw your bags in the overhead cabin; you can always take something out from your bags once the plane takes off. And when the plane lands, try to exit quickly by having all your belongings ready. If you are not ready, keep sitting tight on your seat until everyone has moved down.

9. Control Volume

If you have to play a game on your mobile with rock music in the background, use the headphones. Also ensure that the volume of headphones is toned down.

10. Be Considerate To People Seating In Front Of You

Just like you, person seated in front of you has also paid good money for cheap flight tickets. So, know that whenever you lower your food tray or play with the TV monitor, they get to feel it. Be considerate. Also, never use the headrest of the seat in front of you as an instrument to help you get up of your seat.

These are the airport rules you must follow no matter where you are heading to. These rules will not only make your journey happy but will also keep your fellow travelers enjoy with you. Now that you know the secrets of being a good traveler at airport, world is your destination. Just get cheap tickets & flights to your preferred places booked at