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Tips For Avoiding Rental Scams On A Vacation

Right now is that time of the year when everyone is making arrangements and booking cheap flight tickets to enjoy at a beach or a mountain for a long awaited vacation. This means that it also is the time for guarding yourself against many rental scams.

The most common technique fraudsters often use is to put fancy ads for reasonably priced vacation rentals. They do so by stealing photos and description of properties listed on the legitimate rental websites. Or, they may even post ads for the properties that are not available on rent.

You need to be very careful while selecting vacation rentals because there can even be ads of made up properties that are totally non-existent. While common sense is the best protection against any such scam but here are some more ways to avoid these ruses:

1. Before you payout any amount, make sure to check the property yourself or ask a local resident to check it for you. If you cannot reach the place, search online for the given address, names and numbers in the description. If you find property up for sale (not rent) or displays non-existent address or shows it to be a non-residential property, stay away from it.

2. Before booking cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destination, copy the whole description section of the vacation rental property and paste it on a search engine to see if it has been copied from another location. If the search reveals something suspicious, consider it coming from a scammer.

3. Check for street level view of the selected property using map feature of the search engine. An aerial view can help identify the bona fide properties.

4. Do not limit your conversations just to emails. Talk over phone directly with the landlord or the agent. Although there is no guarantee that the person at the other end is not a crook, but you need to be wary.

5. Do not pay entire rental amount upfront via wire transfer or prepaid cards; these are the preferred payment options of scammers. Using credit card can be a better option as then you may have recourse.

6. If you are renting vacation property for a long duration, check the proof of ownership. In case you are dealing with an agent, make sure that he is authorized to rent the property on owner’s behalf. Also check the owner’s details.

7. While hiring vacation rentals, only consider reputable websites such as or

There definitely are many options available for renting vacation property and while you look for best deal, it is easy to fall prey of scammers. Give yourself a pause if you feel something is wrong and don’t feel tempted to book a property in hurry just because an offer is ending.

Now that you know how to steer safe out of the vacation rental scams, you can book cheap flights to your favorite holiday spot with us at and enjoy stress-free.

Cheap flights on Emirates


Emirates is a Dubai based airline offering the newest and most modern fleets in the world. With inflight entertainment and exceptional service, Emirates ensures its customers incredible comfort to make their flying experience memorable.


From shower spas and private suites in first class to flat bed seats in business class and custom lighting and extra room in the economy class, you can rest assured of getting the best of the best services with Emirates.


The Dubai airlines offer you ample of room to socialize and relax while enjoying cocktails at 40,000 ft. Contemporary decor and wall embellishments of Dubai’s national Ghaf tree will take you in a different world.

Services provided by Emirates

Young flyers

Emirates gives special attention and services to the children. Toys, goodies, never-ending entertainment, and delicious meals, your children will be spoilt for choice when flying with Emirates. The airlines is also associated with the travel experts at Lonely Planet Kids and hence provide activity kits including educational books, travel-themed bags, creative crafts, and even travel journey, which the kids can take home.   

Emirates Lounges

Feeling exhausted even before boarding the flight? Relax and freshen up at the exotic lounges of Emirates available at over 50 international airports. Gourmet buffets, beauty treatments, rejuvenating spas, and bar services, you get everything you can think of.


The first class and business class flyers also get the complimentary chauffeur-driven services from and to the airport. You will be collected from the hotel/your home for the airport and will be driven to the final destination hotel/meeting/restaurant or wherever you wish when you land at the airport. So, let Emirates take care of your commute while you focus on the more important things.

In the air wi-fi

With the wi-fi in the sky service of Emirates, you stay connected to your family and friends even at 40,000 ft high. Every seat is built-in with onscreen SMS and email service along with a satellite phone.

Popular destination served by Emirates

Emirates offers a luxurious and one-of-a-kind flight experience to a plethora of destinations across the world. Some of the locations you can fly to with Emirates include:


Book super cheap Emirates flights to London, the city of dreams. The city is a splendid blend of architecture with classical beauty and modern majesty in the same premises. However, not just the architecture, London also boasts of acres of green spaces.


The oldest cities in Europe, Rome is called The Eternal City for its establishments dating back to 3,000 years. One of the most sought after tourist destinations, Rome is explored best on foot by discovering hidden and tucked away cafes, bookshops, and boutiques.


You might not find high-tourism standards in Afghanistan, but this factor is what makes the visit memorable. With extremely less tourism, the country makes you feel that you’re probably the first to discover this beautiful wrapped-in-time land. So get your travel gear ready and book free tickets from Emirates to Afghanistan today.


Irrespective of the corner of the world you are heading to, Emirates ensures to make the journey to your destination totally exceptional. You can avail the Emirates discount coupon when booking with Nanak Flights to lighten up your travel budget, yet get the all the top class services.

How Not To Get Hacked While Traveling

Internet security is the primary concern for anyone using shopping, email, banking or social networking apps on the phone or laptop. Such sites are at high risk of hacking; and while traveling the risk multiplies because you could be sending, receiving or sharing critical information.

So, if you have cheap flight tickets booked for your preferred destination, besides all the other necessary preparations, you also need stand ready at this front. Here, we are listing some of the good practices to beat many frauds that might have set to ruin your vacation by stealing your personal information:

Don’t Carry Laptop Unless Absolutely Necessary

When you have cheap tickets & flights booked for a city as exciting as Toronto or Vancouver, would you really get time to even look at your laptop?

Even if you are taking your laptop for some necessary work, don’t just close it, log out all your accounts and shut it down properly. This would ensure that your bank and email details are not accessible to anyone. Also, use a safe or strongbox access at hotel.

Keep Your Passwords Strong

Your passwords have a big role in keeping your personal information safe. If smart hackers get the password to your email account, they can easily access or change the passwords of your other social network and bank accounts.

So, make sure that your passwords are hack proof and you could remember them without writing it down anywhere. It is better to keep passwords longer than 8 characters with a mix of special characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers. Ensure that you have different passwords for different accounts. Never store passwords on your computer. Despite of all this, if you ever get hacked, change all your password at once.

Watch Before Clicking

Even if it has come from a friend, when a mail feels malicious, don’t open it. There are chances that your friend has been hacked already and if you open that mail, your account could also fall into hacker’s hands.

Things are same for malicious looking links. Do no click on anything that looks suspicious.

Check Your Privacy Settings

Do not forget to review the privacy settings of your social accounts before you set out for traveling. In fact, check them right now. Make sure that the settings are such that you are notified whenever someone tries to log on to your account from an unauthorized computer.

Use Your Cards Cautiously

Skimmers are everywhere around to read your card and steal the information. You need to be extra careful while using your cards especially when you are traveling. Hacked card readers are generally placed at gas pumps or ATMs. In order to be safe while traveling, use cash as much as possible.

If you need to use ATM, only use the ones inside a bank. You can even setup a separate travel account linked with a debit card to be used while traveling. This way, hackers may get your travel money but they would not get access to your retirement or savings account.

With all this information on your side, you stay hack-safe no matter where you are traveling to. So, if you set yourself back from traveling due to the fear of getting hacked, feel safe with these handy tips. Book cheap flights to your preferred destination with us and enjoy the world in total peace.

Enjoying A Beautiful Family Day In Victoria

Your family deserves a day out at a destination as beautiful as Victoria. If you book cheap flight tickets to Victoria for a holiday with your kids, partner, parents and loved friends, it could be a great opportunity to let them know that you really care.

Irrespective of who you are going with, here are fun ways to enjoy your day/s in Victoria:

Visit The Victoria Public Market

The best way to explore a place is to see it through a local’s glass. Located at Hudson, Victoria Public market is an ideal place to take your family for a fun-filled day. This market is always buzzing with local public, music, paintings and photo booths. There are crafts for kids and cooking demonstration for ladies. You can also taste great local food from several food stands at the public market.

Go Hiking Or Walking

If you are booking cheap tickets & flights to Victoria for a family holiday, do not miss exploring the wonderful outdoors. Victoria has many adventurous walking and hiking trails to choose from. You can hire a local guide for a fun guided hike. If you have kids along, visit Goldstream Nature House. They have well informed staff to teach your kids about island’s rich flora and fauna. You can even get to see bald eagles on your hike.

Explore & Shop

The oldest Chinatown of Canada is a kid friendly place where your family can have truly a fun experience. Shoppers in your family can shop till they absolutely drop at Fan Tan Alley – the narrowest shopping street of Canada to buy local stuff.

If you are a history buff, you can visit the National Historic Site of Fort Rodd Hill. Wandering around the coastline of Victoria, see the beautiful Fisgard Lighthouse which was built in 1860 and it is well preserved for today. And when you get hungry after a day full of shopping and exploring, there also are great restaurants and food joints to fill your mouth with delicious food.

Play Around

Beacon Hill Park is an ideal place to have a relaxed time with your family. You would be amazed to see roaming peacocks, totem poles, beautiful fountains and vibrant flowers. At the park, there also is a big playground for kids where they can enjoy good time climbing and playing in the open. If the weather is pleasant, you can even bring your food and enjoy a family picnic. Other popular picnic spots in Victoria are Gyro Cadboro Beach and Willows beach.

Cycle, Skate Or Splash

In case your family wants to stay indoors, you can hit one of many recreation centers. Victoria has options for indoor swimming, skating and it is easy to find an activity to please everyone in the family. You can even try adventurous indoor rock climbing at the Crag X Climbing Gym.

Besides all this, Victoria gets you a lot of picturesque locations for amazing selfies. So, go book cheap flights to Victoria right now for a family vacations and show your family that you really love them.

Safety Tips To Follow At Theme Parks

News of tragic accidents at theme parks is common. There are many world class theme parks in Canada and if you have your cheap flight tickets booked to visit one of them, safety of you and your family must be your top priority.

Theme parks are a place to have fun and feel the adrenaline rush in your body but no adventure is free from some level of risks. So, we have prepared a list of safety tips that must be followed at theme parks to keep safe from any possible injury or accident while you enjoy your day.

Follow The Park Rules

More than a pro-tip, it’s common sense. If you try to study data, many people visiting theme parks are completely unaware of the park rules and if they know a few, they never follow.

Rules at such places are set to keep you safe. So, make sure you check them before stepping into the park. Also read the instructions/notices around the park because they are there for a good reason. Just like you practice safety rules while boarding cheap flights, follow park rules with same diligence.

Control Your own Safety

There always are appointed ride attendants to ensure smooth functioning and zero risk; but, you are still responsible for your safety and actions. Speak up in case you feel uncomfortable or if the safety instruments do not feel fit. Ask questions and stay informed about the ride you are going into. Know about the negative effect (if any) of the ride on health.

Do not step on a ride because everyone else from the group is going. You are the best one to decide because you know your condition best.

Choose Appropriate Rides

Never ignore or overrule the age and height instructions set for rides. If a ride specifies an adult to accompany a child, it is set for child’s safety. Educate your kids to follow safety rules on rides like not stretching their arms out of the seat or not moving out of their seats until they are told to come out. These small things are utmost important for full safety.

Watch For Health Issues & Distress Signs

Some rides can be extremely scary and some people can face serious health issues after the ride. Look immediately for the park’s first aid crew if you feel uneasy, onset of nausea, dizziness, short of breath or anything that is not normal.

Though many of such symptoms do not last long and do not lead to very serious health issues but it is better to be safe.

Know Where Are You Going

Thing can really go crazy in huge theme parks of Canada. So, make sure you have a plan and route map handy. Keep yourself organized and take short brakes after heavy-on-adrenaline rides. Give yourself time to eat and relax. Have your emergency strategy ready and decide a meeting point in the beginning in case anyone gets lost.

Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s common sense again; rides are sure exciting but sunshine and walking around the park can be extremely dehydrating. Ensure stocking enough water as you enter the park.

With these safety rules on your side, nothing can hinder your way to enjoy a great day with loved ones at one of the many amazing theme parks in Canada. So, book cheap tickets & flights with us to Canada and fly high.

Top Theme Parks In Canada You Must Not Miss

Besides wonderful coastlines and parks, there are many other outdoor options in Canada to enjoy. Especially if you have cheap flight tickets to Canada booked for a family holiday, Canada houses many amazing theme parks for complete family entertainment.

When you are in Canada and looking for action packed adventure with family, visiting one of the top theme parks of the country must be your mission. To make your life easy, we list Canada’s top theme parks here:

Calaway Park In Calgary

It is the largest outdoor family theme park in Western Canada. It has 32 exciting rides with 23 games, 24 eateries and much more. It even has a 3D theatre and live entertainment programs. Basically, there is something interesting for everyone in the family.

This park welcomes about half a million visitor every season and it promises extreme entertainment. Housing tons of amazing rides and roller coasters, Calaway park is a must visit place when you are in Calgary, Canada. Do not miss the most popular rides – vortex roller coaster, ocean motion, dream machine and timber fall that has a log flume flashing down 3 high velocity drops along with a zigzag wild river.

La Ronde In Montreal

It is the biggest family theme park in whole Eastern Canada. Located near the picturesque Old Montreal Port, this park is spread across 146 acres on the Saint Helen’s island. It has more than 40 exciting rides with 10 roller coasters to suit thrill seekers of different levels.

Even the most brave-hearted people may feel their knees shaking on the Goliath ride of la Ronde. It is the fastest and tallest roller coaster in Canada. Other attractions like Galopant and the oldest wooden carousel are fit for family fun.

If you love adventure, do try the fastest cobra roller coaster or the boomerang that shoot riders down a trio loop with high speed and then pulls you back to the start just like a boomerang. Here, you can also enjoy Le Monstre – the tallest double rack wooden coaster. It is such a crazy place that your family would demand booking cheap flights to Montreal every year only to visit La Ronde.

Playland Amusement park In Vancouver

It is one of the oldest theme parks located at downtown Vancouver since 1910. It is also the ground for Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) that organizes a national fair here during August and September every year which attracts plenty of travelers and local public.

This park is like a goldmine for people who love arcade, haunted houses, midway games and thrilling rides. The famous wooden roller coaster of Playland has been featured in movies like Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and Final Destination 3 along with Smallville – the TV series. The hair-raising Hellevator is must for thrill seeker which shoots you up to a 202 foot tall tower and then leaves you for a free fall back down.

So, when you need extra adrenaline rush into your body to make your family trip to Canada more fun, above theme parks would never disappoint you. Just get the cheap tickets & flights to Canada booked with us and put your nerves under a test.

Perfect Spring Brake Destinations In Canda

Canada is a beautiful country which is perfect to enjoy a spring break. While there are some days left for the month of March to end, you can still catch cheap flights to Canada and enjoy spring break at a not so traditional (crowded) destination.

March in Canada is usually balmy and you could see kids playing out in the sun wearing a light jacket and no socks. Unless you are heading to a ski resort or high altitude location, you would hardly see any snow. And if you have luck on your side, you can even see cherry blossom in Vancouver by end of March.

When you have cheap flight tickets booked for Canada in March, here are the top places to discover:

Victoria, British Columbia

During spring break, people usually head to island with tropical beaches but fun in March should not be limited up to beaches. Visit Victoria on Vancouver Island at Canadian Pacific coast.

Not very tropical, Victoria is full of lively restaurants and shops. Architecture of old Victorian buildings is seriously worth watching and there also are great museums to visit. This picturesque place is also the provincial capital of British Columbia.

In the mild temperature of March in Victoria, you can enjoy many activities with family such as cycling, sprawling and visit to Beacon Hill Park.


If hogging on great food is your way to enjoy spring break, head to Montreal. This is an ideal place for foodies where they can taste the signature dishes from top chefs and best poutines in the whole world with side dishes of fries, cheese curds and gravies. The best part is that all this won’t rob your wallet.

You can start from La Banquise that is open for 24 hours and has long queues of people standing out. Here, you can enjoy a variety of poutines with local beer. In case you have already tried poutine and looking for fanciest pot of poutine, find your way to Patati Patata. They serve specialty poutine prepared with freshest local ingredients.


When skiing in the snow is your idea of perfect spring break with family, book cheap tickets & flights to Vancouver. There are many skiing resorts in British Columbia. And the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver has seen good snow this season.

Vancouver’s skiing resorts are perfect for family and for beginners in skiing. The skiing trails here are both – thrilling and challenging for seasoned skiers. If you are a trained skier, you can also visit Whistler Blackcomb for more adventure. Some resorts in Vancouver also allow night skiing.

Besides skiing, Vancouver is also a great destination for food lovers. It is absolutely fun to discover new restaurants and exciting food scene of Vancouver.

With all this and much more, Canada has all the potential to become your preferred destination for spring breaks. While the spring is at its best in Canada, book flights to your favorite Canadian city with us and the treasure troves of spring are waiting to unroll for you.

Indian Sweet Shops In Vancouver

If you have caught cheap flights for a city as vibrant as Vancouver, you are sure to get great food from every part of the world. When you crave for something delicious in Vancouver, you would never need to go very far. From Thai curry to Japanese sushi, everything is easily available in Vancouver but nothing could ever be compared to a box full of delectable Indian sweets.

There are many Indian sweet shops in Vancouver that sell flavorful and rich sweets. Here are some of our top recommendations:

The Punjabi Market

People in Vancouver are well familiar with Indian food. They exactly know which paneer dish to order and they also know to order a garlic naan and not just a simple naan; but when it comes to Indian sweets, they may feel a bit confused.

Whether you are a fan of Indian desserts or just a beginner to explore its glorious world, there’s no better place than The Punjabi Market in Vancouver to take a dig into Indian sweets. This market centers between 49th and main road and it is also famous as little India. This place is a hub for food and fashion from India. There are a lot of sweet shops here selling Indian desserts with their own variations but following shops are not to be missed when you are here:

1. All India Sweets

All India Sweets offer both – menu and buffets followed by sweets to give you a complete dining experience as your cheap flights land you Vancouver. But, not very surprisingly, people often come here only for sweets.

Check out the sweets display at the front of this restaurant to make your selection. The rows of colorful sweets in different shapes may confuse but we suggest trying a bit of everything that appeals you the most. If you are a first timer, for best shot, order fresh gulab jamun. You can even ask the fellow buyers to help you in selection. These sweets are sold by weight. People preferably pickup jalebi, milk cakes and great variety of burfis from here.

Himalaya Restaurant

Himalaya Restaurant offers self service counter for their delectable sweet piles. While the All India Sweets offer great variety of Indian sweets, Himalaya Restaurant is famous for their super delicious jalebis and imartis. Imarti is a cousin of jalebi but is slightly bigger in size. Jalebis are like pretzels dipped in sugar syrup while imartis look like interwoven disk of lentil mix. Imartis are scrumptious and could satisfy even the most devilish sweet tooth. It often comes adorned with almond flakes and they are again sold by weight. Himalaya Restaurant is worth visiting.

Dhaliwal Sweet Shop

Just at the south of 49th, Dhaliwal Sweet Shop is popular for conventional birthday cakes. This shop also houses some of the best Indian desserts. Once again, if you feel confused here, ask a regular customer or simply order an assorted box and you would never go wrong. Dhaliwal Sweet shop is particularly famous for its laddus and most popular savory snack- samosas.

These sweet shops in Vancouver would never let you miss India. Just get the cheap flights to Vancouver booked with us and enjoy these sugary treats straight from india.

International Stores In Canada For Everything You Need

Whether you are immigrating to Canada or reaching Canada via cheap flights for a family trip, it is always better to know about best international stores so that you never need to roam around for finding things of need.

Toronto is a diverse Canadian city that represents multicultularism in every respect. People from all across the world come here for their varied purposes. Whether you are looking for hard-to-find spices, special appliances, imported delicacies from another continent or special ingredients, following international stores will get everything of need to your reach:

T&T Supermarket To Buy Asian Stuff

This supermarket has 7 locations in the GTA. It offers a great range of Asian goods. At the fish counter, you can even get live fish plus their aisle counters are stuffed with fresh bakery items, farm fresh produces, snack foods, instant noodles, sodas, teas and a lot of ready-to-heat and serve food items.

Trupti Stores For Indian Spices

The culinary scene of India is quite diverse that uses lots of spices, nuts and fresh ingredients. Trupti Stores in East York is a specialty store filled with variety of Indian spices, nuts, flour and readymade meals. The importers of the spices here are famous for their perfect roasting and blending of spices for a perfect taste every time. They also store a huge variety of home-made sauces, pickles and snack items.

Pasquale Bros. For Italian Ingredients

When you book cheap tickets & flights to Toronto from Italy for a longer period, do not stress packing necessary Italian grocery items because everything is easily available here at Pasquale Bros in Etobicoke. You can even get olive oils, pastas, canned tomatoes, cured meats and a variety of cheeses. Items of popular Italian brands like Genesis & Fior Di Maiella are also available here.

Sanko Trading Company For Japanese Stuff

This company has been providing quality Japanese stuff to people of Toronto since 1968. Located at the Queen West, Sanko Trading Company is the best place to get fresh wasabi, instant noodles, snacks and other Japanese pantry staples such as dashi, vinegar and rice etc.

Perola Supermarket For Latin American Products

Located at the Kensington Market, Perola Supermarket stores a lot of products from Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and El Salvador. This shop stocks a great variety of spices, peppers and many beverages like Inka Cola and Malta Polar etc. They also stock sweets like chocolate Garto, pan de queso, dulce de leche and more.

Apart from all these, there also are many popular stores in Toronto providing Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Greek, Caribbean and other prominent cuisine products. No matter where you are from, whether you are shifting permanently to Canada or you are here on a short trip, you are never too far away from a friendly store selling products of your need. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, you can always visit or for easy online shopping. So, without a hitch, just book cheap flight tickets to Toronto with us and enjoy stress free stay.

Holi – The Festival Of Colors Is Calling You In Canada

Holi – the colorfest of India is no more just restricted to its land. It has now become a widely celebrated holiday across the world and especially Canada. This year, Holi is being celebrated in second week of March and that is why, now is the right time to book cheap flights to Canada for a wonderful experience of this festival in a whole new innovative fashion.

The Holi festival of India has nicely been adapted to American/Canadian scene. The festival marks the arrival of spring and end of winter blues. It sets the whole atmosphere happy with social merriment and varied customs and traditions. On Holi, people leave behind all their worries and embrace a new life with better lifestyle. Indians residing in Canada celebrate this amazing festival of colors with great zeal in company of local friends and loved ones.

Holi In Canada

Since a lot of Indians reside in Canada, it is quite common to see colored face roaming on roads in Holi. In fact, a lot of people book cheap flight tickets to Canada to experience this colorful festival with a refreshing amalgamation. People of all ages and group get covered with vibrant colors like red, green, yellow and pink.

Last year, even the members of parliament joined the Holi celebrations in Canada along with the Indo-Canadian community. The music and dance programs are also arranged on the streets of major Canadian cities. People sing and dance in small groups called – ‘Tolis’ and they throw colors on each other. It is fun experience for everyone in the family especially for young kids.

Special Treats Of Holi

Along with powder color – gulaal and pichkaris, Holi is also famous for gujhias – a special sweet prepared in Holi. They are sweet little pockets of pastry that encloses a mixture of delectable solidified milk and dry fruits. Many Indian sweet shops in Canada prepare this special Holi sweet.

These shops also sell other dishes associated to Holi such as mathri, thandai, kachoris, malpua and much more. If you are in India or Canada for Holi, do not miss treating yourself with these Holi specialties as they may not be available at any other time of the year.

Safety In Holi

Naturally, Holi colors are 99% cornstarch mixed with colored powder which is harmless to your hair and skin. But precautions must be taken while playing with these colors. Avoid throwing colors in eyes and cleanse your face well after the fest is over. Prefer buying natural or herbal colors from good shops and avoid playing with chemical based colors and sprays.

Holi is a special festival that spreads the message of friendship and brotherhood. Such a festival, when celebrated with jolly spirits in a multicultural country like Canada, it encourages traditional notion and good relations. The festival of Holi is just around the corner and it is a great opportunity to enjoy the festival with whole family. So, what’s the wait for? Just get the cheap tickets & flights to your favorite Canadian city booked at Nanak Flights and enjoy this delightful festival with lots of food, colors, music, fun and free hugs